Wednesday, 30 June 2010

If torture complaints get fact checked ONLY by Police they will go unpunished

That's because of Police , Law Enforcement FRUSTRATION re. crime. Because they cannot STOP crime as much as needed and as much as  they want to, they can go psychotic and carried away by DISSOCIATED HATE: that is, any informant CHIS can manipulate the Police desire for detection and stopping crime and use their hate for crime stereotypes such as secret hooker escaping detection, or child trafficker escaping detection or drugs baron escaping detection to crusify Jesus between two robbers. Judas Iscariot was just a crafty CHIS who understood and manipulated the Police procedure and mentality of his time, he is modern.

Now after about ten days torture inside Wishaw General, nurse personnel went to the A&E ward upstairs and demanded that the torture squad from London that was based there for the torture operation against me go away. The squad refused and tortured me for 50 days causing serious cardio damage and brain injuries that I repaired after release. BUT if the mental ward personnel was not 100% sure that this is local Police protected torture, all they had to do was call the Police to seize their electronic weapons and Masers for proof and arrest them. Therefore if Wishaw was sure this is Police protected torture and there is nothing more they can do to stop it, how can I get the slightest hope or reassurance that Strathclyde Police will indeed be unbiased, catch the torturers and prosecute them?

But indeed the Police could not only catch  the torture squad from London who claim to be higher rank than the Scottish Police but alse stop all electronic torture in future. Simply arrange with the HPA, Health Protection Agency Glasgow branch, to measure any target of DEWs to check watts per kilo, its a clear yes or no about attacks as all DEWs change into electricity storage in the flesh plus monitor with dosimetry badges future exposure of targets and measure the exposure on the dosimetry badge 12 weeks each time.
So Police can stop torture, punish the torture squad and protect all public together with HPA EASILY.

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