Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Where is this catalog with the weapons I published on this blog

You go to website
and scroll down to the bottom of the page right hand corner, a catalogue.pdf which I already printed out, with a 32 pages list of products.

I made a phonecall to ACPO about this, they said " we buy tasers , submit your complaints to customs and excise."

Electric Guns

The electromagnetic rifle and electromagnetic pistol can shoot a target in the lungs and make him collapse in the street or at home with excruciating pains. They can shoot him in the liver and make him throw up a pint of blood or shoot him in the kidney and leave him with one kidney damaged for good. The Health Protection Agency and HSE and NRPB got measuring and computerized proof methods but refuse service totally.
The Police keeps a firm line "talk to your GP- who is instructed to refer you to a psychiatrist and NOT an neurologist, so that you get discredited. The criminal torture squads use this Police denial method to enforce a code of silence. They shoot women for demonstration how much pain these weapons cause and challenge them to go complain to the Police that they will for sure get sectioned 1-6 months.The complete refusal of the Police to inform the public and suggest safety measures and how to handle this type of assault shows that I am not making slanderous allegations against the Police, the sectioning intimidation they organised with the GPs and the fact they never confiscated weapons or made arrests in the case of Mary Dutton Hughes, she has a youtube channel with her name and other cases like Paolo Fiora on Facebook and like mine corroborates that there is established Police protection to this type of covert torture, incapacitation, persecution or even manslaughter and murder.

More assault devices that incapacitate target during sleep time at home

1. Top photo: High power pain pistol version, you just beam the targets bed, sofa or desk until he collapses ill.
2. Nausea ultrasonic. You can beam the kitchen, shower or bathroom and make the target throw up his food non-stop, completely unable to eat and digest food. You decide if the target victim can eat in his own home or not.
3. Bottom picture,the device that looks like a sound system, is a large pain blaster. Beam with this the flat next door or downstairs from you and the target will get a heart attack or will become homeless.

Desorientation device- why I am borderline mentally retarded

This is one of many devices that is being used from flats next door or upstairs to bombard targeted individuals.
To track it down and make the tenant who is subletting his flat to a torture squad, ONLY a Police Officer or a former Police Officer can run checks and obtain proof. When a resident surrenders his flat for black operations use, he will deny it and will refuse to be searched. Only with professional police surveillance can he get caught and prosecuted. No other way. But the Police has been buying from this catalogue and do not want these devices to be classified as weapons because 20 years now they could buy anything they want without prior approval from their seniors in the Home Office. The MI5 is obsessed to keep these sabotage/incapacitation methods secret and followed other targets abroad to USA, Canada, Belgium, Spain, wherever they went to get help and evidence from scientists. The MI5 or the black operations group who is organising torture squads can do a great deal of harm to a targeted individual seeking proof or even get the target killed and declared non-suspicious death. That's why legal representation by a specialised lawyer for action against the Police situations is a survival necessity, otherwise the target will end up dead in a ditch .
The crusade to criminalize the use of DEWs covert assault inside the home of a target and during sleeping hours has to go to the House of Commons together with other powerful bodies. Victims personal effort cannot change this abuse of power on such a massive scale that is established for at least 20 years now.
So I will publish as many covert assault systems I can, to get legal representation and try to prevent becoming homeless again, or totally retarded and weak or dead in a ditch.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

ACPO arrest these six torture squads NOW or you are complicit to torture

The Home Office discusses strategy against crime with the 47 Police Chiefs of ACPO.

Here is my initial inquiry to apply to arrest the top six squads I know (there is more,,)

Torture squads demand to ACPO to get them arrested and their weapons confiscated and shown to the public

fromIoanna Iatridou <>
dateTue, Oct 19, 2010 at 5:03 PM
subjectTorture squads demand to ACPO to get them arrested and their weapons confiscated and shown to the public
hide details 5:03 PM (4 minutes ago)

Which Home Office Department discusses crime solving strategies with ACPO.

There are electronic weapons torture squads that must be arrested and their weapons confiscated, shown to the public and educate the public how to stay safe and what protection to get when shot through the walls or ceiling with these weapons, some of them cost as little as 100 dollars a piece.

The squads are:

1. Paolo Fiora targeted by one, in North London
2. Mary Dutton Hughes in West Yorkshire
3.Tim Rifat in Brighton
4. Tadeusz Szocik in Balham, North London (assuming he is not dead, last time seen by our community was a year ago, and he had parkinsonian tremors)
5. Marina Llewellyn Findlay Edinburgh (if she is still alive) last time she had been sectioned was in 2008-09 in the Edinburgh area
6. The squad harassing me, under a guy using nickname "Roger" with Greek, Polish and multinational hit team, in Cranbrook Place. Roger has moved in Cranbrook Place 5 to 9, further down from me and runs the black operations from there, he ahs positioned a couple man- Greek woman in flat 5, at 1 Cranbrook Place. and he has an other "horror-fag" positioned in flat 7.
Possibly he also has a pain shock field phasor installed in flat 2 (Raymond) downstairs from me to beam my bed, and some more pieces shooting from other houses along Cranbrook Park Road.

Marina Llewellyn Findlay and Tadeusz Scozic had accused that MI5 is torturing and harassing them in medical and remote assault systems testing for plausible deniability and human effect, but: my position is this: these two victims where destroyed healthwise and their entire life because their local Police was protecting the squads.
The MI5 as well as the Interpol and other black operations groups are supposed to be secret, the public and the victims do not know them.

The facts for the public are these:

The HPA refuses watt per kilo weight measurement to obtain proof if a heart attack or stroke was caused by electronic weapons covertly. So they refuse service to save people from torture and murder.

Concerning electronic weapons, ALL police forces have lied and mislead the public when they complain, while they had been buying some of these weapons under different names such as "home protection" or research equipment.

All Police Forces attempt sometimes with success sometimes without to section the targets of these weapons to discredith them. BUT ON 3.000 ELECTRONIC ASSAULT CASES INVESTIGATED PRIVATELY BY SPECIALIST PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR COMPANIES THE RATE OF MENTAL ILLNESS IS 2%.

THEREFORE THE POLICE ALLEGATION THAT Tim Rifat, Marina Llewellyn, Tadeusz Scozic and others are "nutters" is wrong and proven totally false,

These victims did not know where to buy specialised police services privatelly, they were not smart shoppers, and they did not read the Criminal Justice Act which makes it clear that if this time again, ACPO continues to allow the torture squads to do black operations and remain protected and weaponised and if ACPO refuses to educate the public how to deal with the danger of being attacked at home, during sleep, with pain shock fields then we all know that ACPO is equally a source of extra judicial torture and that ACPOs criminality is the true reason of the torture and the relevant manslaughter or murders happening.

We want to se ACPO delivering results on the above squads and full disclosure of their equipment and which high rank officer organised them.

Where do I file the demand for all 6 squads for ACPO to action now?

Joanna Iatridou

My FOIs are at  put in their search box my name correctly: Joanna Iatridou
that should bring approx 70 FOIs

Friday, 1 October 2010

Why do I make accusations against Interpol? An example of war on drugs

During the years 80-95 I met three Athenian families where the father-main family guy was civilian , not agent working for Interpol to fight the drugs trade.
The three families were apparently devout Christian and one of them was also retired Military Intelligence Services.
Interpol was putting in a drugs quantity they owned (3 kilos of cocaine for example and their own protected boss and main top team)then the drugs team and the three families were given a list of newly arrived African immigrants from Africa to Greece. The families would befriend them and sometimes  hire them for house servants.
Then  the immigrants were lured to start selling drugs and become small time dealers, after working like this for a couple of years , Interpol would raid them, confiscate their own drugs and proceeds of crime and put them in jail for many years.
That was the war on drugs by Interpol.  Total duplicity.
The names of the three families are available if Interpol wants them.

Will ACPO expose and prosecute Interpol recruits for crimes?

Unless ACPO, the 47 Chiefs of the UK Law Enforcement  make a U-turn in their teamwork with Interpol and start enforcing the Criminal Justice Act and expose the criminal offenses of Interpol recruits in the UK, get  them arrested and prosecuted, then, there will be no end to torture and other serious crime in the UK.
As long as ACPO tolerates the criminal offenses done by Interpol recruits , the muck and the suspicion about torture and  murder will stick on ACPO and the Police in general because they got the Criminal Justice Act and full power and authority to make arrests and refuse to use it against Interpol recruits.