Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Administrative Deception Log

From now on I will keep adding and updating this post with each and every major or small administrative deception that is being done to me. The deception motivation comes from being blacklisted under RIPA2000-RIPSA2002 directed/intrusive surveillance. The blacklist heinous or malicious false alarms go out to all authorities and all service providers and each one of them, under the belief that the secretly databased and alarm presented false data are true because databases are considered credible sources for the "prevention/detection of crime".
Everytime I  submit a SAR (=Subject Access Request) to an Authority I ask for disclosure of the directed/intrusive surveillance decision taken against me. So far, the Renfrew Housing Council refused to disclose the information. Now I am waiting for the SPSA (Scottish Police Authority Services) to reply to my SAR, which they received by recorded delivery on July 27th 2010.

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