Saturday, 12 June 2010

Jesus was a pedophile? MacAskill is a pedophile?

I came to Scotland in 2008 hoping  the harassment I had in London would stop.
I don’t know the Scottish affairs, I read in passing, reading about George Farquhar that he considered MacAskill  the Secretary of Justice to be a pedophile in a ring.
From my Scientology background I know this:
L Ron Hubbard had stated that Jesus had never existed and then he went on to contradict himself that Jesus had been a pedophile. Those who study Scientology in detail will establish that indeed L Ron Hubbard was the Antichrist during his latest human life and that he stated that Jesus did not exist to point to St John’s Gospel, where it is written that the Antichrist will be the guy who insists that Jesus had never existed. Hubbard went on to state that Jesus was a pedophile, to educate society that the origin of sexual slander and muck racking is the Antichrist and the Satanic Council.
The Satanic Council method of character assassination by sexual slander is a commonplace method and it sticks. It’s not my fault if MacAskill was attacked this way and it is not his fault that I was attacked in the same manner, ten years now, that I was a “secret hooker” who escaped detection.
The bottom line is that the human mind is suspicious and what the majority thinks is “How do I know Joanna is not a whore? You never know” and any target of this type of slander runs the same risk of deep suspicions.
However in my case the sexual slander had been databased, so it was disseminated electronically to ALL Authorities in the blacklist and many more groups than those on the list, like safety neighborhood schemes,  local Churches and small shops near my home as well as to all petty criminal networks.
That’s where  the similarity ends between me and  MacAskill because he had been slandered with a different system which did not affect his social status and I am dealing with covert abuse of the National Intelligence Management  and multiple databases and data controllers and applying  to obtain disclosure with SARs= Subject Access Requests, so as to stop in future heinous slander being attached to my Passport when I go abroad. That’s the whole preoccupation, because suspects of being undetected criminals got less human rights and worse treatment than tried and convicted criminals.
The point is I need to spend around 200-300 GBP submitting SARs to many Councils and Local Police and other authorities as I am in the UK since 1992, that’s a long time and many changes of address and I need to get the full records of what data is being trafficked behind my back, or if I miss it, this hidden communication and hidden data system  will be introducing insane social interference  in my life and causing me troubles and obstacles.
The “WATCH OUT THE WHORE!” alarm is to support a team of criminals who exploit me with intrusive surveillance equipment to record, edit and sell my personal life as ridicule, degradation and helps them create a consensus of hatred and prejudice so that I can get crippled or killed without any protests , the hate campaign is intended to make legitimate the exploitation of my personal life and a future imprisonment, torture or assassination.

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