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My complaint to Strathclyde Professional Standards/Hugh Henry MSP

Blocking weapons recognition with misleading answers and two complaints re Police harmful attitude

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I sent this to Strathclyde Professional Standards and my MSP Hugh Henry. We need to know in public what is their conduct re. Section 134 of the Criminal Justice Act.
I deleted the name of the PC I report for protection.

Ioanna Iatridou


Location: The most correct place to meet is at the office of my local MP Hugh Henry and I will arrange for a solicitor and friends of mine to be present too.


Section 134 of the Criminal Justice Act 1988 makes torture an offence anywhere in the world. The offence may either be committed by a public official or someone acting in an official capacity, or by someone else acting at the instigation of or with the consent or acquiescence of a public official or someone acting in an official capacity. It follows that aiding, abetting, counseling or procuring torture anywhere in the world or conspiring to do so are also offences under British law.

ACPO is buying and training personnel non-stop years now on Masers and ADS (public order weapons), there is plenty of proof, its public domain info and ACPO left copy of the info at the House of Commons since 2001. Attempts to call my complaint mental illness or these weapons science fiction are complicity/conspiracy to physical injury and extra judicial torture.

In March 2010 I saw PC XXXXXXXX together with two male officers protect a squad of Maser hired-gun criminals. My complaints concern Masers this year= Microwave-Laser directed energy weapons that shoot through walls and hit hard the target on the head, like a baseball bat, without breaking the bones. You can find the exact makes of them in the Home Office Database of all less lethal weapons, database held jointly HO and MoD. You got access to what type of weapons I describe. Together with PC XXXXXX protection, these weapons used against me are protected by at least six local Renfrew Police Officers, including one more female officer that I can Identify. Attempts to mislead me that these are science fiction are conspiracy to torture and PC XXXXXX is aiding abetting under Section 134, the rest of the local Police Officers she knows them Any attempts to send me talk to NHS are also conspiracy to torture aiding abetting because NHS has NO non-ionizing radiation computerised dosimetry to check, mobile cameras record these energies and locate them better than the human eye, but it is the HPA Glasgow who got expertise and refuse access to their equipment for weapons recognition so far, because the Police or the MoD instructed them to mislead/obstruct non-ionizing radiation weapons recognition and proof of physical injury, but there are some MoD departments that could assist re. proof. The point is local police officers know the persons and the location of these Masers and are non-stop protecting them and refuse to change attitude, so this needs to be escalated.

The second complaint is about the South Lanark Police station. January 2009.

I complained about Masers and one attack on January 29th 2009 in the street from a car, with a portable, small model of ADS, no external antennas that nearly caused me a heart attack. We established with FOIs some data but the complaint is: 1) The local Police did not check about the ADS or Masers in the Home Office database and did not issue me with a crime number or write down a crime complaint and misled me these weapons are science fiction when FOIs factually are proof of DEWs ownership by ACPO many years now. They also did not bother to seize and confiscate when the location was known and 100% sure/accurate which means they were complicit and protecting criminal use of weapons.

I placed a number of SARs, Subject Access Requests to many authorities to find out what heinous allegations or fabricated slander make Police Constables protect these attacks, or is it corruption? Or are they blackmailed from London as this squad with the weapons came from London after me, they were harassing me there too.

Either way, the Police duty is to seize and prosecute regardless if it is Police personnel or company who uses them criminally against me.

Please make note of this: Two other targets of similar attacks published websites moaning that it is the MI5 doing the torture. I do not buy this explanation of theirs. These two targets, Tadeusz Szocik and Marina Llewellyn Findlay sustained serious health damage, Their moaning about the MI5 did not stop the physical attacks and my intention is : the Police is accountable for community safety, they will seize, arrest,prosecute or they are complicit to be prosecuted as well. Paranoid I am not, and Police has to do their duty in full, and arrest the criminals no matter who sent them, no matter what high rank or secret agent they go to jail for Section134, attacking me is outside their mandate. Nobody has any business attacking me, and there is no excuse.

Ioanna Iatridou

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