Wednesday, 30 June 2010

If torture complaints get fact checked ONLY by Police they will go unpunished

That's because of Police , Law Enforcement FRUSTRATION re. crime. Because they cannot STOP crime as much as needed and as much as  they want to, they can go psychotic and carried away by DISSOCIATED HATE: that is, any informant CHIS can manipulate the Police desire for detection and stopping crime and use their hate for crime stereotypes such as secret hooker escaping detection, or child trafficker escaping detection or drugs baron escaping detection to crusify Jesus between two robbers. Judas Iscariot was just a crafty CHIS who understood and manipulated the Police procedure and mentality of his time, he is modern.

Now after about ten days torture inside Wishaw General, nurse personnel went to the A&E ward upstairs and demanded that the torture squad from London that was based there for the torture operation against me go away. The squad refused and tortured me for 50 days causing serious cardio damage and brain injuries that I repaired after release. BUT if the mental ward personnel was not 100% sure that this is local Police protected torture, all they had to do was call the Police to seize their electronic weapons and Masers for proof and arrest them. Therefore if Wishaw was sure this is Police protected torture and there is nothing more they can do to stop it, how can I get the slightest hope or reassurance that Strathclyde Police will indeed be unbiased, catch the torturers and prosecute them?

But indeed the Police could not only catch  the torture squad from London who claim to be higher rank than the Scottish Police but alse stop all electronic torture in future. Simply arrange with the HPA, Health Protection Agency Glasgow branch, to measure any target of DEWs to check watts per kilo, its a clear yes or no about attacks as all DEWs change into electricity storage in the flesh plus monitor with dosimetry badges future exposure of targets and measure the exposure on the dosimetry badge 12 weeks each time.
So Police can stop torture, punish the torture squad and protect all public together with HPA EASILY.

Filing for torture, why I don't trust the Police procedure will be unbiased


My FOI Freedom of Information Act enquiry regarding filing for torture and Strathclyde reply where they propose that a Police Officer will check the facts and decide if tortured occured:


Here is what I emailed to the Police and was completely ignored thats why this should be escalated to senior ranks in Scottish Police and Justice:

 To Paisley Police Station,questions re legitimate backer of unusual actions
1 message
Ioanna Iatridou   Sat, Jan 2, 2010 at 8:49 AM
There was no reply to my previous email from you. When I was sectioned
in Wishaw General, my complaints about DEWs were proclaimed consistent
delusion but, when out of Hospital, two Greek psychiatrists who had
worked in the USA gave me a self test to detect if my brain was burned
with microwaves during my stay in Hospital. Indeed it was, I reversed
the injury and reported this to the GMC, it is a well known dirty
trick in US but unusual action for a Hospital.
The law enforcement precedents re. the use of DEWs are that 2 bank
robbers used DEWs in broad daylight, in public, for a bank robbery and
this violates the protocol-rules about DEWs that they got to be used
as concealed weapons, as they can shoot and kill,or cripple through
walls, so the target, if hit behind walls and never sees the gun is
not alarmed but will get wrecked by wrong medical treatment or self
Those two robberswere gunned down, executed by the Police on the spot,
in public for violating the rule of using DEWs as a concealed weapon.

In another case 2008-2009 a citizen who threatened and used DEWs on
his business partner was given a court order to stop, so again law
enforcement works if the user is private person, no rank or authority.

In Wishaw General, because the attacks with DEWs from upstairs at
night were shooting my blood pressure up and causing me distress,pain
and trouble to the ward staff, the ward manager had asked the
torturers with the DEWs to leave the Hospital after one week attacks
only, yet they managed to stay sheltered and keep attacking me for
another 50 days until my releease. Who was the legitimate backer of
this brain injury? It is unusual to cause intentional brain injury in
a Hospital, there must be a legit backer or this gang must be doing a
convincing fraud that they are legit in some way.

My only request is this: this gang is positioned across the street in
Causeyside, at the corner top 2 floors over the shop Banks Devlin and
Co., plus to my left, I cannot locate exactly if it is 79 Causeyside
or 1st floor left flat in my own builiding, plus to my right at 73
Causeyside top floor, plus at the back of the house.

Now,my only request is this: ell these people to back off and stop
following me. They practiced their marksmanship on my
brain,eyes,heart,kidneys,lungs and even on my right ovary with the
Send them to special forces to work as snipers in Afganistan, they
cannot continue to play Rambo on my brain eyes and tumor ovaries when
I am unarmed civilian and get no results with my complaints. This is

In addition a friend of mine for many years now came here to work for
IBM. The factthat he helps me when I am harassed does not make him
popular. Yet, this time, initially he resigned from IBM because he was
ill with flu and did not recover fast enough. So, as he resigned he
has no rights for benefits. In additon, one month later, my friend
shows symtoms of brain injury= his eyes hurt in nomral light, he
ccannot tolerate noises , motion of people around him , the usual
motion,noise,light that he always could and this makes me suspect that
if his eyes hurt with light and cannot take noise and commotion, this
reminds me of my own brain injury days where my tolerance to
environment noie and light was limited because of brain injury.

Now please, what can you do to send these guys to special forces as
snipers. They will be useful and its a disgrace to keep crippling
unarmed civilians.
Some legit rank person despises unarmed law abiding civilians and if
he dislikes them uses them as clay pigeons.

I am not pressing for a crime report and it will not do any good to
have further discussions, you know better than me who is who.

This is sufficient information and i don't have anymore.

We will do our best to leave the country and we do not want this gang
to keep stalking us and crippling us to keep us unemployed.

This is an off the record report please use your contacts to help
prevent further injury to us.

My friend does not know about this email and me mentioning that he
stayed one month in a darkened room drowsy because his eyes hurt, he
would not agree with my opinion that he sustained brain injury which
is my estimate from my personal experience, so please do not make any
contact that would distress him further, this way, if needed he can go
to his GP out of his own choice if he wants to, after all that
happened to me in Wishaw General.

If there is some authority that can help me stop this gang from
stalking me with their high tech surveillance equipment please let me
know asap, I will be grateful

Joanna Iatridou

From: Ioanna Iatridou
Date: Wed, 30 Dec 2009 19:27:43 +0000
Subject: To Paisley Police Station

my address is 77....  tel. 07....
Name Ioanna Iatridou, DoB ......

Perhaps your services know that in January 2009 I was living in KFB
village South Lanark and that I was scammed, that is attacked with
DEWs, directed energy weapons and sectioned for 2 months for being
distressed and complaining.

Last night December 29 , I was subjected to an electromagnetic torture
session from 1.00 am until 7.00 am this morning. It was not at life
threatening levels, but it was to train two new Greek trainees. One of
your secret services or some company around private security is using
me as clay pigeon to train new trainees in shooting through walls and
using through wall cameras.

The result was I had to sleep all day to recover and I still got
orthostatic syndrom and diminished eyesight.

Reply to me, to have a specific officers email to contact him/her IF I
get another torture session tonight. It will start late, like 1-2 am,
so some officer who is on duty then, to email him which buildings
around and its up to you to do what you can, in your own way.

Do not visit me as we will be a total joke, these teams got see
through wall cameras very high resolution. I do not need a crim number
or crime reported at this stage.

Just a contact i can email or text from y mobile from midnight
onwards, in case of another attack.


Joanna Iatridou

PS Since my release in April, this group or company has trained two
Scottish guys, two English women , two polish women and yesterday it
was two Greek guys. I will make inquiries , they got to train on each
other, not on civilian targets
and that was in many towns across the UK


Miscavige False Flag War against me by deception of Law Enforcement: Proof

This article is a genuine testimony that together with the harassment and death of Ken Ogger and together with the harassment and persecution of Koos Nolst Trenite and David Mayo is serious proof about a pattern of False Flag War by deception of law enforcement. Mayo was brutally treated by the Police by deception that he is a drugs cartel baron. Koos Trenite was sectioned and was suspect for his daughters murder again by deception.
Ken Ogger was raped and dragged in an atrocious manner and then murdered and filed by american law enforcement as suicide. All this corroborates,  together with the abuse described in 45 days in a hole.

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Why the secrecy about DEWs less-lethals use in Greenham Common?

Greenham Common peace protests started in 1981. Attacks with DEWs complaints were in 1984-85.The Police kept firm denial when t hey could say "yes we used DEWs, they are less brutal than tear gas canisters" we just want to incapacitate you for a 1-2 days to be exhausted as we don't want these large demonstrations.
In my estimate the Police allowed the occupation of Greenham Common to go on until 2000, in order to HIDE what can DEWs do. DEWs could force the protesters to abandon the place within a day! They cause excruciating pain and the fear of disability or death is realistic. But the Police opted not to show off what DEWs can do to 30.000 witnesses in one go, so it seems they tolerated the occupation to be able to keep DEWs as a secret range of weapons, this way it is easier to discredit complaints and deny unauthorised use against people in their homes. And a few dozen people attacked are less credible witnesses than a crowd of 30.000 in one go corroborating all the physical and health symptoms.This caused the belief that there is no Proof about DEWs attacks and that is NOT true at all.

IPCC ref 2007/002910 on Police Failure to record a complaint, JUSTICE WIN!

IPCC = Independent Police Complaints Commission (UK)
IPCC Assessment of Failure To Notify Or Record A Complaint Appeal


      IPCC Reference:


      Name of complainant:

    Mr Elad Shetreet

      Name of solicitor / agent (if any):

    Not Applicable

      Name of force:

    Metropolitan Police

      Date of complaint:

    24th February 2007

      Date of force decision:

    10th April 2007

      Date appeal received:

    28th May 2009

      Casework Manager:

    Neil Jasper

1.  The complaint:

On 24th February 2007, Mr Elad Shetreet made a complaint to the Metropolitan Police in an e-mail.  He alleged that police officers had made fraudulent claims about him to Mental Health services, so that he would be sectioned and thus prevented from bringing a civil case against the Metropolitan Police.  Mr Shetreet stated that the police had falsely accused him of sexual harassment and convinced Mental Health services in Brent to section him.  He believed that the police arranged for him to be incarcerated for purely political reasons.
2.  The appeal (grounds given etc):

On 28th May 2009, Mr Shetreet wrote to the IPCC.  He stated that he had never received any response to the complaint that he had made in 2007 about the Metropolitan Police and FTAC (the Fixed Threat Assessment Centre).  Therefore, he lodged an appeal against the force for failing to respond to his complaint.


   1. Did the force / authority fail to make a decision?

The force or authority must make a decision whether they are the appropriate authority for the complaint within 10 days

The background documents that I have received from the Metropolitan Police show that they responded to Mr Shetreet’s complaint.  DI Glenn Tunstall wrote a letter to Mr Shetreet on 10th April 2007 to inform him that the police were not recording his complaint.

However, this letter was sent to the Park Royal Detention Centre.  Mr Shetreet was detained at this location on 24th February 2007, when he made his complaint.  However, the papers on our files reveal that he was released from the detention facility on 19th March 2007, following a decision from the UK Mental Health Tribunal.  Therefore, DI Tunstall’s letter was sent to the Park Royal Detention Centre after Mr Shetreet left it; he did not receive the response.

In the IPCC’s manuals, casework managers are advised to check whether forces have made reasonable efforts to contact a complainant at the correct address, considering, for example, whether the complainant may or may not be in custody at the time of attempted contact.

Therefore, I must conclude that the Metropolitan Police did not make a decision within ten days, and that decision was not communicated to Mr Shetreet.  The IPCC’s guidance states that, if a complainant is not informed about the non-recording of his complaint and his right of appeal, then his appeal will be in time no matter how much time has passed since the decision was made.  Therefore, I must conclude that this appeal is not out of time.

Summary Appeal Assessment: Upheld

   2. Did the force / authority fail to notify the appropriate authority?

If a complaint is made to an incorrect force or authority they are obliged to forward the matter onto the appropriate authority

Mr Elad Shetreet did not send his complaint to an incorrect force or authority.  Therefore, this ground of appeal does not apply to this case.

Summary Appeal Assessment: Not Upheld

   3. Should the matter raised have been recorded as a complaint?

As DI Tunstall stated in his letter of 10th April 2007, a public complaint is defined in the Police Reform Act and it is “any complaint about the conduct of a person serving with the police.  It may be about, for example, behaviour, inappropriate language, actions or omissions.”

However, I cannot agree with DI Tunstall’s view that clear allegations of misconduct cannot be identified in Mr Shetreet’s original complaint.  As the letter mentioned, Mr Shetreet was alleging that police officers had made fraudulent claims about Mr Shetreet to Mental Health services; this is a complaint about the actions of people serving with the police.

DI Tunstall may have investigated this allegation and found that the evidence did not support it, but that would be a reason not to substantiate the matter. Complaints should be recorded on the basis of what is being alleged, rather than whether the evidence supports the claim.

As a result, I must conclude that Mr Shetreet’s complaint should have been recorded.

Summary Appeal Assessment: Upheld

   4. Has the complainant raised any points outside what the IPCC can consider?

If any points have been raised which are outside of the appeal, they should be acknowledged here.


On the basis of this assessment I have decided to uphold the appeal.


As a result of my conclusions above, I must direct that the Metropolitan Police should record Mr Shetreet’s complaint of 24th February 2007, and reply to the complaint, sending any letter to Mr Shetreet’s current address.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Chicken-Rambos are crossing the line with the Home Office and not me

The Home Office has a database with a complete list of all directed energy weapons , DEWs, all viarieties of high tech less-lethal systems and weaponry. They keep this database confidential and only give access to serious research organisations and nobody else, not private individuals.

But the Chicken-Rambos who get hold of electromagnetic weapons in the line of "safer communities" and "working together against crime" as an excuse, have lifted the lid to a HUGE range of these weapons all across the UK.

The Chicken-Rambos insist on using heavy- big electromagnetic weapons, which are grounded in TV antennas or with a long cable with metallic weight grounding the weapon down the kitchen drain and sink, or boosted with phials of gas pumps that blast the target like a thunder bold and can kill him with heart attack in his own home and do they use all this for "crime prevention and detection?"
No they use it just to WANK, for gratification, GRATIFICATION AND REVENGE.
The Home Office should be aware that personal dosimetry watts-per kilo weight and a more specific RIPA legislation and less-lethal DEWs gun crime legislation will be needed urgently, because the chicken -Rambos will be getting more of these weapons from the black markets too.

Some USA states got jail penalties up to 15 years for this type of DEWs abusive attacks.

There must be BEASTLY HEINOUS ALLEGATIONS databased against me to make Law Enforcement actually tolerate the Pakistani stalker and the Greeks, Polish, Middle-East etc who are stalking me and harassing me getting money from TWO sides at least to target me.

For sure there are false data fed to the Law Enforcement against me many years now and SARs have already been sent, both to Scottish and London Police Forces.

Safety "scheme"? Neighborhood Watch? Safer neighborhood "scheme"?

Social reactions indicate that the "gang" doing directed intrusive surveillance on me,are legitimate: when the Pakistani stalker (his identity protected by Police and Local Councils 2003-2010) was saying "I will burn her if she gets a job to earn money" this was totally accepted by my neighbours, so his criminal intent was seen to be Law Enforcement sanctioned and sponsored. The stalker had been protected and bragging for years that he will set me up, burn me etc and always getting social approval therefore he was allowed to abuse his "safety scheme" capacity. He was no Police Officer or Secret Agent, but even being part of a "crime prevention group" is enough in Scotland and England to authorise extrajudicial torture and killing of a databased target. This gives Law Enforcement a bad image and its not my fault it is this Pakistani stalkers fault and the Greeks who are stalking me now, among others. They insist to make their criminality look as Police approved and sponsored, so they believe they got rights to do extra judicial torture, killing, or enforced dissapearance and having copy keys to the targets home and high tech cameras plus making the target look like a criminal beast to get complicity make it easy.
 Its not me vilifying the Local Police or Law Enforcement, its the manner and attitude of these power hungry "safety scheme posers" who may also be getting a second paycheck as free lance torturers and free lance hit men as a side line to their great "safety and crime prevention detection cooperation", when they say "working closely with the Police" that means moving in directed energy weapons upstairs or next door from a target because they got erectile disfunction, they use the weapons and the electronic harassment late night, not to stop any crime, but to WANK. This is the new generation of chicken-Rambos, because as soon as I stared at them and identified soem of them in the street they texted a Police Constable patrol to come over.

Saturday, 12 June 2010

What failings at Greenham Common in 84-85 led to Electronic Harassment?

Greenham Common was a place of large scale peace protests that started in 1981 and around the years 1984 and 1985 many of the protesters became ill and exhausted and their symptoms as well as technical equipment measurements showed that they had been  attacked with electromagnetic weapons, DEWs.

The failing, the critical ommission next was that nobody realized  that Watt per Kilo personal dosimetry could establish tangible and accurate proof about these attacks, because these energies stick in the flesh and organs and are really hard to shift, wash away and decontaminate, it takes days, so the residue from DEWs attacks could be detected, because it would raise the normal quantity of stored in the body electricity from Joules and Kilojoules to one Watt or more per kilo.

Failing to find out that personal dosimetry for non-ionizing radiation was feasible and that it was a fundamental right of citizens especially in the early days of DEWs for public order, this crucial knowledge gap, created the foundation to "BLUFF" that "THERE IS NO PROOF OF DEWs ATTACKS" a rather flimsy and weak PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY caused 26 years denials and tremendous distress and health damage to countless targets.
So, I begin to think that if the Department of Health in the UK and the Health and Safety Commission which existed since 1974 had supplied guidance and infrastracture to the NHS and the Mental Health Board, to offer personal dosimetry checks, the GPs and the Psychiatrist were coing to be compliant and the public health would be fair and genuine.

That failing to offer personal dosimetry to the Greenham Common protesters-targets was the beginning of a 26 year long lie and total bluff.
That omission, that failing for which the main three to blame were to my knowledge  
the Department of Health in the UK and the Health and Safety Commission and the World Health Organization at the top, all three of them had the knowledge and ability to offer Watt per kilo detection of DEWs residue.

Based on that failing in Greenham Common the BLUFF "there is no proof!" was used against me in 2009 and on countless others to get sectioned and illegally detained and a narrow escape from death.

The blacklist network of Authorities plus RIPA, article 19 subsection 4 unauthorised disclosure offense plus any database slander can make Police plus NHS plus Ambulance to stick together and do extra-judicial torture, incapacitation or killing any time they want and get away with it. Once Police and NHS agree to exterminate a target it is unlikely the target will escape this unfair fate. They got too much power together.
But if personal dosimetry watts per kilo  had been accessible 26 years now, the opportunity to kill or incapacitate with DEWs would be extremely limited. Less opportunity = less crime.
On the basis of probability I do wonder how important is the connection and protection of the criminal gang who harass me with law Enforcement? They are loud, they are malicious they are being paid and equipped with high tech ten years now, they are not "secret agents'  they too loud and this ten year bold and loud attack against me means that they are bold because they got a) a DATABASED slander against me b) some Law enforcement specific person against me. 3) Probability says that their protection is high rank and "shy" while the criminal gang sure got all people and authorities around me convinced that their crimes against me are LEGITIMATE.

Non-ionizing Radiation; Watt per Kilo personal dosimetry detects DEWs attacks

Non-ionizing Radiation; Watt per Kilo personal dosimetry detects DEWs attacks
All the different electromagnetic  frequencies change into electricity storage in the flesh once the target is hit by DEWs. Therefore the detection of an attack with DEWs is a simple personal dosimetry in non-ionizing radiation. Normally, a person exposed to usual conditions has electricity stored in Joules or Kilojoules. But, when a target has been attacked with DEWs this electricity quantity stored goes up and approaches or exceeds one Watt per kilo, which increase guarantees that the target will get into serious health complications.
Which Organizations are relevant with personal dosimetry of non-ionizing radiation and health and safety from electromagnetic EMF and ELF harmful frequencies:
There is a number of them :
The HPA Health Protection Agency, look up their website, started in 2003 and there is a tab on their website about a limited range of advice they offer on this subject.
Other Organizations  that could put in place infrastructure for public access to personal dosimetry and make it easier and simpler than a blood test:
If Targeted Individuals campaign for the following goals:
  1. 15 years jail term to anybody caught using a Directed Energy Weapon, no matter if it is small and disguised like a mobile. Same penalty for anybody converting electricity/power supply or mobile phones or other electrical at home or in public places into directed energy weapons. Then the matter of DEWs goes under Gun Crime regulations.
  2.  For DEWs to be used for anti-riot anti personnel as public order weapons the Health protection Agency and other Organizations can point out what are the limits of exposure in terms of other measurements that include how long in time and at what intensity is the exposure.
Those TIs who want to do their homework where to get personal dosimetry and health and safety, please google :  non-ionizing radiation regulations
There is plenty of material that leads to rational and applicable health and safety precautions.
The campaign should be to include DEWs into gun crime as they are not being used for anti-riot but targeting ordinary people at home which has abolished their Human Rights and to make it a fundamental right to get access to accurate and easy to obtain personal dosimetry watt per kilo in case of suspicions of attacks with harmful frequencies. That’s all as simple as that.

Jesus was a pedophile? MacAskill is a pedophile?

I came to Scotland in 2008 hoping  the harassment I had in London would stop.
I don’t know the Scottish affairs, I read in passing, reading about George Farquhar that he considered MacAskill  the Secretary of Justice to be a pedophile in a ring.
From my Scientology background I know this:
L Ron Hubbard had stated that Jesus had never existed and then he went on to contradict himself that Jesus had been a pedophile. Those who study Scientology in detail will establish that indeed L Ron Hubbard was the Antichrist during his latest human life and that he stated that Jesus did not exist to point to St John’s Gospel, where it is written that the Antichrist will be the guy who insists that Jesus had never existed. Hubbard went on to state that Jesus was a pedophile, to educate society that the origin of sexual slander and muck racking is the Antichrist and the Satanic Council.
The Satanic Council method of character assassination by sexual slander is a commonplace method and it sticks. It’s not my fault if MacAskill was attacked this way and it is not his fault that I was attacked in the same manner, ten years now, that I was a “secret hooker” who escaped detection.
The bottom line is that the human mind is suspicious and what the majority thinks is “How do I know Joanna is not a whore? You never know” and any target of this type of slander runs the same risk of deep suspicions.
However in my case the sexual slander had been databased, so it was disseminated electronically to ALL Authorities in the blacklist and many more groups than those on the list, like safety neighborhood schemes,  local Churches and small shops near my home as well as to all petty criminal networks.
That’s where  the similarity ends between me and  MacAskill because he had been slandered with a different system which did not affect his social status and I am dealing with covert abuse of the National Intelligence Management  and multiple databases and data controllers and applying  to obtain disclosure with SARs= Subject Access Requests, so as to stop in future heinous slander being attached to my Passport when I go abroad. That’s the whole preoccupation, because suspects of being undetected criminals got less human rights and worse treatment than tried and convicted criminals.
The point is I need to spend around 200-300 GBP submitting SARs to many Councils and Local Police and other authorities as I am in the UK since 1992, that’s a long time and many changes of address and I need to get the full records of what data is being trafficked behind my back, or if I miss it, this hidden communication and hidden data system  will be introducing insane social interference  in my life and causing me troubles and obstacles.
The “WATCH OUT THE WHORE!” alarm is to support a team of criminals who exploit me with intrusive surveillance equipment to record, edit and sell my personal life as ridicule, degradation and helps them create a consensus of hatred and prejudice so that I can get crippled or killed without any protests , the hate campaign is intended to make legitimate the exploitation of my personal life and a future imprisonment, torture or assassination.