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Non-ionizing Radiation; Watt per Kilo personal dosimetry detects DEWs attacks

Non-ionizing Radiation; Watt per Kilo personal dosimetry detects DEWs attacks
All the different electromagnetic  frequencies change into electricity storage in the flesh once the target is hit by DEWs. Therefore the detection of an attack with DEWs is a simple personal dosimetry in non-ionizing radiation. Normally, a person exposed to usual conditions has electricity stored in Joules or Kilojoules. But, when a target has been attacked with DEWs this electricity quantity stored goes up and approaches or exceeds one Watt per kilo, which increase guarantees that the target will get into serious health complications.
Which Organizations are relevant with personal dosimetry of non-ionizing radiation and health and safety from electromagnetic EMF and ELF harmful frequencies:
There is a number of them :
The HPA Health Protection Agency, look up their website, started in 2003 and there is a tab on their website about a limited range of advice they offer on this subject.
Other Organizations  that could put in place infrastructure for public access to personal dosimetry and make it easier and simpler than a blood test:
If Targeted Individuals campaign for the following goals:
  1. 15 years jail term to anybody caught using a Directed Energy Weapon, no matter if it is small and disguised like a mobile. Same penalty for anybody converting electricity/power supply or mobile phones or other electrical at home or in public places into directed energy weapons. Then the matter of DEWs goes under Gun Crime regulations.
  2.  For DEWs to be used for anti-riot anti personnel as public order weapons the Health protection Agency and other Organizations can point out what are the limits of exposure in terms of other measurements that include how long in time and at what intensity is the exposure.
Those TIs who want to do their homework where to get personal dosimetry and health and safety, please google :  non-ionizing radiation regulations
There is plenty of material that leads to rational and applicable health and safety precautions.
The campaign should be to include DEWs into gun crime as they are not being used for anti-riot but targeting ordinary people at home which has abolished their Human Rights and to make it a fundamental right to get access to accurate and easy to obtain personal dosimetry watt per kilo in case of suspicions of attacks with harmful frequencies. That’s all as simple as that.

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