Saturday, 12 June 2010

What failings at Greenham Common in 84-85 led to Electronic Harassment?

Greenham Common was a place of large scale peace protests that started in 1981 and around the years 1984 and 1985 many of the protesters became ill and exhausted and their symptoms as well as technical equipment measurements showed that they had been  attacked with electromagnetic weapons, DEWs.

The failing, the critical ommission next was that nobody realized  that Watt per Kilo personal dosimetry could establish tangible and accurate proof about these attacks, because these energies stick in the flesh and organs and are really hard to shift, wash away and decontaminate, it takes days, so the residue from DEWs attacks could be detected, because it would raise the normal quantity of stored in the body electricity from Joules and Kilojoules to one Watt or more per kilo.

Failing to find out that personal dosimetry for non-ionizing radiation was feasible and that it was a fundamental right of citizens especially in the early days of DEWs for public order, this crucial knowledge gap, created the foundation to "BLUFF" that "THERE IS NO PROOF OF DEWs ATTACKS" a rather flimsy and weak PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY caused 26 years denials and tremendous distress and health damage to countless targets.
So, I begin to think that if the Department of Health in the UK and the Health and Safety Commission which existed since 1974 had supplied guidance and infrastracture to the NHS and the Mental Health Board, to offer personal dosimetry checks, the GPs and the Psychiatrist were coing to be compliant and the public health would be fair and genuine.

That failing to offer personal dosimetry to the Greenham Common protesters-targets was the beginning of a 26 year long lie and total bluff.
That omission, that failing for which the main three to blame were to my knowledge  
the Department of Health in the UK and the Health and Safety Commission and the World Health Organization at the top, all three of them had the knowledge and ability to offer Watt per kilo detection of DEWs residue.

Based on that failing in Greenham Common the BLUFF "there is no proof!" was used against me in 2009 and on countless others to get sectioned and illegally detained and a narrow escape from death.

The blacklist network of Authorities plus RIPA, article 19 subsection 4 unauthorised disclosure offense plus any database slander can make Police plus NHS plus Ambulance to stick together and do extra-judicial torture, incapacitation or killing any time they want and get away with it. Once Police and NHS agree to exterminate a target it is unlikely the target will escape this unfair fate. They got too much power together.
But if personal dosimetry watts per kilo  had been accessible 26 years now, the opportunity to kill or incapacitate with DEWs would be extremely limited. Less opportunity = less crime.
On the basis of probability I do wonder how important is the connection and protection of the criminal gang who harass me with law Enforcement? They are loud, they are malicious they are being paid and equipped with high tech ten years now, they are not "secret agents'  they too loud and this ten year bold and loud attack against me means that they are bold because they got a) a DATABASED slander against me b) some Law enforcement specific person against me. 3) Probability says that their protection is high rank and "shy" while the criminal gang sure got all people and authorities around me convinced that their crimes against me are LEGITIMATE.

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Joanna Iatridou said...

Social reactions indicate that the "gang" doing directed intrusive surveillance on me,are legitimate: when the PaKistani stalker was saying "I will burn her if she gets a job to earn money" this was totally accepted by my neighbours, so his criminal intent was seen to be Law Enforcement sanctioned and sponsored. The stalker had been protected and bragging for years that he will set me up, burn me etc and always getting social approval therefore he was allowed to abuse his "safety scheme" capacity. He was no Police Officer or Secret Agent, but even being part of a "crime prevention group" is enough in Scotland and England to authorise extrajudicial torture and killing of a databased target. This gives Law Enforcement a bad image and its not my fault it is this Pakistani stalkers fault and the Greeks who are stalking me now, among others. They insist to make their criminality look as Police approved and sponsored,so they believe they got rights to do extra judicial torture, killing, or enforced dissapearance and having copy keys to the targets home and high tech cameras make it easy.