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Sunday, 3 July 2011

Campaign against Ripa 2000, anonymous email I just received (LOL ! )


Dou you have a competitor you would like to eliminate?
Has anyone touched your nose?
Do you want the fortune of your wife but not her?


We offer:
-          The latest gadgets on non-touch weapons.
-          The latest technics on torture with Microwave and Mind Control weapons.
-          Full legal coverage adapted to human rights! (Ripa 2000)
-          We create evidences against your enemy.
-          Once we have labelled the victim, their human rights disappear,  they have
no help from the police, or legal, or medical. (Covert operations)
        -     The military has devices to detect the torture. Not available for our victims!
-          You choose the label: terrorist, Al Qaeda follower, radical Muslim, spy, etc.
-          Legally not punishable warranted.
-          Not even public enquiries can uncover our covert operations.
-          Tailored torture and murder packages. Just phone us!

We also have FUN SESSIONS organised by our perpetrators to which you will be very welcome:
Using the latest technology on Mind Control, together with our Microwaves attacks, you will see our Targeted Individuals being tortured, and we make them do anything: jumping, dancing, and solitary sexual satisfaction, dirty wording, anything. You only need to mention it, and we will fulfil any or your deep psychotic needs of observing humiliation, abuse, pain, and desperation of our chosen victims. The price of the fun sessions is included in the Package.


The Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 has forgotten the Human Rights of the Victim: Their say, their defence before a Tribunal.
The victims of MI5 are not terrorists. There is not terrorism in this Country. Their victims are like you, law abided people. YOU CAN BE THE NEXT. DO SOMETHING TO CHANGE THIS!!!

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

UK Targeted Individuals the bigger picture

While I keep putting guest ions to the authorities, to penetrate the smokescreen that covers the practices of intrusive unfair surveillance, electronic torture, DEWs=Directed Energy Weapons torture, a bigger picture emerges that gradually the UK TI community is being dispersed due to physical incapacitation, that's why I started a new blog, a WATCH for UK TI safety and activism progress, as their safety and health seems to diminish .Here is the link, with photos and material concenring other UK TIs

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Where is this catalog with the weapons I published on this blog

You go to website
and scroll down to the bottom of the page right hand corner, a catalogue.pdf which I already printed out, with a 32 pages list of products.

I made a phonecall to ACPO about this, they said " we buy tasers , submit your complaints to customs and excise."

Electric Guns

The electromagnetic rifle and electromagnetic pistol can shoot a target in the lungs and make him collapse in the street or at home with excruciating pains. They can shoot him in the liver and make him throw up a pint of blood or shoot him in the kidney and leave him with one kidney damaged for good. The Health Protection Agency and HSE and NRPB got measuring and computerized proof methods but refuse service totally.
The Police keeps a firm line "talk to your GP- who is instructed to refer you to a psychiatrist and NOT an neurologist, so that you get discredited. The criminal torture squads use this Police denial method to enforce a code of silence. They shoot women for demonstration how much pain these weapons cause and challenge them to go complain to the Police that they will for sure get sectioned 1-6 months.The complete refusal of the Police to inform the public and suggest safety measures and how to handle this type of assault shows that I am not making slanderous allegations against the Police, the sectioning intimidation they organised with the GPs and the fact they never confiscated weapons or made arrests in the case of Mary Dutton Hughes, she has a youtube channel with her name and other cases like Paolo Fiora on Facebook and like mine corroborates that there is established Police protection to this type of covert torture, incapacitation, persecution or even manslaughter and murder.

More assault devices that incapacitate target during sleep time at home

1. Top photo: High power pain pistol version, you just beam the targets bed, sofa or desk until he collapses ill.
2. Nausea ultrasonic. You can beam the kitchen, shower or bathroom and make the target throw up his food non-stop, completely unable to eat and digest food. You decide if the target victim can eat in his own home or not.
3. Bottom picture,the device that looks like a sound system, is a large pain blaster. Beam with this the flat next door or downstairs from you and the target will get a heart attack or will become homeless.

Desorientation device- why I am borderline mentally retarded

This is one of many devices that is being used from flats next door or upstairs to bombard targeted individuals.
To track it down and make the tenant who is subletting his flat to a torture squad, ONLY a Police Officer or a former Police Officer can run checks and obtain proof. When a resident surrenders his flat for black operations use, he will deny it and will refuse to be searched. Only with professional police surveillance can he get caught and prosecuted. No other way. But the Police has been buying from this catalogue and do not want these devices to be classified as weapons because 20 years now they could buy anything they want without prior approval from their seniors in the Home Office. The MI5 is obsessed to keep these sabotage/incapacitation methods secret and followed other targets abroad to USA, Canada, Belgium, Spain, wherever they went to get help and evidence from scientists. The MI5 or the black operations group who is organising torture squads can do a great deal of harm to a targeted individual seeking proof or even get the target killed and declared non-suspicious death. That's why legal representation by a specialised lawyer for action against the Police situations is a survival necessity, otherwise the target will end up dead in a ditch .
The crusade to criminalize the use of DEWs covert assault inside the home of a target and during sleeping hours has to go to the House of Commons together with other powerful bodies. Victims personal effort cannot change this abuse of power on such a massive scale that is established for at least 20 years now.
So I will publish as many covert assault systems I can, to get legal representation and try to prevent becoming homeless again, or totally retarded and weak or dead in a ditch.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

ACPO arrest these six torture squads NOW or you are complicit to torture

The Home Office discusses strategy against crime with the 47 Police Chiefs of ACPO.

Here is my initial inquiry to apply to arrest the top six squads I know (there is more,,)

Torture squads demand to ACPO to get them arrested and their weapons confiscated and shown to the public

fromIoanna Iatridou <>
dateTue, Oct 19, 2010 at 5:03 PM
subjectTorture squads demand to ACPO to get them arrested and their weapons confiscated and shown to the public
hide details 5:03 PM (4 minutes ago)

Which Home Office Department discusses crime solving strategies with ACPO.

There are electronic weapons torture squads that must be arrested and their weapons confiscated, shown to the public and educate the public how to stay safe and what protection to get when shot through the walls or ceiling with these weapons, some of them cost as little as 100 dollars a piece.

The squads are:

1. Paolo Fiora targeted by one, in North London
2. Mary Dutton Hughes in West Yorkshire
3.Tim Rifat in Brighton
4. Tadeusz Szocik in Balham, North London (assuming he is not dead, last time seen by our community was a year ago, and he had parkinsonian tremors)
5. Marina Llewellyn Findlay Edinburgh (if she is still alive) last time she had been sectioned was in 2008-09 in the Edinburgh area
6. The squad harassing me, under a guy using nickname "Roger" with Greek, Polish and multinational hit team, in Cranbrook Place. Roger has moved in Cranbrook Place 5 to 9, further down from me and runs the black operations from there, he ahs positioned a couple man- Greek woman in flat 5, at 1 Cranbrook Place. and he has an other "horror-fag" positioned in flat 7.
Possibly he also has a pain shock field phasor installed in flat 2 (Raymond) downstairs from me to beam my bed, and some more pieces shooting from other houses along Cranbrook Park Road.

Marina Llewellyn Findlay and Tadeusz Scozic had accused that MI5 is torturing and harassing them in medical and remote assault systems testing for plausible deniability and human effect, but: my position is this: these two victims where destroyed healthwise and their entire life because their local Police was protecting the squads.
The MI5 as well as the Interpol and other black operations groups are supposed to be secret, the public and the victims do not know them.

The facts for the public are these:

The HPA refuses watt per kilo weight measurement to obtain proof if a heart attack or stroke was caused by electronic weapons covertly. So they refuse service to save people from torture and murder.

Concerning electronic weapons, ALL police forces have lied and mislead the public when they complain, while they had been buying some of these weapons under different names such as "home protection" or research equipment.

All Police Forces attempt sometimes with success sometimes without to section the targets of these weapons to discredith them. BUT ON 3.000 ELECTRONIC ASSAULT CASES INVESTIGATED PRIVATELY BY SPECIALIST PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR COMPANIES THE RATE OF MENTAL ILLNESS IS 2%.

THEREFORE THE POLICE ALLEGATION THAT Tim Rifat, Marina Llewellyn, Tadeusz Scozic and others are "nutters" is wrong and proven totally false,

These victims did not know where to buy specialised police services privatelly, they were not smart shoppers, and they did not read the Criminal Justice Act which makes it clear that if this time again, ACPO continues to allow the torture squads to do black operations and remain protected and weaponised and if ACPO refuses to educate the public how to deal with the danger of being attacked at home, during sleep, with pain shock fields then we all know that ACPO is equally a source of extra judicial torture and that ACPOs criminality is the true reason of the torture and the relevant manslaughter or murders happening.

We want to se ACPO delivering results on the above squads and full disclosure of their equipment and which high rank officer organised them.

Where do I file the demand for all 6 squads for ACPO to action now?

Joanna Iatridou

My FOIs are at  put in their search box my name correctly: Joanna Iatridou
that should bring approx 70 FOIs

Friday, 1 October 2010

Why do I make accusations against Interpol? An example of war on drugs

During the years 80-95 I met three Athenian families where the father-main family guy was civilian , not agent working for Interpol to fight the drugs trade.
The three families were apparently devout Christian and one of them was also retired Military Intelligence Services.
Interpol was putting in a drugs quantity they owned (3 kilos of cocaine for example and their own protected boss and main top team)then the drugs team and the three families were given a list of newly arrived African immigrants from Africa to Greece. The families would befriend them and sometimes  hire them for house servants.
Then  the immigrants were lured to start selling drugs and become small time dealers, after working like this for a couple of years , Interpol would raid them, confiscate their own drugs and proceeds of crime and put them in jail for many years.
That was the war on drugs by Interpol.  Total duplicity.
The names of the three families are available if Interpol wants them.

Will ACPO expose and prosecute Interpol recruits for crimes?

Unless ACPO, the 47 Chiefs of the UK Law Enforcement  make a U-turn in their teamwork with Interpol and start enforcing the Criminal Justice Act and expose the criminal offenses of Interpol recruits in the UK, get  them arrested and prosecuted, then, there will be no end to torture and other serious crime in the UK.
As long as ACPO tolerates the criminal offenses done by Interpol recruits , the muck and the suspicion about torture and  murder will stick on ACPO and the Police in general because they got the Criminal Justice Act and full power and authority to make arrests and refuse to use it against Interpol recruits.

Monday, 27 September 2010

Liberty's no torture no compromise campaign

The links to Liberty are:
Home page

the No torture no Compromise campaign link is on:

The importance of this campaign to the Targeted Individuals who get attacked in their own homes with pain shock fields and the Police and their local next door neighbours are smug and complicit to this and brag "there is no proof" is this:
While we mobilize human rights organisations like Amnesty and Liberty and the EHRC and relevant ministries like the Home Office, the Ministry of Justice etc we are going to run into unsalaried recruits of secret services who are fixated with their personal advantage and the covert line of Interpol, MI5, CIA etc is to attack the targets with electronic weapons in order to sell them for medical experiments, call them mentally ill so as to hav ethe freedom to slice specific selected brain centers and replace them with microchip subconscious influence so as to make them other determined slaves with no freedom of will and choice and no knowledge of being externally monitored.
This is an worldwide medical project in place and the unsalaried recruits of Interpol (who never lets a target of experiment escape in 188 countries), the unsalaried recruits who are working in key communications posts like EHRC, or Police Professional Standards callcentres etc will do treachery, sabotage, covert dletion and twisting of communications to make the no torture no compromise campaign and attitude fail.

Although this campaign is about complicity of the UK authorities to torture abroad, it applies to UK internal torture situations. The sportsmanship in secret deception, lying, misleading and covert destruction of humans nad decent groups by secret services in order to sell more experiment subjects to the medical project of selective painless destruction of their brain centered abilities and getting them replaced by microchips, the sportsmanship in plausible deniablitiy and "no proof" sarcasm and complicity does not fit with ACPOs duty to show integrity and honesty and fair enforcement of the Criminal Justice Act, especially section 134.
So ACPO has to turn around and enforce section 134, inform the public on protection, and safety from directed energy/painshock fields attacks at their homes and make arrests and confiscate the equipment.
Above all, these covert torturers and their accomplices within the Administration communication posts are fearing exposure of their identity and thats our main objective to expose them, don't let them hide.
No torture no compromise.

Sunday, 26 September 2010

The torture squads are telling the truth that the electronic torture equipment is Police property and Police protected

This shape of ultrasonic (=DEW-Directed Energy Weapon) with its pocket size dimensions is being sold from what I saw when I was attacked with one in a Paisley park, like a brick mobile: 4" x 3" xFits the description.
The Home office should look under ultrasonic, or infrasound weapons in the ILEF less lethal weapons database. This weapon should be there. If it was omitted, that means that Interpol who trains the Police Forces in 188 countries has told the national Police forces to omit it intentionally. Therefore that means that the ILEF database is biased and incomplete.
What else is known about this: this particular model is used by the torture squads for demonstrations when they move in a new area to harass a target. The criminals make it clear that:
1.       This weapon is Police property
2.       They are Police protected
3.       They are telling the truth about 1 and 2
4.       The criminals shoot women to demonstrate to them that it causes a lot of intense pain. They also challenge the women to go to a Police Station and complain about it or call 999 and try doing a crime complaint. The criminals warn the women truthfully that if they complain about it to the Police the Police will “WORRY ABOUT THEIR MENTAL HEALTH AND SEND THEM TO THEIR GP WHERE ALL NHS WITHOUT EXEPTION HAS INSTRUCTIONS TO SECTION THE VICTIM AND ENFORCE ANTI-PSYCHOTICS, SO POISON THEM IN DETENTION (AND POSSIBLY KEEP TORTURING THEM WITH THE SAME WEAPON FROM UPSTAIRS OR NEXT DOOR. THE CRIMINALS TRUTHFULLY WARN THE WOMEN THAT ANY COMPLAIN CAN GET THEM DETAINED AND FORCIBLY POISON-MEDICATED FROM ONE TO SIX MONTHS.
5.       From that moment on the women ensure in the community a total CODE OF SILENCE
6.       Men are never attacked for demonstration unless they disobey the gang
7.       All torture cases like Paolo Fiora, Tim Rifat, Mary Dutton Hughes, and the others mentioned in my FOis to my knowledge are tortured because the Police refused to investigate, enforced mental illness detention. To my knowledge the Police never questioned or arrested anybody for torture of these targets therefore they refuse to enforce the criminal justice act therefore the criminals are telling the truth that this torture equipment is police property and they are police protected and their demos ensure code of silence while the Police refuses to demo to the public or warn them to leave the public vulnerable to torture, and defensless both to torture and forcible detention and seriously damaging, wrong, poisonous medication.
The criminals are telling the truth, NOT the 47 police forces, because they were deceived by the Interpol training that "there is no proff for these directed energy weapons as long as they are used covertly" the 47 ACPO Chiefs did not cross-reference this wrong info with the Non-ionizing radiation departments of HSE,HPA and the NRPB.
Interpol, CIA, MI5 are secret services, they are not famous for integrity, truthfulness honesty integrity, but the 47 Police Forces are accountable to the community and had a duty to do Law Enforcement of the Criminal Justce act as torture is a serious and arrestable offense.
Therefore I will rephrase my FOI to verify how many suspects were investigated in the torture cases I had mentioned and how many arrests were made and how many electronic torture weapons had been confiscated. If the answer is none, from what I know, that means that indeed the criminals are telling the truth and with the demonstration method and code of silence they enforce with their demos, they now shoot targets not only in Hospitals but in Hostels too, as long as they shoot and give a demo to the FEMALE personnel of any organisation, its the women who keep the code of silence going.
Therefore Tadeusz Szocik and Marina Llewellyn Findlay (google them to find their websites) where not tortured and their life and health utterly wrecked because the MI5 tortured them but BECAUSE THE POLICE FORCES IN THEIR AREA REFUSED TO DO LAW ENFORCEMENT AND STOP THE TORTURE WITH THE CRIMINAL JUSTICE ACT.
1. Arrest the squad harassing me, photograph them in the press, disclose their identities (torturers HATE AND FEAR EXPOSURE MORE THAN ANY OTHER REVENGE OR PENALTY) and photograph their torture electronic equiment and educate the public how to spot them and how to deal with this covert threat and attack.
2. ACPO will credibly dissossiate themselves from CIA and Interpol or other secret services lies and deceptions because the Police is accountable and must be trustworthy while the secret services got no need to be honest and trustworthy, ACPO cannot confuse their job sescriptions with the secret services and so far their police officers are getting paid with the taxpayers money to totally deceive the public about covert torture attacks in their own homes.

FOI quert to Home Office re. "brick mobile" shaped directed energy weapon

Link to the FOI:

taken from website, range of several ultrasonic weapons:

Description: I copy paste the description:
Phasor Pain Field Blaster
Miniature electronic device intended for personal protection or field research work. Complex sonic shock waves are internally adjustable for maximizing on target subject. Operating frequency is 18-19kHz (right at the edge of human hearing). Effective range of up to 15 feet.
  • 125 db Directional sonic shock waves
  • 4" x 3" x 2" Shirt pocket sized
  • Operates on a 9 volt battery
IPG9 - Plans (By Download - $4.00) .......................$10.00
IPG9K - Kit & Plans .....................................................$64.95
IPG90 - Assembled and Ready to Use ...................$94.95
So, anybody can buy one with less than 100USD

These are used by criminal squads for covert  torture and incapacitation

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Waiting for the SPSA to reply with all my data to the SAR

The deadline to get a reply is 40 days and we are in the last 10 days wait. The SPSA had kept perfect silence about my SAR so far This is a catch 22 situation no win to be dodgy and avoid disclosing all data because two years ago I had a similar dodgy avoidance from the IPCC. I submitted a complaint because the Leyton Police had intentionally failed to catch my lookalike and her porno visual material. My IPCC complaint was deleted and a fake police officer called and left me a fake IPCC refrence number. It took me two monnths to find out I had been conned by a third party interfering between me and the IPCC and had to resubmit my complaint getting a 2-3 months delay.That was in the year 2008 when a hundred human rights lawyers resigned from working with the IPCC due to excessive obstruction of justice which usually is done by saying "we investigated and we found nothing".
Dodgy obstuction of justice are no win because the Police is accountable and are expected to fight real criminls ton send out slander to fund with public funds intrusive surveillance harassment.
My attitude is realistic. Disclosure of all heinous allegations that serve to keep funding intrusive surveillance and physical injuries hate campaigns and generalsabotage of my life work health and social standing.
On the other hand the SPSA cannot answer we got nothing on you under the prevention detection of crime Joanna and I will explain why next time.

Sunday, 22 August 2010



The general link on SARs for Scotland

My questions concerning what data are held about me. I filled in their 2 page form asking for all data plus cctv footage, photos, videos and any other material depicting me as a criminal escaping detection (being a suspect under prevention-detection of crime) and in particular allegations or fabrications depicting me as a former prostitute, mentally ill and dangerous or potentially violent

From: Ioanna Iatridou
Sent: 26 July 2010 19:42
To: Contactus
Subject: Concerning Renfrew Police station and our SARs

To Strathclyde Police:

While our SARs are on the way to SPSA to obtain what data are held about us, me and my ex-husband,
here is an enquiry you might be able to clarify with the local Renfrew Police station and email me or include it in our SARs.

What exactly was the goal of Renfrew Police on two occasions:
A. did the Renfrew Police wanted to use on me "street theater" a Police intimidation technique used in 188 countries,

or B: was the goal to file fabricated crime allegations in our data under our names and NiNO so as to frame us and send these as alarms for detection prevention of crime, after we leave Scotland and send electronic alarms that we left Scotland to escape crimes?

The two incidents where I need to know what were the intended objectives of Renfrew Police A: theater intimidation or B. framing and electronic alarms across the UK are

June 2010  first week. At the Morrissons supermarket, the check out girl, after I paid, she pointed me to her manager who nodded to two Police Officers waiting in a an outside to come in, walk past me to "size me up". Was this together with some cctv footage staged with a lookalike for future framing or just to intimidate me?

July 24, Causeyside Str. outside our home at 73-77, 4 am: a theatrical car theft/ car crash where our recorded and saved/edited (from directed surveillance) voices were added to the car incident. Theater or framing?


Joanna Iatridou

Strathclyde Police email answer
Contactus <>
to    Ioanna Iatridou <iatridou@
date    Mon, Jul 26, 2010 at 8:41 PM
subject    RE: Concerning Renfrew Police station and our SARs

hide details Jul 26

Dear Sir/Madam,

In order to process this matter, please supply the following information as soon as possible:

Your home address and contact number

Thank you in advance,
Strathclyde Police Contact Centre

Ioanna Iatridou <>
to    "Campbell, Pat" <>
date    Wed, Aug 18, 2010 at 10:07 AM
subject    My SAR with full documentation+fee was received by recorded delivery July 27th 2010

hide details Aug 18 (4 days ago)
From Ioanna Iatridou, DoB 29-06-1958, Paisley, tel. 07551236548

To Pat Campbell:

Royal Mail confirmation shows the SAR was received by SPSA on July 27th, but so far no confirmation letter that this will be processed within 40 days was received at my home address in Paisley.

On the cover letter enclosed with your SAR two page form, I applied for disclosure of the intrusive surveillance order taken against me with full information: which authority, on what allegations, date/place and all relevant data.

Also any and all cctv footage, photographic or video material depicting me as antisocial/or heinous criminal escaping detection.

Please provide me with a confirmation re the processing of my SAR and the tel. and email of the information/dpa officer collating my data

This email is for the records I keep to copy the ICO and my local MSP, as I will escalate my demand  to disclose the details of the intrusive surveillance decision taken against me.

Within the SAR disclosure I need the following data:

1. Names of Police Officers who positioned= arranged housing for  the intrusive surveillance squad when I was housed as homeless a. in B&B QueensPark Drive Glasgow August -September 2008.
2. Names of Police Officers who passed data to the Homeless services wrong data that I am a former prostitute who is mentally ill and should be monitored and sectioned.
3. Names of Police Officers who told the South Lanark Council the same story about me= whore+crazy  when the Housing moved me at 48 Riverside Road, KFB, ML11 9JS from Sept 2008.
4. Which Police Department( Strathclyde) and specific Police Officers weaponised the intrussive surveillance squad hiding downstairs and to the right and left of 48 Riverside with pain-shock field devices, directed energy weapons and other frequency weapons to cause me severe physical pain and so cause me pain, suffering and panic to make me look insane.
5. There were Police Officers from the Renfrew, Paisley division which I spotted and identified in uniform now that I live in Paisley.
6. They are complicit in weaponsing the directed/sintrusive surveillance squad and always supervise the squads safety and deny-cover up the following crimes being done against me under the lawful abuse of RIPA-RIPSA legislation:

a. stealing, diverting my mail,
b. reading my computer screen and monitoring all my internet activity at home and in the public library
c. using devices from upstairs and the next door building to the right, left, behind and across my Paisley address to hit me with harmful non-ionizing radiation frequencies as well as other harmful frequencies like microwaves, infrasound, ELFs, disorientation frequencies etc.
d. changing a credit card address to another flat in my building to block use/access to the credit card and also to steal the credit card statement which can be used for further Identity Fraud
e. non-stop slander and libel in the area disguised under "prevention-detection of crime" to watch out the whore, and that I am a shoplifter and criminal/antisocial.
f. false rumors to the Housing Benefit that I had left Scotland and that I am doing benefit fraud
g. False rumors to Job centre that I am doing fraud and that I am dangerous and insane
h. False rumors to the Charleston GP Surgery manager that I am a former prostitute who is potentially violent and dangerous and should be sectioned.

With my SAR I demand the disclosure of the entire RIPA-RIPSA directed/intrusive surveillance operation against me and all the names of Police Officers and their protected agents to prosecute them for criminal damage, slander, blacklisting,  Identity Fraud, obstruction of justice, torture, intimidation, stalking,

Also disclose whether the heinous data sent to the local CAB, Citizens Advice Bureau Paisley St George Str.  that I am a WHORE  and heinous criminal escaping detection, are these data sent out by the SPSA database alarm systems for the "prevention-detection of crime" or are they being sent across the UK via the NPC National Police Computer database.
Please provide full disclosure of the alarms being sent out electronically and arriving there ahead of me in any UK town I travel to.

Finally please take notice of Section 134 of the Criminal Justice Act 1988.
There is no proof of torture by directed energy weapons (=non-ionizing radiation weapons and devices) because the HSE,HPA,NRPB and IGNUR intentionally aid abet torture by helping with their radiation dosimetry computers and other proof methods and expertise ONLY those who get contaminated at work and become ill with cardiovascular and central nervous system complications within an industrial or working environment and not those who get attacked with weapons or weaponised non-ionizing radiation.

Plus, the Police attitude, " there are no directed-energy weapons, these are science fiction ray guns that don't exist just like ufo and aliens) and therefore we worry about your mental health and you should consult your GP, makes them complicit to torture and grievous bodily harm.
Plus the Ministry of Health told me that indeed I could obtain referral to the HPA Glasgow, they are the best agency with the expertise and the equipment to measure and supply three types of proof for non-ionizing radiation weapons attacks.

HPA Glasgow and GPs are indoctrinated to refuse the existence/use of these weapons and therefore are also prosecutable under Section 134 of the Criminal Justice Act, together with the HSE, HPA,I GNUR, NRPB, local council and any information/dpa officer refusing to disclose the directed/intrusive surveillance decision and all Officers and their agents involved.

The Renfrew Police Constables are smug that the squads they protect can do unlimited torture,injuries and mutilation or incapacitate people without any proof or prosecution but the refusal or NCND re. the surveillance operation which includes committing serious crimes against the target of the surveillance will be escalated to all authorities that can slash this budget, confiscate the weapons and convict the perpetrators.

This is integral part of the SAR SPSA received on the 27th of July, copy to ICO amd nmy MSP.
Please respond by email and pass it on to the information/dpa officer processing my SAR to respond
You can also send a print out of the email responses by letter but there is no guarantee it will not be stolen as Royal Mail participates in the intrusive surveillance operation and mail gets diverted to the agents hiding and monitoring me in this building and the next door ones.

Yours faithfully

Ioanna Iatridou
oanna Iatridou <iatridou@
to    "Campbell, Pat" <>
date    Wed, Aug 18, 2010 at 10:25 AM
subject    Re: My SAR with full documentation+fee was received by recorded delivery July 27th 2010

Aug 18 (4 days ago)
To Mrs Campbell and the SPSA information/dpa officer, from Ioanna Iatridou

Within my SAR, I list tems-queries I forgot to include in the previous list I just emailed you:
In addition:
a. Names of Police officers in South Lanark who on the 29th of January 2009 surrounded me and insisted that I should not go to stay with my ex-husband at his place in Edinburgh, I asked them to talk inside the Victoria Off-Licence shop of South Lanark so that all our conversation can be filemd on their cctv cameras for future evidence reference. There was a Police van driver and a female Police Officer. While being filmed with the Victoria cctvs they insisted to drive me to Wishaw General for the night to check my heart. CCTV footage around 9.30 pm -29 January 2009.

b. Names of the Police officers who ordered the MHO Moira McCragen to section me for 28 days.
c.Names of the Police Officers who ordered Dr Sonia Keith to state that my carer is mentally ill, insane, violent, dangerous, just because he told her that detention is illegal and I got right to leave abroad immediately and chose my medical care with freedom of movement

d. names of the police officers who installed a torture squad at the A&E upstairs from my roo13 in mental ward and continued torture to damage my cardiovascular and brain.

I will continue the list in third part,
Ioanna Iatridou

Thursday, 19 August 2010


copy to ACPO, to get the maladministration picture in Strathclyde.

Mrs Fiona Queen,PCC Scotland

two more complaints against Strathclyde Police and SPSA, to update you that there is administrative deception, sadly:

1. SPSA received recorded delivery on July 27th my SAR asking to disclose the directed/intrusive surveillance against me. Not only they did not write a confirmation letter telling me that they will respond in 40 days deadline, but also I called the dpa officers number, its an answering machine

, left message nobody returned call. I wrote online to the SPSA where is my SAR confirmation for 40 days and got no reply, I emailed an SPSA officer and she read my email and after two hours she switched on a holiday response that she is out of the office until August 23, to get rid of me. Genuine "out of the office" automated arrive in less than 60 seconds, not after changing the email settings after two hours. That's ludicrous cheating? How can we trust respect the Police?

2. Strathclyde professional standards, I filed 2 complaints on August 4th by email, one for being illegally sectioned by Police Officers in South Lanark last year 2009 who also Police Officers told me that directed energy weapons are like ufos ,they don't exist, when ACPO buys them and informs the parliament since 2000.

At the professional standards I spoke with Isabelle Mrugala. She promised to send me an email confirmation with a reference number, and I called back, the Police callcentre cannot find her name and I got no reference number or confirmation.

Meanwhile, I emailed my Renfrew Council why do I have intrusive surveillance agents (which means they are Police officers or police protected agents ) hiding in various flats upstairs and dowstairs from me and I emailed the ICO how do we escalate the refusal of disclosure. Is Strathclyde police playing fantasy games with the intrusive surveillance shenanigans, and the surveillance agents stealing my mail, changing the address on the credit card to block its use and send the credit card statement to another flat? why are they doing all these criminal offenses and nuisance with public funding? Don't they have any real criminals to catch?

Please talk with the SPSA and confirm the processing and the dpa officer who is dealing with my SAR, and an extra attachment from the 26th of July and I can also send you the complaint of August 4th to the professional standards who had a duty to issue a reference number. for complaint follow up and did not do it to falsify their statistics that they do not receive complaints.

Sorry but the maladministration is really sad and a huge nuisance and source of concern. This goes copy to other relevant authorites too.

Yours faithfully

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Administrative Deception Log

From now on I will keep adding and updating this post with each and every major or small administrative deception that is being done to me. The deception motivation comes from being blacklisted under RIPA2000-RIPSA2002 directed/intrusive surveillance. The blacklist heinous or malicious false alarms go out to all authorities and all service providers and each one of them, under the belief that the secretly databased and alarm presented false data are true because databases are considered credible sources for the "prevention/detection of crime".
Everytime I  submit a SAR (=Subject Access Request) to an Authority I ask for disclosure of the directed/intrusive surveillance decision taken against me. So far, the Renfrew Housing Council refused to disclose the information. Now I am waiting for the SPSA (Scottish Police Authority Services) to reply to my SAR, which they received by recorded delivery on July 27th 2010.

Monday, 16 August 2010

New investigation for aiding/abetting torture in the US

There is a number of TI cases in the UK with copycat attacks and in my opinion the Marina Llewellyn Findlay torture/abuse case in Scotland was a massive rehearsal in Local authority and local NHS organised torture and experimentation. They had rehearsed a lot, that's why they attacked me in Scotland, because they got away with Marina.

Sunday, 15 August 2010


You don’t want to go crazy or other people around you to go crazy if you are a TI, a Targeted Individual so this is what I will share with you from my personal experience of being under intrusive surveillance and having a look-alike that the Police refused to stop since 2005-2006 when I first complained to MPS.

Intrusive surveillance means in practical terms that a senior Police Officer wrote about you that you are a security threat or a dangerous criminal escaping detection and applied and obtained a decision. You can ask with a SAR if an intrusive surveillance order was taken against you, what where the malicious allegations and the other details, date, place, authority, timescale tec. This measure is supposed to fight crime, REAL CRIME, not torture and rob innocent people, therefore assuming you KNOW you never harmed anybody you should not be afraid to submit a SAR to the Police asking them what data is held about you and any fabricated allegations to issue an intrusive surveillance order.
The first thing that happens under an intrusive surveillance is the surveillance agents cut keys to your home and no matter how many locks you change they always get a copy key within twenty minutes , first opportunity when there is nobody at home. This decision can be lethal for you and I say this from what happened to my father and mother when they were targeted with intrusive surveillance in Greece years 1980-1982.
My father showed me one day that after we return from a holiday, somebody had been in the house and had switched off all the water supply, to search inside the toilet flash cisterns of water, and on purpose had left the water turned off to make himself noticed. Coincidence or not my father developed terminal metastatic cancer within three years and was scared about being followed and had confessed his worries and fears to ATHOS a monastery there, shortly before he died.
My mother complained about intrusion to her home from 1982. One piece of her jewellery would go missing for weeks and then reappear, one drop of washing up liquid would be put in any food she cooked as soon as she went out, to cause her stomach upset and intimidate her. No matter how many times she changed the locks intrusion like this never stopped. Ignorance about intrusive surveillance caused an early death to both my parents, my father at 67 my mother at 59, so this is a serious matter guaranteed to shorten your life expectancy dramatically.
Now intrusive surveillance combined with a look-alike is a senior project and pay attention because it is in practice more than we can possible imagine
To fabricate a lookalike requires professional expertise, preparation, production, testing and final stage Police validation.
Fabricating a look-alike means that you got the freedom to capture and torture or kill somebody and simply get him replaced with the look-alike so legally murder and torture do not exist.
Total necessity is prior intrusive surveillance in place to collect video and sound recording material and habits,  patterns of behavior. This type of black operation requires resources that only large Private Investigator firms, secret services or their contractors private outsourcing businesses can command, they cannot be produced by an ordinary person single-handed.
The preparation stage needs also some Police collaboration and I say this from personal experience. My partner was targeted to fabricate a look-alike for him and start incriminating him and the preparation for this was the Police to order 5 psychiatrists who were supposed to assess me, while I was being sectioned, to report about my partner who acted as my carer that he was violent, dangerous, also mentally ill, he had follie a deux with me. Luckily my partner never visited me in Hospital and never met any of these psychiatrists, he acted as my carer via his solicitor, never in person. So, the preparation stage was not credible because all the slander was done by ordered psychiatrists who had never met him.  The intrusive surveillance squad had stolen one jacket and one pair of shoes from his home in Edinburgh, of course they had cut keys. After 18 months, they had his look-alike in place, and brought him in Paisley to commit crimes to get filmed as a criminal. Except this is going to fail for countermeasures that I will not disclose yet.
Concerning the fabrication of my look-alike a lot of work was invested in it: 2 years non-stop videotaping, casting, making porno videos and making them in the same street where I stayed with a Scientologist, in Shepherds Bush in a garage, then distributing them all across Greater London inciting people that I am a disgusting whore who should be killed (!!!!) So, they tested with the public if the look-alike was believable. When I filed complain about the look-alike porno, which of course got me fired from three financial admin jobs , so I never worked again for 20K salary as normal, the Police claimed there is no look-alike porn material and this went to the IPCC and the decision was the same old  tune of complicity: “they investigated and found nothing”
My look-alike, together with the intrusive surveillance squad followed me from London to Scotland and she made a show up to my partner, to astonish him! He told me she looks the same except a bit older and a bit taller. Remarkably, there is another TI Amanda from England who has THREE look-alikes here in Scotland, they all look just like her, with small variations about how wide are their shoulders and their height/weight.
Very important to submit questions to the Police, Council, Job centre and NHS via SARs as soon as you suspect you are targeted with intrusive surveillance otherwise expect a short and troubled life. The best thing you can do is alert the ICO Information Commissioners Office, because intrusive surveillance is to catch criminals, NOT TO DRIVE US ALL CRAZY WHILE A SQUAD MAKES MONEY FROM PUBLIC FUNDS ALLOCATED TO STOP SERIOUS CRIME AND TERRORISM.
Targets TIs in my opinion are three separate attitude groups: Group one, they want to remain anonymous, low profile hoping to escape the intrusive surveillance at some point or to gather sufficient proof to suddenly start and win prosecution/litigation. I can describe what harassment they had, but I got no permission to mention their names or personal details. When they vanish, the TI community is unable to establish if they are very ill, sectioned or in serious trouble. None of them managed to shake off and escape the intrusive surveillance order and the fake alerts across the UK and world wide so far.
There are two mentality groups of TIs who go public about the torture and harassment they get and use social media to the max: Those who publicize their ordeal to the max, but are too suspicious of other TIs and they don’t talk on the phone, or exchange emails and info with other TIs: examples are Tadeusz Szocik, Tim Rifat and Paolo Fiora lately. Then we got TIs who do social media to inform educate and may be hoping more personal safety and stay in touch for mutual information and help sometimes with other TIs and I belong in this category, together with  some others.
Finally there are bogus TIs who are here in the UK to report back to their countries how the UK is handling the TI community and their protests plus UK bogus TIs who are out to play on sympathy and paid to spread misinformation about implants, satellite torture and other issues to confuse TIs to make them too confused to distinguish the various assault systems being tested on them  (sabotage weapons recognition) and get some charity money or donations too if they manage to tell a sob story well.
The ways for a TI to stop being a victim are mainly too:
A.    Find a trustworthy and streetwise middleman who can act to pay and give information to hire former police officers private investigators and set aside at least ten thousand pounds for this service. Former Police Officers who dealt with DEWs attacks on a TI managed to run checks and track the weapons back to source and consolidate concrete evidence that this DEWs attack was being done with prior knowledge and complicity of Police officers at which point the attack both GS=Gang Stalking and EH Electronic Harassment stopped completely. The TI must not start calling and emailing directly the ex- Police “firm” because this blows their cover, without a reliable middleman and ten thousand starter paid out 3K at a time approx, this cannot be done. Once the two conditions are met, results and proof can be ready in three-four weeks.
B.    The other way for a TI to stop Intrusive surveillance and all the crime that brings with it: Royal Mail diverts the mail to the surveillance squad, some of it is stolen, some of it delayed and handed after 3 weeks some of it, like debts, bills passed on promptly, The Tax Office refuses service, so they delay for months if they got a refund to pay but send bills fast if they can issue a bill. You understand that if Police or the surveillance squad slanders you , then any solicitor takes orders from them and that’s why TIs don’t get legal aid or lose the court action. My position is this: TIs should study the basics of the criminal justice act: Doctors, Council Managers, Solicitors and others get so blind with greed for power to win a Police Officer as a friend by doing him a favor at your expense that they can kill you to move up in society as a Police Officer friend is a huge social asset on the way up. Remind however to the Doctor, Housing Council etc that: committing a criminal offense against you to win  friendship with Police Officers makes them prosecutable, especially housing next door and upstairs torturers with pain field or other energy devices designed to cause you pain at home, maliciously writing harmful prescriptions or misdiagnosing, etc. FOIs and SARs can help to untangle the web of deception and black operations.
Understanding the Police is important: The MPS Metropolitan Police answered a FOI of mine asking for a list of Court convictions of Police Officers and their answer was revealing:

Roughly there were 500 traffic violation convictions for speeding, driving without due attention and drink driving while the number of perjury and criminal damage convictions was less than ten approx.
What does this means to me: the proof for the driving offenses is draconian camera systems they installed themselves, because the proof machine is in place Officers get caught with substantial evidence just like anybody else. Proving criminal damage against you or perjury against you, needs high quality evidence and DIY handling from TIs is not high quality, so the chances to obtain justice if a Police Officer calls your GP and tells him to section you because you are a dangerous sexual stalker/predator of women or a secret hooker are minimal: the GP will not disclose to you the Officer "his bestest friend and biggest social asset" that's why, as soon as you suspect your GP or anybody else servicing a Police Officers illegal recommendations behind your back, putting at risk your health and safety, write down a SAR, asking questions, do not make verbal accusations based on suspicions, write down your questions and get the answers from the NHS, Housing etc in writing too, so if they tell you lies you can escalate with the ICO.
The attachments MPS sent me with Police Officers conviction numbers are on this link:

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

All non-ionizing radiation Departments are prosecutable for criminal offenses

Here is the reply of the Health and Safety Executive to my FOI query:

“ * Advice provided by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to the
Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) regarding directed
energy weapons.

Your request was received on 26 July 2010 and I am dealing with it under
the terms of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (the Act).

I am writing to advise you that following a search of our paper and
electronic records, I have established that the information you requested
is not held by the HSE. HSE's Public Service Sector who liaise regularly
with ACPO have no record of a request for any advice regarding directed
energy weapons and computational dosimetry. Nor have any recommendations
been made to ACPO on this subject.”

How this FOI spells out the intentional safety gap:
This reply says that two organizations with detailed and super advanced knowledge: ACPO who got expert knowledge of directed energy weapons and all high frequency assault systems and HSE who got expertise in non-ionizing radiation and all harmful radiation and frequencies organized a safety gap for the UK public. They did not work out any detection, proof, and safety measures from these weapons. The consultation/advice/recommendation gap was organized and intentional, their expertise leaves no benefit of doubt that this was and remains an organized intentional safety gap which has been victimizing the public at large, some examples I witnessed and experienced:  VICTIMISED BY INCAPACITATION:
!. Target gets shot in the liver, with a Maser or other DEW from a car or window. Target starts coughing blood, has to drop everything and go to the nearest A&E in panic and fear covered in blood. The A&E works 12 hours to eliminate the causes of the bleeding which is 1 pint of blood from the liver:
a.    They measure blood pressure which is high because of the electromagnetic radiation (non-ionizing) stuck in the body. Diastolic is 150 or higher, systolic is near 200 or higher. ECG is apparently normal.
b.    They check if the target was beaten up or kicked in the ribs. NO.
c.    They start blood tests to check for TB, cancer or other virus.
After keeping the victim 12 hours while throwing up blood in the sink and being wired to the blood pressure monitor with malignant high blood pressure, the victim dries out of blood to throw up. The A&E by now, by elimination of possible other causes KNOWS at this stage that the victim was shot with a Maser or other DEW and simply tell him to go home and get some rest . WITHOUT GIVING A HAEMOSTATIC MEDICATION LIKE  TRANEXAEMIC ACID. WHY THE A&E HOLDS BACK THE MEDICATION? Because they know that if the target does not get shot again with a DEW the bleeding will stop. The A&E knows that mainly the Police controls these weapons and they are reluctant to give haemostatic medication and protect the victim from a Police attack, they are on the side of the Police and are both prosecutable for this victimization, together with the HSE/HPA/NRPB/IGNUR  who provided the GAP that creates this criminal assault.
Other incapacitation methods I could describe is what happens when a target gets shot in the lungs, cheekbones, eyes, kidneys, heart, spine, lower back, thyroid gland front of the neck, reproductive system but this would make the text too long.
The point is that the intentional gap in advice between ACPO who know their weapons big time as anybody can see from their Patten Recommendations and other reports re. public order weapons pdfs
And the non-ionizing departments who got expert knowledge and expert equipment capacity means that targets got no control of their life and no freedom from harm. This gets aggravated by the fact that Police “works closely with the NHS” they want targets of these weapons to be further injured with antidepressants or antipsychotics and they don’t want targets to get medication that would reduce their injury. The list of medications that would help a little are: haemostatic if shot in the liver, Propranolol or Inderal if shot anywhere else to drop the malignant high blood pressure and the anxiety it creates and reduce risk of stroke, Ibuprofen for pains and aches, two tablets of benzo: two 1 milligram tablets of Lorazepam, optional to get over the shock of the attack, a Zopiclon tablet to get  deep sleep and rest. Plus home water remedies like a bath with bicarbonate soda and sea salt, a long cooling shower, plenty of still water or juice depending how acidic the target becomes.
Concerning this betrayal to the public my position for myself and the other UK targets is this:
1.    Make it known to local Police and Local Council that they are prosecutable for these “sudden and tragic” health disasters caused by DEWs weapons.
2.    Make it known to HSE/HPA/NRPB, IGNUR,ACPO that obstructing measurement, detection, proof and monitoring for these attacks makes them equally prosecutable.(just  because it has to be computerized and they can hold back computer access),
3.    Make it known to Police Stations that they got a duty to match the Dews attack with the weapon in the database of less-lethal weapons.
4.    Make it known to the Local Police that denial of the existence and use of these weapons is conspiracy to harm the public and that they got a duty to seize and confiscate these weapons and prosecute the users.
5.    Failing to seize the weapon means the Local Police knows who has it and is protecting gun-crime.
6.    The refusal of confiscating the weapon on the basis of “we never bought such a weapon, ADS for example” so we got no help for the victims is conspiracy to harm. They know these weapons and assuming they are not protecting them, Police should confiscate them as they can be smuggled in the UK or bought in black market. Refusal to take action = complicity and protection of crime.
How this gap affects victims
Non-ionizing radiation departments at the Health and Safety Executive level, at the Health Protection Agency level, IGNUR, NRPB- National Radiological Protection Board re prosecutable for criminal offenses because they got full knowledge of what is the health damage of directed energy weapons, which are a variety of non-ionizing radiation devices. By refusing service to the public in three ways:
1.    Watt per kilo measurement of electricity storage in the body, which goes up 50% above the normal levels if a target gets attacked with electromagnetic =non-ionizing radiation weapons
2.    Refusing computational dosimetry, which is a computer that scans the body and head and segments it in small areas and locates the non-ionizing radiation stuck in each body part, this is essential if a target gets shot in the head, computational dosimetry would be proof that the person has radiation stuck on his head that caused him a bloodclot, stroke or seizures. Computational dosimetry would provide the proof that a target was shot in the kidney and now he has one kidney because the other one was destroyed by a weapon. Computational dosimetry would show that a target was shot in the lungs, and fainted or got incapacitated for two days. Computational dosimetry would show if a target was shot in the liver and started throwing up a pint of blood and had to spend half a day in A&E without having cancer, TB, or any virus.
3.    Computational dosimetry would show if a target was shot in the gut and that’s why his gut burst with peritonitis, or he got appendicitis inflammation. So, refusing computational dosimetry is the cornerstone to criminal physical injury because the evidence is computerized.
4.    Personal dosimetry, with tailor made badges that absorb any harmful radiation near the targets body and get measured by HPA every three weeks to monitor further attacks are also refused.
These refusals which are systematic for decades now mean that the relevant expertise Agencies for health and safety were conspiring to procure physical injury and extrajudicial torture by refusing service when they fully know. Also they cause misinformation to the A&E personnel, the NHS, GPs, psychiatrists, Mental Health Tribunals so they spread clinical malpractice and physical injury throughout the health system.  They also instigate criminality to the Housing Councils, because they house weaponised community safety DEWs gunmen in the houses next to a target because of misinformation: Council managers believe that the “torture” targets of DEWs complain about are “pins and needles” = small stinging assaults like mosquito bites and that the only damage to the targets is to look older, wrinkled, uglier, bloated. The misinformation that the HPA and the HSE, IGNUR and the NRPB allow with their silence conspiracy is to motivate Police Officers, Council managers and entire communities to support and procure these attacks out of secret delight that they will make the target ugly, and this malicious desire makes them ignore that they are prosecutable for aiding abetting torture and prosecutable for serious physical injury, murder attempt and manslaughter with long jail terms.
TIME TO STUDY THE CRIMINAL JUSTICE ACT 1988 and locate specific who is prosecutable and make it known and get ready. (Moaning about the Satanists, the masons, the Illuminati, the MI5, the Bilderberg, the Ashkenazy Jews, or any other vague generality is DELIBERATE MISINFORMATION AND MISDIRECTION)
The purpose of this post is to get support about this position from those who can table legislation reforms and my motto to Police, Council, NHS and others fooled to commit criminal offenses against the public is: REFUSE TO BE CONFUSED, WITH 40% BUDGET CUTS, IF YOU KEEP ACTING ON POST LIKE A CONFUSED CRIMINAL YOU SHOULD BE TOP PRIORITY JOB-CUT. No senior rank can force you to commit criminal offenses; this is abuse of trust and power and must be exposed immediately.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Tim Rifat attacked with DEWs and is torture DPA blocked, to procure torture?

I had asked the Sussex Police as Brighton is under Sussex, concerning Tim Rifat getting attacked and injured with DEWs:

Dear Sussex Police,

This is a FOI query,based on Tim Rifat who is resident of Brighton many years now, and has reported being attacked with DEWs and some murder attempts on
his life and an injury on his leg from DEWs, Masers etc. Question:

Is there existing documentation with torture and murder attempts complaints by Tim Rifat, written down and documented by you, or if a Police officer refused to write it down, torture does not exist?

Sussex Police answered today, "refused Section 40 (5) Personal Information – absolute exemption This exemption applies because the right given under the Act to request official information held by public authorities does not apply to personal data."

The clarification I wrote back is: that Tim Rifat had BROADCAST ON THE RADIO being attacked with DEWs and leg injury, so DPA does not apply. Torture and injury cannot be hidden under DPA. That would be procuring torture as this would stop his MP or Amnesty from helping him by asking questions.

We the public got a right to know if Tim Rifat is being threatened by his local Police with forceful detention in psychiatry if he reports DEWs attacks and torture.

My complaint to Strathclyde Professional Standards/Hugh Henry MSP

Blocking weapons recognition with misleading answers and two complaints re Police harmful attitude

Ioanna Iatridou to contactus, Hugh.Henry.msp

show details 6:57 PM (7 minutes ago)

I sent this to Strathclyde Professional Standards and my MSP Hugh Henry. We need to know in public what is their conduct re. Section 134 of the Criminal Justice Act.
I deleted the name of the PC I report for protection.

Ioanna Iatridou


Location: The most correct place to meet is at the office of my local MP Hugh Henry and I will arrange for a solicitor and friends of mine to be present too.


Section 134 of the Criminal Justice Act 1988 makes torture an offence anywhere in the world. The offence may either be committed by a public official or someone acting in an official capacity, or by someone else acting at the instigation of or with the consent or acquiescence of a public official or someone acting in an official capacity. It follows that aiding, abetting, counseling or procuring torture anywhere in the world or conspiring to do so are also offences under British law.

ACPO is buying and training personnel non-stop years now on Masers and ADS (public order weapons), there is plenty of proof, its public domain info and ACPO left copy of the info at the House of Commons since 2001. Attempts to call my complaint mental illness or these weapons science fiction are complicity/conspiracy to physical injury and extra judicial torture.

In March 2010 I saw PC XXXXXXXX together with two male officers protect a squad of Maser hired-gun criminals. My complaints concern Masers this year= Microwave-Laser directed energy weapons that shoot through walls and hit hard the target on the head, like a baseball bat, without breaking the bones. You can find the exact makes of them in the Home Office Database of all less lethal weapons, database held jointly HO and MoD. You got access to what type of weapons I describe. Together with PC XXXXXX protection, these weapons used against me are protected by at least six local Renfrew Police Officers, including one more female officer that I can Identify. Attempts to mislead me that these are science fiction are conspiracy to torture and PC XXXXXX is aiding abetting under Section 134, the rest of the local Police Officers she knows them Any attempts to send me talk to NHS are also conspiracy to torture aiding abetting because NHS has NO non-ionizing radiation computerised dosimetry to check, mobile cameras record these energies and locate them better than the human eye, but it is the HPA Glasgow who got expertise and refuse access to their equipment for weapons recognition so far, because the Police or the MoD instructed them to mislead/obstruct non-ionizing radiation weapons recognition and proof of physical injury, but there are some MoD departments that could assist re. proof. The point is local police officers know the persons and the location of these Masers and are non-stop protecting them and refuse to change attitude, so this needs to be escalated.

The second complaint is about the South Lanark Police station. January 2009.

I complained about Masers and one attack on January 29th 2009 in the street from a car, with a portable, small model of ADS, no external antennas that nearly caused me a heart attack. We established with FOIs some data but the complaint is: 1) The local Police did not check about the ADS or Masers in the Home Office database and did not issue me with a crime number or write down a crime complaint and misled me these weapons are science fiction when FOIs factually are proof of DEWs ownership by ACPO many years now. They also did not bother to seize and confiscate when the location was known and 100% sure/accurate which means they were complicit and protecting criminal use of weapons.

I placed a number of SARs, Subject Access Requests to many authorities to find out what heinous allegations or fabricated slander make Police Constables protect these attacks, or is it corruption? Or are they blackmailed from London as this squad with the weapons came from London after me, they were harassing me there too.

Either way, the Police duty is to seize and prosecute regardless if it is Police personnel or company who uses them criminally against me.

Please make note of this: Two other targets of similar attacks published websites moaning that it is the MI5 doing the torture. I do not buy this explanation of theirs. These two targets, Tadeusz Szocik and Marina Llewellyn Findlay sustained serious health damage, Their moaning about the MI5 did not stop the physical attacks and my intention is : the Police is accountable for community safety, they will seize, arrest,prosecute or they are complicit to be prosecuted as well. Paranoid I am not, and Police has to do their duty in full, and arrest the criminals no matter who sent them, no matter what high rank or secret agent they go to jail for Section134, attacking me is outside their mandate. Nobody has any business attacking me, and there is no excuse.

Ioanna Iatridou

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Strathclyde Force denials re unauthorised weapons, details to Strathclyde Force

This FOI query to Strathclyde Force re two separate attacks with a portable ADS were answered with denials that are flimsy because of many and serious factors:

My question and their denial are in these two links: s_active_denial_system_records_2 377/response/104134/attach/3/Response%2 0information%20not%20held.pdf

I quote the Strathclyde Force answer:

“ Your request for information has now been

considered and I can advise you that

Strathclyde Police does not hold any of the

information requested by you. In terms of

Section 17 of the Act, this letter represents a

formal notice that information is not held.
By way of explanation, Strathclyde Police do

not use or have access to an ADS (Active

Denial System) and therefore have no

policies in place for the use of such a system

or for the care of victims.”

Please publish  asap what proof , policies, decisions or other documentation/records corroborates your answer quoted here,  because it does not hold ground as ACPO your seniors do hold consultations, pdfs, policies, info and all about the ADS /DEWs and also for the following reasons:

1.    Police departments got access to a directed energy weapons database held jointly by the Home Office and the MoD. Therefore it is their duty is to take down the weapon injury symptoms and the rest of the  attack details and look it up in the HO database and match the attack with the weapon and then proceed to catch the criminal weapon owner (assuming he is not MoD or Police protected etc). Assuming they don’t own or use an ADS they should be doing their best to seize it.
2.    There is a “firm” of former Police Officers who track back to source directed energy weapons attacks as a business. Their findings are that 100% of the time, the use of these weapons is done with prior knowledge, complicity and protection by Police Officers and that as soon as the weapons are tracked down with professional quality proof, the attacks stop immediately, for good and the Police Officers do not wish to be prosecuted or jailed and that this type of ex-cops tracking down offending Police Officers is a fact years now.
3.    Re the 2009 ML11 ADS attack Police refused to write down a description of the attack incident and issue a crime number. They also knew that the allegation concerns a non-ionizing radiation hard hitting weapon and Police know their weapons, consult with your seniors and ACPO on this.  If indeed they did not own or protect the unauthorized use of an ADS they had the full capacity and duty to measure the target at the HPA Glasgow non-ionizing department for abnormal Watt per kilo weight  body electricity storage to detect if indeed they are dealing with an ADS attack and do their best to seize fast the illegally used weapon. Not only they made no mention of the HPA but Police Officers made a persistent and illegal indoctrination to NHS personnel to mark this down as mental illness episode and medicate the injured target with anti-psychotics using blackmail, strict detention, threats, bribes and other inappropriate pressure methods to this sinister deception.
4.    No doubt no Police force in the UK has attacked a rioting crowd with an ADS, as they were going to make front page news for landing a large number of targets in intensive care.

This question requires proof that indeed Forces do not own or outsource the criminal use of ADS because of the other attack done in 1999-2000, that  Victim was an amateur boxer, 35 approx, one of the fittest and strongest in Scotland and unlikely to collapse with a heart attack for two months in Hospital.
To this day he does not know he was attacked with an ADS. This is dangerous for the public’s health and safety, because it means that sabotage and obstruction of weapons recognition by the authorities can injure or kill members of the public with complete impunity. The  Victim was just a boxer and your community are no weapons experts to protect their right to life, you are expected to inform and protect your community’s safety.
Weapons recognition is essential to the right to life and to be free from torture and free from harm/abuse done by the Authorities.
The HPA Glasgow declared a strong opposition to offer weapons recognition measurements.
The misinformation done by the HSE, HPA, NPIA, Health Dept, NHS, Police Forces, MoD,  that only knife crime and shotgun crime are real and that non-ionizing radiation weapons attacks are mental illness are serious offenses under the Criminal Justice Act and are prosecutable as conspiracy to murder, incapacitate or torture with impunity.

Therefore the reply that you don’t own an ADS therefore you don’t care about this type of attacks or the  Victims shows intentional complicity to serious criminal offenses. If ADS and Masers were not in use in the UK, the Home Office would not keep a detailed database and the non-ionizing departments of NRPB, HSE and HPA obstruction of weapons recognition constitutes a number of serious offenses of sections of the Criminal Justice Act.
Also, we cannot exclude the possibility that the specific ADS weapon, which is the same piece used in 1999-2000 and in 2009 in Strathclyde may be owned by a secret  intelligence company who does business with security forces outsourcing those services that are prosecutable if done by MoD or Police Personnel, such as murder, torture, physical injury , social /financial ruin of a target and incapacitation (black operations). The silence and obstruction of weapons detection and recognition given that the weapons database and the detection is perfectly feasible with Home Office, HSE, HPA, NRPB constitutes liability for the Police Force.
We the community expect Police to detect and stop life threatening crimes, not deception and NHS malpractice to keep secrecy about new high tech physical assaults. ADS and Maser weapons can kill fifty Arnold Schwarzennegers with a heart attack at the push of a button and in less than a minute. The use of such a powerful assault weapon creates a type of extreme coward hired-gun that make the local Police not just protect them but constantly baby-sit them, the Police is forced to check for their safety non-stop when the “guns” go to a pub, or shopping because they are identifiable and risk getting beaten up and this worries the Police that are constantly on foot or in cars getting texted to stick to no further than 20 ft distance to chase away anybody who might grab them and take the Law into their own hands. This constant baby-sitting protection by the Police is draining their resources and blows their cover too.This fear is connected with the Strathclyde Force insecurity to work without Tasers and their need to calm down their fears of getting attacked,with Tasers.
Please ask your seniors , look up the ACPO expertise/consultations/work on this subject and collate/publish info where is the proof that the specific ADS was not protected by Renfrew Police Officers. The answer you did not purchase an ADS and therefore you don’t care does not free you from the fact that you were obstructing its detection and tracking back to source its ownership.
Your actions concerning ADS, Masers and other Directed Energy Weapons are so far a strong source of mistrust and harm to the public.
Called a " California Drive-by" this type of attack has caused lingering death from a week to three weeks in death delirium where the victim throws up all food and water, cannot stand-up or sleep, heart attacks, incapacitation and untold trauma. I feel grateful I had a narrow escape from heart attack or death but the other targets were not that lucky. Where is Police accountability to the community?

If I get another Strathclyde refusal I will place a new succinct query to all 47 Forces connected with this major issue.

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Torture as PCT= Political Control Technology

The link is a video introducing torture as part of the Political Control Technology. General introduction to PCT in the first four minutes and camera alteration by microwave attacks as evidence of DEWs Directed Energy Attacks Weapons after the fourth minute.

The main new torture and incapacitation technologies are:
a) Not just RFID, but EDIBLE MICROCHIPS, the size of ONE GRAIN OF SALT OR SUGAR. Microchips are receivers trasmitters and can send to the targets brain extreme pain to land him in Hospital incapacitated and misdiagnosed.
b) DEWs are Directed Energy Weapons that are electromagnetic in frequency and change the electrocity storage of the body.
EXAMPLE OF COMBINED ATTACK of Microchip technology plus DEWs would be to destroy the ovaries of a woman using DEWs, in painless but damaging to the ovaries frequencies , then transmit to her excruciating pain via a microchip or shoot her with stronger DEWs on the ovaries. All this would destroy her reproductive system and fertility and it is being done, but I did not attract any interest or support. This t ype of attack was done on me to cause me a benign tumour the size of a golf ball, but I am not interested to have children. I am astonished that Amnesty International, Solicitors, MPs etc are giving me the cold shoulder.

On youtube there is another series of mobile video clips recording Directed Energy attacks

Because computers and trained personnel are needed to scan targets for edible microchips and a computetional dosimetry operator and computer to locate and measure non-ionizing radiation deposits on arms , legs, head after DEWs attacks at home from upstairs and next door buildings, there is instigation, and complicity to electronic torture spreading like disease throught the world and including a 2% of malicious officials in each and every organisation. One bad apple spoils the barrel and from the complicit sniggering I watched the complicity to torture and conspiring to torture epidemic is spreading.

The solution was and remains simple: 1. scan  targets for microchips 2. Scan them with computational dosimetry for DEWs attacks including microwave, EMF,ELF  3. Do a watt per kilo weight measurement of electricity storage in the body, if normal levels or not.

Below is american information about legal loopholes and I quote from this link

The Initial Report of the United States of America to the UN Committee Against Torture, submitted four years late, reflects the "understandings" imposed by the US Senate in its ratification of the Convention. These provide a very convenient loophole for certain forms of torture and state terrorism. The Clinton Administration's justification for these "understandings" is posted in Part II of the Report, from which I quote here.

"U.S. Understandings. In order to clarify the meaning of `torture' and to delineate the scope of application of the Convention with the greater precision required under U.S. domestic law, the United States conditioned its ratification upon several understandings related to Article 1. ..."

[JH Graf's comment: Greater precision, or deliberate evasion and obfuscation?]

"a. ... assessment of mental pain and suffering can be a very subjective undertaking. There was some concern within the U.S. criminal justice community that in this respect the Convention's definition regrettably fell short of the constitutionally required precision for defining criminal offenses. To provide the requisite clarity for purposes of domestic law, the United States therefore conditioned its ratification upon an understanding that, in order to constitute torture, an act must be specifically intended to inflict severe physical or mental pain or suffering and that mental pain or suffering refers to prolonged mental harm caused by or resulting from:

(1) the intentional infliction or threatened infliction of severe physical pain or suffering;

(2) the administration or application, or threatened administration or application, of mind-altering substances or other procedures calculated to disrupt profoundly the senses or the personality;

(3) the threat of imminent death; or

(4) the threat that another person will imminently be subjected to death, severe physical pain or suffering, or the administration or application of mind-altering substances or other procedures calculated to disrupt profoundly the senses or the personality."

[JH Graf's comment: This excludes from the definition of mental torture the deliberate exploitation of the victim's anxieties or phobias. It also excludes such mental terrorism as the torture of animals and intense, frequent, malicious, organized interference with computers.]

"b. For similar reasons of clarity and specificity, United States adherence was conditioned on the understanding that the definition of `torture' in Article 1 is intended to apply `only to acts directed against persons in the offender's custody or physical control' in order to clarify the relationship of the Convention to normal military and law enforcement operations."

[JH Graf's comment: This excludes all torture inflicted on persons not in custody, such as that involving terrorism and the use of electromagnetic or bio-chemical weapons. See "John Akwei vs. NSA" and "Marks of Torture."]

" ... d. The United States further stated its view that the term `acquiescence,' as used in Article 1, requires that a `public official, prior to the activity constituting torture, have awareness of such activity and thereafter breach his legal responsibility to intervene to prevent such activity.' The purpose of this condition was to make it clear that both actual knowledge and `willful blindness' fall within the definition of `acquiescence' in Article 1."

[JH Graf's comment: This conveniently limits the definition of "acquiescence" to circumstances involving prior knowledge, thus excusing Presidents George W. Bush, William J. Clinton, and George H.W. Bush, for instance, of responsibility for programs and actions begun under President Reagan, even if they had knowledge of them and did nothing to stop them.]

Torture by means of electromagnetic weapons, bio-chemical weapons, and organized terrorism frequently occurs outside the bounds of physical custody. Its victims usually cannot identify the perpetrators, may not even understand the nature of their experiences, may consider themselves mentally ill or be regarded as such by others. Amnesty International is not interested in such victims because we are not in prison cells.

Other non-governmental organizations likewise turn their backs. Advocates can "handle" such abuses as electric shock, mutilation, rape, and other physical attacks. These are graphic, documentable, attributable to particular individuals in particular places. State terrorism and mental torture, however, are inflicted from a distance, through surreptitious intrusion by nameless, faceless perpetrators using classified technologies and bio-chemical weapons. These abuses are hard to document, hard to prove, easy to rationalize as symptoms of mental disorder. We victims are routinely ignored, disbelieved, dismissed. Thus, society at large makes itself an accomplice to the torture.

America's torture agenda threatens everyone.