Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Safety "scheme"? Neighborhood Watch? Safer neighborhood "scheme"?

Social reactions indicate that the "gang" doing directed intrusive surveillance on me,are legitimate: when the Pakistani stalker (his identity protected by Police and Local Councils 2003-2010) was saying "I will burn her if she gets a job to earn money" this was totally accepted by my neighbours, so his criminal intent was seen to be Law Enforcement sanctioned and sponsored. The stalker had been protected and bragging for years that he will set me up, burn me etc and always getting social approval therefore he was allowed to abuse his "safety scheme" capacity. He was no Police Officer or Secret Agent, but even being part of a "crime prevention group" is enough in Scotland and England to authorise extrajudicial torture and killing of a databased target. This gives Law Enforcement a bad image and its not my fault it is this Pakistani stalkers fault and the Greeks who are stalking me now, among others. They insist to make their criminality look as Police approved and sponsored, so they believe they got rights to do extra judicial torture, killing, or enforced dissapearance and having copy keys to the targets home and high tech cameras plus making the target look like a criminal beast to get complicity make it easy.
 Its not me vilifying the Local Police or Law Enforcement, its the manner and attitude of these power hungry "safety scheme posers" who may also be getting a second paycheck as free lance torturers and free lance hit men as a side line to their great "safety and crime prevention detection cooperation", when they say "working closely with the Police" that means moving in directed energy weapons upstairs or next door from a target because they got erectile disfunction, they use the weapons and the electronic harassment late night, not to stop any crime, but to WANK. This is the new generation of chicken-Rambos, because as soon as I stared at them and identified soem of them in the street they texted a Police Constable patrol to come over.

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