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You don’t want to go crazy or other people around you to go crazy if you are a TI, a Targeted Individual so this is what I will share with you from my personal experience of being under intrusive surveillance and having a look-alike that the Police refused to stop since 2005-2006 when I first complained to MPS.

Intrusive surveillance means in practical terms that a senior Police Officer wrote about you that you are a security threat or a dangerous criminal escaping detection and applied and obtained a decision. You can ask with a SAR if an intrusive surveillance order was taken against you, what where the malicious allegations and the other details, date, place, authority, timescale tec. This measure is supposed to fight crime, REAL CRIME, not torture and rob innocent people, therefore assuming you KNOW you never harmed anybody you should not be afraid to submit a SAR to the Police asking them what data is held about you and any fabricated allegations to issue an intrusive surveillance order.
The first thing that happens under an intrusive surveillance is the surveillance agents cut keys to your home and no matter how many locks you change they always get a copy key within twenty minutes , first opportunity when there is nobody at home. This decision can be lethal for you and I say this from what happened to my father and mother when they were targeted with intrusive surveillance in Greece years 1980-1982.
My father showed me one day that after we return from a holiday, somebody had been in the house and had switched off all the water supply, to search inside the toilet flash cisterns of water, and on purpose had left the water turned off to make himself noticed. Coincidence or not my father developed terminal metastatic cancer within three years and was scared about being followed and had confessed his worries and fears to ATHOS a monastery there, shortly before he died.
My mother complained about intrusion to her home from 1982. One piece of her jewellery would go missing for weeks and then reappear, one drop of washing up liquid would be put in any food she cooked as soon as she went out, to cause her stomach upset and intimidate her. No matter how many times she changed the locks intrusion like this never stopped. Ignorance about intrusive surveillance caused an early death to both my parents, my father at 67 my mother at 59, so this is a serious matter guaranteed to shorten your life expectancy dramatically.
Now intrusive surveillance combined with a look-alike is a senior project and pay attention because it is in practice more than we can possible imagine
To fabricate a lookalike requires professional expertise, preparation, production, testing and final stage Police validation.
Fabricating a look-alike means that you got the freedom to capture and torture or kill somebody and simply get him replaced with the look-alike so legally murder and torture do not exist.
Total necessity is prior intrusive surveillance in place to collect video and sound recording material and habits,  patterns of behavior. This type of black operation requires resources that only large Private Investigator firms, secret services or their contractors private outsourcing businesses can command, they cannot be produced by an ordinary person single-handed.
The preparation stage needs also some Police collaboration and I say this from personal experience. My partner was targeted to fabricate a look-alike for him and start incriminating him and the preparation for this was the Police to order 5 psychiatrists who were supposed to assess me, while I was being sectioned, to report about my partner who acted as my carer that he was violent, dangerous, also mentally ill, he had follie a deux with me. Luckily my partner never visited me in Hospital and never met any of these psychiatrists, he acted as my carer via his solicitor, never in person. So, the preparation stage was not credible because all the slander was done by ordered psychiatrists who had never met him.  The intrusive surveillance squad had stolen one jacket and one pair of shoes from his home in Edinburgh, of course they had cut keys. After 18 months, they had his look-alike in place, and brought him in Paisley to commit crimes to get filmed as a criminal. Except this is going to fail for countermeasures that I will not disclose yet.
Concerning the fabrication of my look-alike a lot of work was invested in it: 2 years non-stop videotaping, casting, making porno videos and making them in the same street where I stayed with a Scientologist, in Shepherds Bush in a garage, then distributing them all across Greater London inciting people that I am a disgusting whore who should be killed (!!!!) So, they tested with the public if the look-alike was believable. When I filed complain about the look-alike porno, which of course got me fired from three financial admin jobs , so I never worked again for 20K salary as normal, the Police claimed there is no look-alike porn material and this went to the IPCC and the decision was the same old  tune of complicity: “they investigated and found nothing”
My look-alike, together with the intrusive surveillance squad followed me from London to Scotland and she made a show up to my partner, to astonish him! He told me she looks the same except a bit older and a bit taller. Remarkably, there is another TI Amanda from England who has THREE look-alikes here in Scotland, they all look just like her, with small variations about how wide are their shoulders and their height/weight.
Very important to submit questions to the Police, Council, Job centre and NHS via SARs as soon as you suspect you are targeted with intrusive surveillance otherwise expect a short and troubled life. The best thing you can do is alert the ICO Information Commissioners Office, because intrusive surveillance is to catch criminals, NOT TO DRIVE US ALL CRAZY WHILE A SQUAD MAKES MONEY FROM PUBLIC FUNDS ALLOCATED TO STOP SERIOUS CRIME AND TERRORISM.
Targets TIs in my opinion are three separate attitude groups: Group one, they want to remain anonymous, low profile hoping to escape the intrusive surveillance at some point or to gather sufficient proof to suddenly start and win prosecution/litigation. I can describe what harassment they had, but I got no permission to mention their names or personal details. When they vanish, the TI community is unable to establish if they are very ill, sectioned or in serious trouble. None of them managed to shake off and escape the intrusive surveillance order and the fake alerts across the UK and world wide so far.
There are two mentality groups of TIs who go public about the torture and harassment they get and use social media to the max: Those who publicize their ordeal to the max, but are too suspicious of other TIs and they don’t talk on the phone, or exchange emails and info with other TIs: examples are Tadeusz Szocik, Tim Rifat and Paolo Fiora lately. Then we got TIs who do social media to inform educate and may be hoping more personal safety and stay in touch for mutual information and help sometimes with other TIs and I belong in this category, together with  some others.
Finally there are bogus TIs who are here in the UK to report back to their countries how the UK is handling the TI community and their protests plus UK bogus TIs who are out to play on sympathy and paid to spread misinformation about implants, satellite torture and other issues to confuse TIs to make them too confused to distinguish the various assault systems being tested on them  (sabotage weapons recognition) and get some charity money or donations too if they manage to tell a sob story well.
The ways for a TI to stop being a victim are mainly too:
A.    Find a trustworthy and streetwise middleman who can act to pay and give information to hire former police officers private investigators and set aside at least ten thousand pounds for this service. Former Police Officers who dealt with DEWs attacks on a TI managed to run checks and track the weapons back to source and consolidate concrete evidence that this DEWs attack was being done with prior knowledge and complicity of Police officers at which point the attack both GS=Gang Stalking and EH Electronic Harassment stopped completely. The TI must not start calling and emailing directly the ex- Police “firm” because this blows their cover, without a reliable middleman and ten thousand starter paid out 3K at a time approx, this cannot be done. Once the two conditions are met, results and proof can be ready in three-four weeks.
B.    The other way for a TI to stop Intrusive surveillance and all the crime that brings with it: Royal Mail diverts the mail to the surveillance squad, some of it is stolen, some of it delayed and handed after 3 weeks some of it, like debts, bills passed on promptly, The Tax Office refuses service, so they delay for months if they got a refund to pay but send bills fast if they can issue a bill. You understand that if Police or the surveillance squad slanders you , then any solicitor takes orders from them and that’s why TIs don’t get legal aid or lose the court action. My position is this: TIs should study the basics of the criminal justice act: Doctors, Council Managers, Solicitors and others get so blind with greed for power to win a Police Officer as a friend by doing him a favor at your expense that they can kill you to move up in society as a Police Officer friend is a huge social asset on the way up. Remind however to the Doctor, Housing Council etc that: committing a criminal offense against you to win  friendship with Police Officers makes them prosecutable, especially housing next door and upstairs torturers with pain field or other energy devices designed to cause you pain at home, maliciously writing harmful prescriptions or misdiagnosing, etc. FOIs and SARs can help to untangle the web of deception and black operations.
Understanding the Police is important: The MPS Metropolitan Police answered a FOI of mine asking for a list of Court convictions of Police Officers and their answer was revealing:

Roughly there were 500 traffic violation convictions for speeding, driving without due attention and drink driving while the number of perjury and criminal damage convictions was less than ten approx.
What does this means to me: the proof for the driving offenses is draconian camera systems they installed themselves, because the proof machine is in place Officers get caught with substantial evidence just like anybody else. Proving criminal damage against you or perjury against you, needs high quality evidence and DIY handling from TIs is not high quality, so the chances to obtain justice if a Police Officer calls your GP and tells him to section you because you are a dangerous sexual stalker/predator of women or a secret hooker are minimal: the GP will not disclose to you the Officer "his bestest friend and biggest social asset" that's why, as soon as you suspect your GP or anybody else servicing a Police Officers illegal recommendations behind your back, putting at risk your health and safety, write down a SAR, asking questions, do not make verbal accusations based on suspicions, write down your questions and get the answers from the NHS, Housing etc in writing too, so if they tell you lies you can escalate with the ICO.
The attachments MPS sent me with Police Officers conviction numbers are on this link:

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