Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Chicken-Rambos are crossing the line with the Home Office and not me

The Home Office has a database with a complete list of all directed energy weapons , DEWs, all viarieties of high tech less-lethal systems and weaponry. They keep this database confidential and only give access to serious research organisations and nobody else, not private individuals.

But the Chicken-Rambos who get hold of electromagnetic weapons in the line of "safer communities" and "working together against crime" as an excuse, have lifted the lid to a HUGE range of these weapons all across the UK.

The Chicken-Rambos insist on using heavy- big electromagnetic weapons, which are grounded in TV antennas or with a long cable with metallic weight grounding the weapon down the kitchen drain and sink, or boosted with phials of gas pumps that blast the target like a thunder bold and can kill him with heart attack in his own home and do they use all this for "crime prevention and detection?"
No they use it just to WANK, for gratification, GRATIFICATION AND REVENGE.
The Home Office should be aware that personal dosimetry watts-per kilo weight and a more specific RIPA legislation and less-lethal DEWs gun crime legislation will be needed urgently, because the chicken -Rambos will be getting more of these weapons from the black markets too.

Some USA states got jail penalties up to 15 years for this type of DEWs abusive attacks.

There must be BEASTLY HEINOUS ALLEGATIONS databased against me to make Law Enforcement actually tolerate the Pakistani stalker and the Greeks, Polish, Middle-East etc who are stalking me and harassing me getting money from TWO sides at least to target me.

For sure there are false data fed to the Law Enforcement against me many years now and SARs have already been sent, both to Scottish and London Police Forces.

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