Tuesday, 10 August 2010

All non-ionizing radiation Departments are prosecutable for criminal offenses

Here is the reply of the Health and Safety Executive to my FOI query:

“ * Advice provided by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to the
Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) regarding directed
energy weapons.

Your request was received on 26 July 2010 and I am dealing with it under
the terms of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (the Act).

I am writing to advise you that following a search of our paper and
electronic records, I have established that the information you requested
is not held by the HSE. HSE's Public Service Sector who liaise regularly
with ACPO have no record of a request for any advice regarding directed
energy weapons and computational dosimetry. Nor have any recommendations
been made to ACPO on this subject.”


How this FOI spells out the intentional safety gap:
This reply says that two organizations with detailed and super advanced knowledge: ACPO who got expert knowledge of directed energy weapons and all high frequency assault systems and HSE who got expertise in non-ionizing radiation and all harmful radiation and frequencies organized a safety gap for the UK public. They did not work out any detection, proof, and safety measures from these weapons. The consultation/advice/recommendation gap was organized and intentional, their expertise leaves no benefit of doubt that this was and remains an organized intentional safety gap which has been victimizing the public at large, some examples I witnessed and experienced:  VICTIMISED BY INCAPACITATION:
!. Target gets shot in the liver, with a Maser or other DEW from a car or window. Target starts coughing blood, has to drop everything and go to the nearest A&E in panic and fear covered in blood. The A&E works 12 hours to eliminate the causes of the bleeding which is 1 pint of blood from the liver:
a.    They measure blood pressure which is high because of the electromagnetic radiation (non-ionizing) stuck in the body. Diastolic is 150 or higher, systolic is near 200 or higher. ECG is apparently normal.
b.    They check if the target was beaten up or kicked in the ribs. NO.
c.    They start blood tests to check for TB, cancer or other virus.
After keeping the victim 12 hours while throwing up blood in the sink and being wired to the blood pressure monitor with malignant high blood pressure, the victim dries out of blood to throw up. The A&E by now, by elimination of possible other causes KNOWS at this stage that the victim was shot with a Maser or other DEW and simply tell him to go home and get some rest . WITHOUT GIVING A HAEMOSTATIC MEDICATION LIKE  TRANEXAEMIC ACID. WHY THE A&E HOLDS BACK THE MEDICATION? Because they know that if the target does not get shot again with a DEW the bleeding will stop. The A&E knows that mainly the Police controls these weapons and they are reluctant to give haemostatic medication and protect the victim from a Police attack, they are on the side of the Police and are both prosecutable for this victimization, together with the HSE/HPA/NRPB/IGNUR  who provided the GAP that creates this criminal assault.
Other incapacitation methods I could describe is what happens when a target gets shot in the lungs, cheekbones, eyes, kidneys, heart, spine, lower back, thyroid gland front of the neck, reproductive system but this would make the text too long.
The point is that the intentional gap in advice between ACPO who know their weapons big time as anybody can see from their Patten Recommendations and other reports re. public order weapons pdfs
And the non-ionizing departments who got expert knowledge and expert equipment capacity means that targets got no control of their life and no freedom from harm. This gets aggravated by the fact that Police “works closely with the NHS” they want targets of these weapons to be further injured with antidepressants or antipsychotics and they don’t want targets to get medication that would reduce their injury. The list of medications that would help a little are: haemostatic if shot in the liver, Propranolol or Inderal if shot anywhere else to drop the malignant high blood pressure and the anxiety it creates and reduce risk of stroke, Ibuprofen for pains and aches, two tablets of benzo: two 1 milligram tablets of Lorazepam, optional to get over the shock of the attack, a Zopiclon tablet to get  deep sleep and rest. Plus home water remedies like a bath with bicarbonate soda and sea salt, a long cooling shower, plenty of still water or juice depending how acidic the target becomes.
Concerning this betrayal to the public my position for myself and the other UK targets is this:
1.    Make it known to local Police and Local Council that they are prosecutable for these “sudden and tragic” health disasters caused by DEWs weapons.
2.    Make it known to HSE/HPA/NRPB, IGNUR,ACPO that obstructing measurement, detection, proof and monitoring for these attacks makes them equally prosecutable.(just  because it has to be computerized and they can hold back computer access),
3.    Make it known to Police Stations that they got a duty to match the Dews attack with the weapon in the www.ilef.org database of less-lethal weapons.
4.    Make it known to the Local Police that denial of the existence and use of these weapons is conspiracy to harm the public and that they got a duty to seize and confiscate these weapons and prosecute the users.
5.    Failing to seize the weapon means the Local Police knows who has it and is protecting gun-crime.
6.    The refusal of confiscating the weapon on the basis of “we never bought such a weapon, ADS for example” so we got no help for the victims is conspiracy to harm. They know these weapons and assuming they are not protecting them, Police should confiscate them as they can be smuggled in the UK or bought in black market. Refusal to take action = complicity and protection of crime.
How this gap affects victims
Non-ionizing radiation departments at the Health and Safety Executive level, at the Health Protection Agency level, IGNUR, NRPB- National Radiological Protection Board re prosecutable for criminal offenses because they got full knowledge of what is the health damage of directed energy weapons, which are a variety of non-ionizing radiation devices. By refusing service to the public in three ways:
1.    Watt per kilo measurement of electricity storage in the body, which goes up 50% above the normal levels if a target gets attacked with electromagnetic =non-ionizing radiation weapons
2.    Refusing computational dosimetry, which is a computer that scans the body and head and segments it in small areas and locates the non-ionizing radiation stuck in each body part, this is essential if a target gets shot in the head, computational dosimetry would be proof that the person has radiation stuck on his head that caused him a bloodclot, stroke or seizures. Computational dosimetry would provide the proof that a target was shot in the kidney and now he has one kidney because the other one was destroyed by a weapon. Computational dosimetry would show that a target was shot in the lungs, and fainted or got incapacitated for two days. Computational dosimetry would show if a target was shot in the liver and started throwing up a pint of blood and had to spend half a day in A&E without having cancer, TB, or any virus.
3.    Computational dosimetry would show if a target was shot in the gut and that’s why his gut burst with peritonitis, or he got appendicitis inflammation. So, refusing computational dosimetry is the cornerstone to criminal physical injury because the evidence is computerized.
4.    Personal dosimetry, with tailor made badges that absorb any harmful radiation near the targets body and get measured by HPA every three weeks to monitor further attacks are also refused.
These refusals which are systematic for decades now mean that the relevant expertise Agencies for health and safety were conspiring to procure physical injury and extrajudicial torture by refusing service when they fully know. Also they cause misinformation to the A&E personnel, the NHS, GPs, psychiatrists, Mental Health Tribunals so they spread clinical malpractice and physical injury throughout the health system.  They also instigate criminality to the Housing Councils, because they house weaponised community safety DEWs gunmen in the houses next to a target because of misinformation: Council managers believe that the “torture” targets of DEWs complain about are “pins and needles” = small stinging assaults like mosquito bites and that the only damage to the targets is to look older, wrinkled, uglier, bloated. The misinformation that the HPA and the HSE, IGNUR and the NRPB allow with their silence conspiracy is to motivate Police Officers, Council managers and entire communities to support and procure these attacks out of secret delight that they will make the target ugly, and this malicious desire makes them ignore that they are prosecutable for aiding abetting torture and prosecutable for serious physical injury, murder attempt and manslaughter with long jail terms.
TIME TO STUDY THE CRIMINAL JUSTICE ACT 1988 and locate specific who is prosecutable and make it known and get ready. (Moaning about the Satanists, the masons, the Illuminati, the MI5, the Bilderberg, the Ashkenazy Jews, or any other vague generality is DELIBERATE MISINFORMATION AND MISDIRECTION)
The purpose of this post is to get support about this position from those who can table legislation reforms and my motto to Police, Council, NHS and others fooled to commit criminal offenses against the public is: REFUSE TO BE CONFUSED, WITH 40% BUDGET CUTS, IF YOU KEEP ACTING ON POST LIKE A CONFUSED CRIMINAL YOU SHOULD BE TOP PRIORITY JOB-CUT. No senior rank can force you to commit criminal offenses; this is abuse of trust and power and must be exposed immediately.


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same is happening in southern california, its in the police and sheriff depts, in federal homeland security. homeland security vans are irradiating at least they did me.

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gosh and to think I am only a couple of miles from the Golden Era studios. not that there is any connection but complicity with the torture is lateral and untraceable I suppose.

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What else can I do