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Torture as PCT= Political Control Technology

The link is a video introducing torture as part of the Political Control Technology. General introduction to PCT in the first four minutes and camera alteration by microwave attacks as evidence of DEWs Directed Energy Attacks Weapons after the fourth minute.

The main new torture and incapacitation technologies are:
a) Not just RFID, but EDIBLE MICROCHIPS, the size of ONE GRAIN OF SALT OR SUGAR. Microchips are receivers trasmitters and can send to the targets brain extreme pain to land him in Hospital incapacitated and misdiagnosed.
b) DEWs are Directed Energy Weapons that are electromagnetic in frequency and change the electrocity storage of the body.
EXAMPLE OF COMBINED ATTACK of Microchip technology plus DEWs would be to destroy the ovaries of a woman using DEWs, in painless but damaging to the ovaries frequencies , then transmit to her excruciating pain via a microchip or shoot her with stronger DEWs on the ovaries. All this would destroy her reproductive system and fertility and it is being done, but I did not attract any interest or support. This t ype of attack was done on me to cause me a benign tumour the size of a golf ball, but I am not interested to have children. I am astonished that Amnesty International, Solicitors, MPs etc are giving me the cold shoulder.

On youtube there is another series of mobile video clips recording Directed Energy attacks

Because computers and trained personnel are needed to scan targets for edible microchips and a computetional dosimetry operator and computer to locate and measure non-ionizing radiation deposits on arms , legs, head after DEWs attacks at home from upstairs and next door buildings, there is instigation, and complicity to electronic torture spreading like disease throught the world and including a 2% of malicious officials in each and every organisation. One bad apple spoils the barrel and from the complicit sniggering I watched the complicity to torture and conspiring to torture epidemic is spreading.

The solution was and remains simple: 1. scan  targets for microchips 2. Scan them with computational dosimetry for DEWs attacks including microwave, EMF,ELF  3. Do a watt per kilo weight measurement of electricity storage in the body, if normal levels or not.

Below is american information about legal loopholes and I quote from this link

The Initial Report of the United States of America to the UN Committee Against Torture, submitted four years late, reflects the "understandings" imposed by the US Senate in its ratification of the Convention. These provide a very convenient loophole for certain forms of torture and state terrorism. The Clinton Administration's justification for these "understandings" is posted in Part II of the Report, from which I quote here.

"U.S. Understandings. In order to clarify the meaning of `torture' and to delineate the scope of application of the Convention with the greater precision required under U.S. domestic law, the United States conditioned its ratification upon several understandings related to Article 1. ..."

[JH Graf's comment: Greater precision, or deliberate evasion and obfuscation?]

"a. ... assessment of mental pain and suffering can be a very subjective undertaking. There was some concern within the U.S. criminal justice community that in this respect the Convention's definition regrettably fell short of the constitutionally required precision for defining criminal offenses. To provide the requisite clarity for purposes of domestic law, the United States therefore conditioned its ratification upon an understanding that, in order to constitute torture, an act must be specifically intended to inflict severe physical or mental pain or suffering and that mental pain or suffering refers to prolonged mental harm caused by or resulting from:

(1) the intentional infliction or threatened infliction of severe physical pain or suffering;

(2) the administration or application, or threatened administration or application, of mind-altering substances or other procedures calculated to disrupt profoundly the senses or the personality;

(3) the threat of imminent death; or

(4) the threat that another person will imminently be subjected to death, severe physical pain or suffering, or the administration or application of mind-altering substances or other procedures calculated to disrupt profoundly the senses or the personality."

[JH Graf's comment: This excludes from the definition of mental torture the deliberate exploitation of the victim's anxieties or phobias. It also excludes such mental terrorism as the torture of animals and intense, frequent, malicious, organized interference with computers.]

"b. For similar reasons of clarity and specificity, United States adherence was conditioned on the understanding that the definition of `torture' in Article 1 is intended to apply `only to acts directed against persons in the offender's custody or physical control' in order to clarify the relationship of the Convention to normal military and law enforcement operations."

[JH Graf's comment: This excludes all torture inflicted on persons not in custody, such as that involving terrorism and the use of electromagnetic or bio-chemical weapons. See "John Akwei vs. NSA" and "Marks of Torture."]

" ... d. The United States further stated its view that the term `acquiescence,' as used in Article 1, requires that a `public official, prior to the activity constituting torture, have awareness of such activity and thereafter breach his legal responsibility to intervene to prevent such activity.' The purpose of this condition was to make it clear that both actual knowledge and `willful blindness' fall within the definition of `acquiescence' in Article 1."

[JH Graf's comment: This conveniently limits the definition of "acquiescence" to circumstances involving prior knowledge, thus excusing Presidents George W. Bush, William J. Clinton, and George H.W. Bush, for instance, of responsibility for programs and actions begun under President Reagan, even if they had knowledge of them and did nothing to stop them.]

Torture by means of electromagnetic weapons, bio-chemical weapons, and organized terrorism frequently occurs outside the bounds of physical custody. Its victims usually cannot identify the perpetrators, may not even understand the nature of their experiences, may consider themselves mentally ill or be regarded as such by others. Amnesty International is not interested in such victims because we are not in prison cells.

Other non-governmental organizations likewise turn their backs. Advocates can "handle" such abuses as electric shock, mutilation, rape, and other physical attacks. These are graphic, documentable, attributable to particular individuals in particular places. State terrorism and mental torture, however, are inflicted from a distance, through surreptitious intrusion by nameless, faceless perpetrators using classified technologies and bio-chemical weapons. These abuses are hard to document, hard to prove, easy to rationalize as symptoms of mental disorder. We victims are routinely ignored, disbelieved, dismissed. Thus, society at large makes itself an accomplice to the torture.

America's torture agenda threatens everyone.

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Expert/independent evidence of torture

Complaints about attacks with DEWs and other electronic assault systems like microchips, audio-harassment, ELFs, infra-sound, lasers, microwa ves  etc are nothing new, in the USA there were thousands of complaints in the past 20 years and huge military research. To present and analyze all the American military research I had  to read would be a full time job. There was a private investigator as well, with about 3.000 clients with this type of complaints and his first goal was to establish how many were mentally ill. The percentage  of genuine attacks in 3.000 cases, regardless if the clients can name correctly each type of technology was 98% and the percentage of some mental disorder generating these complaints was only 2%. This collapses totally the fantasy of the security forces in the UK which spread in the NHS the Police and the local Councils  the implicit confidence that they can propagate torture and complicity to torture and injury by sectioning the targets. This practice which remains predominant attitude made the targets keep secrecy and just attribute all their ailments to “stress” or blame it on problems at work. The targets tolerance of torture to stay out of trouble from getting sectioned means that for the last 15 years at least, each  target has been a clay-pigeon to be shot, brain injured and body disfigured or distorted and incapacitated to at least TWENTY  new trainees per year. WHO-WHICH department trains all these high technology henchmen? That’s why I insist and place FOIs about torture cases I find on the net and are genuine from my personal experience, because each one of them, including me, were exploited to rehearse and consolidate complicity to torture and better secrecy and conspiracy to procure and proliferate torture and gratuitous incapacitation.
Who is liable for prosecution under Section 134 of the Criminal Justice Act 1988?
My estimate is that 2% in the MoD, ACPO,HSE,HPA, Ministry of Health, Home Office, NHS management, Ministry of Justice, Courts, IPT, Supreme Court, Human Rights Charities, Mental Health Charities, Local Council management and administration, community safety groups, NRPB, Royal College of Psychiatrists, NPIA and  also two per cent of the International Red Cross, Amnesty International , Medical Research groups and Foundations and two per cent among journalists and media opinion leaders as well as two per cent of politicians are complicit and obstruct the rest potentially decent 98% in their sector/industry/department, along with many other organizations, too many to mention in one go, and are intentionally aiding , abetting and procuring torture, TWO PER CENT IN EACH ONE OF THESE ORGANISATIONS AND MINISTRIES and unless there is  a presentation of the existing but unknown   research from across the Western world at least and investigations, identification and prosecution of this     TWO PER CENT in each department instrumental in the propagation of high technology torture in the UK, this will contaminate the rest of the 98% as people do not want to “rock the boat” and turn a “blind eye” to chase their personal affairs and personal priorities. Worse than Nazi as Mental Health Tribunals, Secret Ser vices and others are exempt from the Freedom of Information Act, as for the Mental Welfare Commission and others, they just don’t keep records of those practices they want to keep hidden, so the complicity is far worse than the Nazi society.
 Apart from the 3.000 clients that were being attacked there are other groups in the US and Canada that gathered a lot of experience and inside knowledge on these high technology types of assault. Of course I wish I was employed as a full time job to gather all this in one clear picture tapestry, but due to lack of opportunity or support here is what I can summarize regarding evidence of torture and the fraudulent lack of it in the UK:

Section 134 of the Criminal Justice Act 1988 makes torture an offence anywhere in the world. The offence may either be committed by a public official or someone acting in an official capacity, or by someone else acting at the instigation of or with the consent or acquiescence of a public official or someone acting in an official capacity. It follows that aiding, abetting, counseling or procuring torture anywhere in the world or conspiring to do so are also offences under British law.
……but…a target of torture has to present  expert/independent evidence of torture.

Now in the FOI (Freedom of Information Act website) www.whatdotheyknow.comType my name in the site’s search-box correctly:  Joanna Iatridou and read my FOIs, 73 approx
I made inquiries about a number of torture cases because these targets published descriptions of their torture on the internet, after failing to get sufficient proof that can stand in Court and after failing to stop torture or get help from any humanitarian organization or charity.
( What I know as a Scientologist since 1975 from the book Dianetics is that physical injury and pain reduce the analytical capacity and the IQ performance of the target therefore, the target is likely to make mistakes because he will think in a stimulus-reflex mode, that once injured, a target will be immediately less intelligent than normal to escape torture and oppression. To me as a Scientologist, it is rather suspicious that the Bishop of Lourdes was seriously ill in Hospital in 2007-2008 before the Bernadette Soubirous  Jubilee of 150 years celebration in Lourdes and that, most likely, if a criminal personality in a High Rank position wants to knock out/incapacitate a target all they got to do is sprinkle some edible microchips on his food, they are so small they fit 5 in one dot (.) this size and then send him extreme pain from a laptop and land him in Hospital where his brain can be “off the record” lasered with high frequency high penetration lasers and diminish his normal capacity and independence and self-confidence. The target will not notice such interference and now we come back on the subject of independent  or expert evidence of torture.

Why did I do the FOI about Marina Llewellyn Findlay torture case?
First of all she was not once scanned for microchips, the question is that comes up: is the NHS stupid or instructed to be stupid?(or just complicit to torture by microchip?) The rape-satanism she describes is at least 80% microchip transmissions, if the microchip had been located and disposed of she would not get this obnoxious material transmitted to her brain and  fixating her mind/attention on it.
Second, her most on the spot writings in my estimate are:

and I quote: “My enemies got violent and gave me bone disease in my arms leading to deformity and fractures. They were trying to get metal screws put in my arms or have my arms amputated altogether. I avoided going to a hospital which would have done that for them. They would have permanently damaged my arms or amputated them. I went to a mental hospital as a last resort and had my arms strengthened by New Medical Technology. I have reinforced bones in my arms. My arms don’t look too pretty but they are reinforced and work perfectly. My elbows are slightly deformed to make them look like they belong to a mentally disabled person but my arms are alright presently and I’m better to have my arms than to have them amputated or to have metal screwed through them.”
So, this was written before 2003, already squads of trained Electromagnetic weapons operators could settle down upstairs from her room in the Mental Ward , it was already practice in Scottish mental Hospitals and if the HPA, Health Protection Agency and the HSE got complicity to torture because the breaking down of her elbows and arms was done with DEWs,=non-ionizing radiation interference and if her arms and body had been scanned with computational dosimetry as according to the NRPB National Radiological Protection Board the COMPUTER and NOT a GP or psychiatrist would locate deposits of non-ionizing radiation on her arms and bone and joint modification because of interference with electromagnetic frequencies. Why I got interested in this passage? Because I got hit on the head with Masers (Microwave+laser weapons) when I got out of Wishaw General and I was staying in Edinburgh and these hits, which are hitting and causing equal pain with a cricket bat or a baseball bat without breaking the skull, so my brain went into a shock, stopped producing the chemicals to maintain the joints in the knees and one day the bones of my knees popped out of their sockets and I called the Medical Centre needing a stretcher or a wheelchair and carer to get out of home and go for an X-ray to my knees.) During the next three days the DEWs operators from upstairs put me under narcotic frequencies to sleep and changed the frequency exposure and repaired the joints/tissue damage so four days later I could stand up and drag my suitcase to go to a charity for targets like me in Hampshire where I met other targets and watched how the “system” works on them.
So, I know first hand that not only elbow joints can be disintegrated like Marina described back before 2003, but a target will need a stretcher if the same disintegration gets done on his knee joints. Freakish torture, no-doubt and well rehearsed inside Scottish NHS, Mental Wards etc.

Of course the Ministry of Health imagines , as they wrote back to me, that I can write to my GP and  to the HPA in Glasgow and arrange for computational dosimetry with their non-ionizing radiation department. I tried it and found out that the staff there assist with their expertise ONLY contamination during employment, NOT damage from weapons of non-ionizing radiation range. Therefore the expert evidence of torture has already been blocked by those security forces who abuse the capacity of DEWs to shoot through walls and ceilings, many years now.
The intentional omission by the HSE to organize computational dosimetry for non-ionizing radiation attack systems or weapons is complicity to torture.
The omission of the HSE to organize free public access to scanning for all types of microchips is complicity to torture.
The omission of the HSE to organize free public access to computerized brain imaging that can locate brain centers destroyed by high frequency lasers is complicity to brain tissue damage or brain mutilation.
HSE intentionally omitted all these detection access computers and supplied the foundation and the opportunity to all security forces in the UK and may be from abroad as well, to do torture. All these types of injury and torture can be detected and measured by special computers only and the Ministry of Defence MoD wanted this, read their answer to my FOI post traumatic stress from DEWs,

and compare it with the Strathclyde definition re torture in their answer.

“ Any allegation that an adult is at risk of harm, including anonymous reports, are taken seriously. Each case is considered with an open mind without assuming that harm has, or has not, occurred. The circumstances surrounding each individual case will determine the actions to be taken.”

 For your information, the Force’s Adult at Risk Policy can be accessed via the attached link

and I quote from their link:
“The protection of adults at risk and prevention and detection of adult abuse are fundamental and statutory responsibilities of Strathclyde Police and partner agencies.”
My own translation of this passage: “we know that the partner agency HSE has left deep holes in the detection of electronic and Dews torture, not just loopholes but deep holes as big as the abyss and all the deep oceans together and that we  are sitting on NRPB, and on the HPA to ensure none of their computers in the non-ionizing expertise departments supplies the material scientific proof of these attacks.”
I quote from the same link:
“The term ‘Adult at Risk’ is defined within the Adult Support and Protection (Scotland) Act 2007 as adults (aged 16 or over) who are unable to safeguard their own well-being, property, rights or other interests, are at risk of harm, and because they are affected by disability, mental disorder, illness or physical or mental infirmity, are more vulnerable to being harmed than adults who are not so affected.”
My translation of this definition passage: the only infirmity and disability and illness targets of DEWs and electronic or laser, maser, infrasound, and other non-impact weapons is that they were systematically betrayed by a conspiracy: the HSE intentional omission to organize and make known the use of computers for the expert evidence of torture with directed energy/EMF/ELF/Masers/Laser weapons as well as microchips is the CORNERSTONE where any MoD apprentice, or secret agent apprentice or may be Police personnel got impunity for torture as they are guaranteed to go undetected, plus the targets cannot run away after a while because they get weak cardio and weak central nervous system, so they just stay clear from Police indoctrinated GPs and NHS, sleep on the sofa no matter how much attack and tortured and say “if they kill me they kill me, that’s all” The targets I met and I communicate with, like Paolo Fiora etc are too depleted to run away or fight back and might not manage to read this text either due to overwhelm.
What do I mean when I say PTSD from DEWs in my FOI query to the MoD? I mean, last year I was blasted with a portable Raytheon ADS, luckily I did not collapse with cardiac arrest and this attack was to block my next days appointment with my local MSP to complain about DEWs attacks, so I wonder when I see Police cars following me, will I manage to see my local MSP now or when I go to the bus stop I will get blasted again and land in Hospital with a heart attack? Because this weapon is still used with impunity in urban areas of Scotland despite being a warzone or anti-riot weapon and the HPA has total refusal to do watt per kilo weight measurement which is the legal and independent proof needed for this attack.
They both are totally reassured by the HSE that access to computerized detection will be blocked for good and that they can call targets of Dews crazy fragile people who should be locked up in Mental Wards for “care”. So, lets find out if Marina Llewellyn who is only 40 years old, and she was attacked already 15 years non-stop  was “in good care” under the Scottish NHS.
There is a medical foundation against torture, but deals 99% with asylum seekers.
Perhaps, since they got long time professional experience re. all the lies around the practice of torture they could in future get a department that deals with targets of electronic and DEWs torture.
Under section 134 of the Criminal Justice Act 1988, HSE, HPA,NHS, Royal College of Psychiatrists, MoD, ACPO, all the secret agencies the British ones and the international ones operating in the UK are all complicit to torture and the Local Councils too.
Perhaps I should take a lamp or a lantern in broad daylight like my Greek philosopher ancestor Diogenes the Cynic and go out with lantern in broad daylight looking  and searching: Is there an honest man or woman who is not complicit to torture and criminal electronic incapacitation across Scotland and the UK?

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Securing fundamental rights of : right to life, freedom from torture and freedom from harm from the authorities, summarised legislature bills require the Prime Minister to initiate them as a Chief . The voters need to know on whose side is the Prime Minister and the New Government: are they for covert torture and physical attacks just because electronic weapons were left intentionally outside legislation or do they support the 3 fundamental rights? There is no sitting on the fence, either yes or no for fundamental rights it has to be proven by legislature that involves an number of Agencies and Ministries.

HSE: Health and Safety Executive: He has to be replaced.

The new HSE to draft an investigation protocol for the targets of electronic/psychotronic/directed energy weapons attacks.

Stage ONE: Scan the target for microchips, RFID, biodegradable or edible to eliminate the most common source of attack.

Microchips can transmit pain and other brain perceptics from a laptop saved file, via the microchip directly to the brain in brain wave form; the purpose of this is to upset and distress the target and attack him physically, while he is upset, so that he will not notice the injuries.

The varieties of microchip transmissions known to me are four, but the attacks got the same intention, they act as a decoy to inflict other high tech injuries unnoticed:

a) Gang rape microchip transmission: done to Marina Llewellyn Findlay and Marianne Ruth/Aaren Mathiews: While Aaren, I lived with her for two months and saw that she is not on drugs and has no mental illness. While she was trying to explain to charities etc the sinister contents of the microchip transmission she was getting attacked with ELFs Extreme Low Frequencies which lowered her immune system so much that any scratch or cut on the skin remained open sore for two months non-stop. Second while she had been sectioned for being distressed from the microchip, her brain centre of numerical skills and cash handling had been identified and destroyed by painless high frequency lasers that can penetrate deep in the brain without aversion or other pain to the target. So, while distressed from the gang rape microchip scam, by getting declared mentally ill on incapacity, there was a ruthless group of scientists who destroy a specific brain centre in the target to establish that they can locate it with precision. Marianne Ruth brain capacity and vocational skill was to sell duty free, so she was good at getting cash in ten currencies and giving back the right change, take credit cards, add up her accounts convert them into one currency and deliver the days proceeds to the company daily and correctly. Now, after her microchip and sectioning “adventure” with the NHS, she goes to the cashpoint withdraws ten pounds, takes back her card and FORGETS (!!!!????) to take the cash. This is an example of microchip attack as decoy to destroy brain centres for experiments. It’s a serious Health and safety warning and the new HSE should also:

b) Install the right brain imaging system that would detect high power laser burns of brain centres in the targeted UK community (100 known sectioned targets approx)

c) Three other varieties of microchip attack transmissions are: the defective heart valve, where the target hears in his brain, somebody elses brainwave perceptics, internal sound of a defective heart valve doing murmur, thuds, palpitations and other strange sensations this can confuse any person and get him involved with heart surgery when he needs scanning from microchips.

Thirdly there are microchip transmissions of stored brainwaves recorded from some other victim being tortured to death in a military base or other secret service installation where his brain waves could be copied, stored, edited and downloaded on a laptop. This type of transmission sends pain way above any pain threshold and can kill a person with cardiac arrest in an hour or less.

Therefore the new HSE should also arrange via the NHS for Ambulances to be equipped with the special plastic used for RFID blocking wallets, the one that cuts the microchip in our credit cards from being accessed or skimmed, a 7 foot blanket could be in every ambulance together with an oxygen mask to be used in such attacks. This is a general draft by no means bills in full technical detail.

After stage one detecting microchip and stage two brain imaging for laser attacks to brain centres,

The third stage is computational dosimetry for non-ionising radiation . This is a computer tha segments the head and body and measures where and how badly was a target of DEWs directed energy weapons shot:

Because the HSE is Police indoctrinated to service only employers/employee contamination incidents and to obstruct victims of DEWs from getting proof of Dews attacks, therefore the HSE has been complicit to torture and criminal injury for power advantages, may be they should be investigated and new executives placed to run detection of DEWs-non-ionising radiation weapons attacks.

A target if shot with a Maser (Microwave-laser) or other similar handheld DEW that shoots through walls and ceilings could face the following:

If shot on the cheekbone 3 times one second each he will develop incapacitating neuralgia and tooth abscess. But if shot same way on one of his kidneys he will get kidney failure and be with one kidney and dialysis machine for the rest of his life.

That’s how serious was the HSE obstruction to detection of DEWs attacks.

The next thing is that the HSE and the HPA and their new executives should consult with the Home Office and the ACPO to ensure they got detectors and remedies for each and every weapon in the H.O database and in the ACPO public order weapons range. If they got the weapon the HSE and the HPA must have the detection/remedy and report on this to the Ministry of Health , the NRPB, the National Radiological Board and educate the NHS, the Royal College of Psychiatrists , the Mental Welfare Commission and the Mental Health Tribunals.

Reforms via the Home Office to ACPO:

I read Terasa May’s speech to ACPO on the 29th of June. It was rather vague.

The range of assault systems that include microchip assault systems, directed energy, high power lasers, infrasound weapons, ultrasound, microwaves, ELFS, EMFs etc, all of them non-impact weapons are being used by three types of security forces AND their entourage.

1) The MoD and perhaps the MoD apprentices (age bracket 18-33)

2) The secret services but also Interpol who operates in 188 countries being the TEACHER of national policing.

3) ACPO.

Entourage means that Private Investigators, Private Security Guards, Civilian members of various Secret Services both national and international can get hold of these highly dangerous weapons and use them for criminal attacks and personal gain.


If a secret services paid or unpaid member or anybody else attacks citizens like Marianne Ruth or Marina Llewellyn Findlay (misogyny attacks disguised as Satanism) or Tadeusz Szocik for fun and for plausible deniability practice, to challenge the targets that there is nothing they can do to stop the attack, the Police should have powers to arrest and prosecute regardless of rank as these attacks are totally outside the mandate of all three security forces.

Capacity to fundraise and defend their budget for ACPO depends a lot on protecting the basic human rights in their community and trying to cover up this type of criminality and block HPA from doing their duty on non-ionising radiation attacks from DEWs, made society sick, it spreads disease in the society and creates fear.

4) If ACPO make a u-turn on indoctrinating the NHS to section targets of DEWs and microchips and block HPA and HSE from detecting these assaults and instead be open and honest, fear and loathing will go down because the NHS staff, I noticed who were complicit in my case were fearful of revenge or retaliation from me and in future from other victims if this sick covert criminality goes on and the dispute regarding the use of TASERs by the Strathclyde Police has to do with this secret criminal assault that was going on under Labour. No doubt, if you were complicit in torturing citizens you will be afraid of somebody taking revenge on you suddenly so you will need Tasers to calm down fear from guilt.

Otherwise it is highly unlikely that people would attack Police Officers unless they are on steroids or amphetamines.

To summarise, the legislature project for the prime Minister would be to change the leadership of the HSE, HPA and install an investigation protocol accessible to the public that begins with microchip elimination, laser damage brain imaging, computational dosimetry and watt per kilo detection and location of non-ionising radiation DEWs weapons attacks as fundamental basic.

List with the Home Office and ACPO and MoD and the Secret Services the full range of these electronic and energy weapons all the non-impact weapons and ensure that the HSE and the HPA got the detection and remedies for each one of them in place.

Give more power to the Police to prosecute for criminal use of these assault methods.

Educate and update the other Health and Mental Health Authorities and remove the unofficial Police indoctrination to the GPs to section these victims.

Finally the ICO, the Information Commissioners Office could work with ACPO to introduce a personal ID/accountability system. From now on each Police Officer should have a block of size A4 or A5 pages with his photographic ID and rank/number and Police Dept and hand in writing any recommendations he does to a GP or a solicitor regarding a targeted citizen. So far, a Police Officer can whisper to a solicitor to lose a tribunal and act against the interests of his legal aid client. A solicitor would not refuse a Police Officer any favour, this friendship is a higher asset that his legal aid client and this leads to obstruction of Justice.

Same goes with GPs, psychiatrists and Council managers. It is inappropriate and illegal for a Police Officer to instruct a SAR officer to refuse disclosure, or to tell to a GP that his patient is a sex-stalker or a madman to be sectioned or to tell the Housing Council to hide energy weapons for covert physical injury on a targeted citizen. So the ICO with the ACPO could introduce the personal ID blocks for Officers. If the favour or the recommendation they do is legitimate, it should be handed down on a personal ID paper and kept by the Official receiving the order/advice for the record and be disclosed upon request.

Finally to safeguard that our right to life, freedom from torture and freedom from harm from the Authorities are secure, the local Police stations and CICA the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority should take up the 100 approx electronic assault cases known in the UK and the EHRC Equality and Human Rights Commissioner should also study and be in consultation to participate with recommendations.

Same goes with the IPT, the IPCC and the NPIA they should follow up the new legislature and adapt their policies.

That’s a summary of the Prime Ministers legislature Job done as a first general depiction. Protection of fundamental rights with legislation and executive action will raise the morale and the confidence of the population and with high morale in place the budget and deficit challenges will be handled more smoothly. This is principled vision leadership, fundamental rights are a sound principle for the new Government and Prime Minister and will help ACPO, HSE, HPA, HO, MoJ, MoD, NPIA, IPCC, MoH defend their budgets and their mandate.

Saturday, 24 July 2010

What is serious no-nonsense Satanism? Frequency technologies

No-nonsense Satanism is to identify persons whose soul came from the Kingdom of Heaven and reduce the risk of them connecting with the Trinity Father-Son-Holy Ghost and doing miracles BY DECISION ONLY, in union with the Trinity, being the fourth soul connecting through Jesus to the Trinity.
There is an ASCENSION to happen, it is expected by most to take place before the winter solstice of 2012, this ASCENSION is the reunion of these persons, who are ordinary and not aware of their destination, a reunion with the Trinity which manifested by Jesus in his miracles.
 No-nonsense Satanists got a written or subconscious hit list to attack with torture, hatred, persecution, degradation, electronic  contamination and malicious mobbing and slander those who are about to come back to Ascension with fake accusations and crime fabrications or just attack them with no excuse.
The substitute Satanists want, to block the Spirits true power and Trinity plus one or more formation, is frequency technologies, that also “perform miracles” such as : disintegrating and rebuilding the joints in the elbows or knees of a person. Blinding and repairing the retina at the back of the eyes with the use of frequencies. Energizing for healing  or contaminating water with the use of electromagnetic frequencies that stick to water.
There is a genuine satanic attack that took place in far away Nepal which showed me that some Satanists do take their mission seriously and they mean business:

Documentary About Buddha Boy (1 of 5) Ram Bahadur Bamjan
Part 1 of 5 of a documentary about Ram Bahadur Bamjan ("Buddha Boy") who has been meditating for 3 years without food or water. Ram Bahadur Bamjan is known by many as a reincarnation of Buddha.

Most definitely you should watch all 5 parts of this documentary about a young and genuine spiritual guy. After this documentary was shown, the Buddha boy disappeared and reappeared many times. New clips and filming of him doing spiritual speeches are on youtube, where he is seen as an articulate, well shaped young man attracting a great deal of business for a local monastery. But the Buddha boy of the first documentary and the handsome guy who reappears to make speeches with the long hair, sometimes in red or dressed in white got similar face and hair but the grown up guy is a LOOK-ALIKE.
This guy may be handsome and he seems to like his spiritual job, but he is not the real Buddha boy filmed in the first documentary because quite simply his GENETICS are hugely different, despite the face being similar. So, what happened to the genuine Buddha boy in my estimate?  The Satanists were afraid that the real Buddha boy will manage to reach emancipation from the body and its reflexes and start doing miracles, or as Scientologists would put it become an Operating thetan exterior, or as Christians would put it a Christian who fasted and prayed successfully and united with Jesus and the Trinity, despite not being Christian but using Buddhist  discipline. So the Satanists reached the small and faraway Nepal, to kidnap the real Buddha boy and replace it with a trained look-alike. The look-alike can do long articulate well written speeches and also some “frequency” emotional influence, through crystals or other hidden frequency systems and there is no doubt he will attract crowds and change them for the better socially, but the real deal Buddha boy is being tortured with electromagnetic weapons, getting burned or sliced with high power lasers, getting messed up or near insanity by microchip transmissions to bind him back to his body and make him again the effect of his body, not to do exteriorization from the body and ascension.
You can read his whole story in the links below, but to me the genuine story of a genuine spiritual guy is ONLY the first documentary in 5 parts. All else after that, is after the boy was kidnapped and replaced.  Satanists are so fearful of potential miracles and ascension that they jump in to re-organize a Nepal monastery and you can watch many clips on you tube with the look-alike and a new crowd for family in his later clips, not the older brother and crowd we see in the first documentary.

Unfortunately for me, and the Buddha boy, Satanists take the threat from genuine spiritual people doing Ascension, emancipation from the body in the proto Christian or Buddhist way seriously and my attitude did not help at all: my attitude when I realized I had been Bernadette of Lourdes was somewhat half-hearted: how would the Christians of Lourdes handle their emotions and their reality, it is so disappointing to all and to my self to show up age 50 with bleached hair, smoking roll ups, drinking alcohol and swearing like a  trooper when getting harassed non-stop, that’s not suitable decorum for a canonized Saint is it? So what I had proposed is a scientific check of my genetics and medical records from my present body to a number of old relics and same for some other people, who were canonized saints, that I know their genetics. You realize that if Satanists reached Nepal to manipulate monasteries, they surely had reached Lourdes and put in place a track load of conspiracies, to ensure nothing genuine happens there either.
Perhaps what we could do is consider the genuine Buddha boy as a real person under enforced disappearance and get Amnesty International to look carefully at the footage of the documentary and the look-alike clips and declare the Buddha boy an enforced disappearance case, hoping to rescue him from torture and help him return to health and get on with his meditation disciplines in peace and safety.
Watching carefully many times the original documentary about the Buddha boy and what happened next in Nepal and the interference, staging with look-alike and manipulation of that monastery, it seems that it is extremely important to Satanists to discredit my past life in Lourdes. Right now, at least 1000 pounds cash in hand go to payments each week to local petty criminals to keep fabricating slander and hate against me in little Paisley Scotland and I was subjected to attacks from all sorts of electromagnetic weapons, thermal injuries to the brain, 2 months sectioning organized with Police and gang stalkers black  operations, being under constant directed spying, and being worried each time the locals pretend to be nice to me what weapon or torture method will hit me next? Or will it be getting framed for crimes and jailed to be replaced with a look-alike? Or getting hit with a weapon to need an ambulance and be taken into a Hospital to be replaced with a look-alike?
Doctors and those experienced in the growth of the human body and genetic body-types, if they watch carefully the original documentary for the Buddha boy and the young man in red or white  robes doing speeches in the later clips will spot the biological and genetic differences I spotted , the proof why this is a look-alike and this could rescue the genuine Buddha boy from a great  deal of harm enforced on him while kidnapped.
Whether Lourdes can accept me or not, there is no way I will tolerate the same scams, or other fraudulent conspiracies and I will use my legal background and Amnesty International and Human Rights experience to the best of my ability.
Without wanting to make snide comments, the fact is that there is one Satanist based in London running black operations, harassment, recording and editing of my personal discussions/phone calls and image who really kicks up a stink and he should be identified and dismissed from the ranks of any Authority he belongs to, tolerating a Satanist in the Police or Secret Services or any other Authority really discredits the organization seriously and he has to be striped from his rank, for credibility, respect and public trust reasons no matter what.

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Crown Immunity (from criminal prosecution)

Recently there is a dispute about Strathclyde Police who started a pilot project using tasers without written permission from the Scottish Ministers and MSPs, and Strathclyde Police said that they are under Crown Immunity and did not need to ask for written authorization to start with the Tasers project.
 Here is the article from the Scottish Herald:

 But when it comes to Health and Safety matters, the Crown is a Constitutional Monarchy and not an Absolute Monarchy, therefore Strathclyde Police may be they got carried away in their desire to be accountable only to the Monarch:

There is a small possibility  that  Strathclyde Police picked the idea to consider their position under Crown Immunity from an email to Prince Charles that I had written and sent from the Public Library in March 2010.
I am not an obsessed stalker of royals and celebrities and also I am fully aware that I am under directed sur
veillance and I got zero privacy in public or at home or on the internet. May be the email I wrote to Prince Charles was intercepted, I doubt that half of my emails actually reach their destination.

The dispute and the protests of Human Rights Campaigners re. Strathclyde choice of Taser and starting use without any authorisation, do concern the TI community as it makes it known that ideally Police Forces would tend to chose and use weapons without any duty to ask for permission from anybody and the entire TI community and complaints about DEWs, Directed Energy Weapons being used illegally is connected, so all TIs should watch how the Human Rights and Parliament will handle this disagreement about the Tasers with the Strathclyde Police.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

are believed to be in need of ‘immediate care and control"

In real life, in South Lanark and in Wishaw General Mental Ward:

Questions: what exactly is the collaboration of the UK Law Enforcement with the black operations of the Church of Scientology?

Because yes,the South Lanark (Strathclyde Police) cared immediately about the Church of Scientology and David Miscavige and about my allegation that they both use DEWs criminally, not for public order.
After 31 years being a Scientologist was I delusional about fair-game, joker-degrader, freak-out operations, dead-agent and identity fraud? No, here is the latest:

Anderson Cooper on Scientology: a history of violence

The MHT= Mental Health Tribunal first of all it is exempt from the Freedom of Information Act (!) and they said I got capacity to select medications therefore I should not be detained.


What exactly is the position of Law Enforcement to be in support of weaponised squads with DEWs, hired-guns-Rambos that are neither Police Officers nor secret agents? Some of them former criminals with criminal record and what is the connection of these squads with safer communities and other Police protected community schemes against crime?

IPCC: "with some form of mental health problem" meaning in real life

with some form of mental health problem:???
example: target gets blasted with an ADS from a car: the blast is like a car bomb exploding on you ,next thing, if you did not collapse with a heart attack, your skin is cooking and you are dying with thirst. Thanks to the Health and Safety Commission treachery who knows about the ADS and has all non-ionising radiation methods to measure, detect, monitor and thanks to the treacherous Health Protection Agency, in Glasgow and other cities, nobody knew from the entire targeted community,that first thing needed is measure your watts per kilo weight,because this will tell you and the doctors how serious was the non-ionising radiation blast.

How many watts per kilo was the blast residue? The change to my metablism remains UNPRECEDENTED TO THIS DAY: in the next 12 hours I had to drink 2 STONE of acidic astringent liquids, like Cranberry Classic,orange juice,tomato juice etc just to get my circulation back to normal from the shock?
The scam to either torture targets at home with MASERS or other handheld DEWs, Directed Energy Weapons or to blast them with an ADS, which will cause panic and daze at best has been tried and tested on a number of other targets, so many rehearsals where done how to attack with war weapons hand held or from a car, targets and then CALL THEM CRAZY TOO, section them inject them with Risperidone which is so toxic from what targets say, that 1-2 weeks injections makes them damaged goods for life in terms of brain and general balance . Or, ECT them electroshock, or mess them up with addiction to Olanzapin, or Lorazepam or bloat them confuse them and disperse their mind with Abilify.
So, I am not being cynical, may be the effort to spend 2 months NHS money to brainwash me that I had not been attacked with hand held DEWs and with an ADS from a car must be worth maybe 20 million pounds a month protection money from London businesses and shop keepers, may be all this deception effort is worth a million ounds a month in protection money from Edinburgh shop keepers, why else, so much effort to fool me that war zone weapons are "science fiction ray guns like aliens and UFOs which don't exist?" Clearly, somebody else, much closer to Law Enforcement and safe community schemes had realized the potential money and power in this direction years now.

Police custody as a place of safety under the Mental Health Act 1983

This makes compelling reading, its from the IPCC website,
the link is

and I copy paste the most interesting passages:

" Approximately half of all deaths in or following police custody involve detainees with some form of mental health problem. The IPCC is keen to get a better insight into the issues concerning mental health and custody. A key way in which individuals with mental disorder may have contact with the police is when they are in a public place and are believed to be in need of ‘immediate care and control’. In these circumstances individuals can be detained by police officers under section 136 of the Mental Health Act 1983 and taken to a place of safety. A place of safety is defined as ‘hospital, police station, mental nursing home or residential home or any other suitable place ".

My comments what does this passage mean to me in real life conditions.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Torture/murder do not exist if not written down by Police,FOI to ACPO

Torture/murder do not exist if not written down by Police

A Freedom of Information request to Association of Chief Police Officers by Joanna Iatridou

Currently waiting for a response from Association of Chief Police Officers, they must respond promptly and normally no later than 5 August 2010 (details).
Joanna Iatridou

6 July 2010

Dear Association of Chief Police Officers,

These questions under FOI should have been submitted by the big
players in Human rights: EHRC=Equality and Human Rights
Commissioner, Amnesty International,Liberty and perhaps the Home
Office,the MPs in the Commons and the Ministry of Justice.
They are afraid to ask the questions. I am also afraid, but I keep
fear for my life under control.

The question is this: torture and murder do not exist if the
Police, your juniors, refuse to write it down. Thanks to the Health
and Safety Commissioner silence & no record keeping since 1974 and
the Health Protection Agency silence and no record keeping since
2003, Police can refuse to write down torture and murder cases, in
my estimate a necessity 26 years already.
How does HSC, Health and Safety Commission-Health and Safety
Executive and the HPA create the opportunity for unwritten and
undocumented opportunity for the crimes of torture and murder in
the UK:non-ionizing radiation weapons, not the big army-war assets
like Raytheon ADS, but the lighter hand held Masers that shoot
through walls and can cripple or kill any target during sleep at
home. How? Because the Police, any Police station can refuse to
write down torture, attack by Masers on the basis that the target
cannot go to the HSE or the HPA and measure watts per kilo weight
because Masers and all directed energy weapons increase to abnormal
the body electricity storage, so attacks or torture like this can
be confirmed both by the HSE and the HPA. Plus, if the attacks
continue, dosimetry badges are the next stage of proof. With the
two proof methods guilty Homicidal ommission to supply and make
accessible by HSE and the HPA, the unauthorised use of Masers and
other handheld DEWs is not criminalized.

The question is: did you write down in any documentation or policy
re. abolition of torture that instead of demanding honest measuring
of watts/per kilo weight and dosimetry badges from the HSE and the
HPA, the targets of these weapons, betrayed by HSE and HPA, got to
be sectioned for mental illness?

Concerning intelligence management= if its not written down it does
not exist. If a target of Masers or other handheld DEWs goes to the
local Police and says: please raid or question the flat upstairs or
downstairs from me for beaming my home with DEWs and forcing me to
be homeless and sleep away or abandon my home to keep my life, the
Police will refuse to write down the complaint, play for time and
blast the target with an ADS, which again may cause the target a
heart attack but the HSE and HPA will not measure watts per kilo or
supply dosimetry badge for proof of crime= torture and murder

This is not about my personal experience, I reported mine to the
GMC and the Scottish Complaints Commissioner and established that
they expect I will disappear in some way, all thy got to do is play
for time and ship weapons that the HSE and the HPA will refuse to
measure on the targets body. Please show any documentation where
Police must not write down complaints of torture at home from DEWs
and the HSE and HPA must not do honest measuring and dosimetry
monitoring of the targets of these commonplace weapons.
From what I know I will ask for torture reports for Paolo Fiora,
Mary D. Hughes, Tim Rifat, Darrim Daoud, L Fang, M. Beth, M
Llewellyn Findlay and others, one hundred approx who are to
frightened to make their names known for now, from their local
Police stations and their Complaints Commission, because if their
torture was not written down, it did not exist in terms of
administration and therefore right to life and freedom of torture
had been abolished.
Please tell on this site what proof measures you can organise for
watt-kilo weight measuring and dosimetry plus what penalties for
criminal use of DEWs weapons here on this site, from now on and do
not play for time to blast me or my close friends family with any
of these "no-proof" "no-measuring" weapons. The big players in
human rights should be ashamed that a nobody ordinary member of the
public had to place this crucial question to you and not them.
Because the targets are justified to fear for their life and
accidental death, they got direct experience of DEWs and betrayal
by the HSE and HPA, the top experts in non-ionizing radiation. We
agree, that despite being a long question it has to be presented
here as the right to life and freedom from torture and writing down
cases of DEWS Masers torture and murder and stopping the opportunity
for these crimes by administration loopholes are matters of Huge
public benefit.

Yours faithfully,

Joanna Iatridou

Saturday, 3 July 2010

The power of Police & NHS in my estimate, re. DEWs

On the basis that Strathclyde Police Officers, when I called 999 last year in Kirkfieldbank, South Lanark they dismissed my suffering from DEWs hidden in the flat downstairs from me, by a Pakistani stalker and together with the Housing Council refused to raid the flat downstairs which was supposed to be empty for repairs but actually two operators with DEWs were hiding there.
Strathclyde South Lanark Police Officers said that DEWs and beam through wall weapons don't exist and they are like Aliens and UFOs, thousand of pages and websites on the Net but they don't really exist.

There is no excuse to try to misinform me like this in 2009, and 2 weeks later, I was blasted with a portable ADS and because it causes lingering serious chest pains for longer than 10 hours after the blast, the South Lanark Police offered to take me to Wishaw General Hospital to check my heart and check my health, etc and I was set up: the A&E doctors and Mental Health Officer had been indoctrinated to section me 28 days, which doubled thanks to betrayal from my solicitor and I stayed sectioned because of deception for 2 months.



Reading all this explains a lot how I got sectioned and tortured and the General Medical Council, yawned with boredom and sent my complain second route, (= low priority, they got Route A and route B) = it was TERRIBLY LOW PRIORITY TO THE GMC THAT I GOT TORTURED .
but I blame the HPA Health Protection Agency and the HSC Health and Safety Commission, without their silence (about non-ionizing radiation measurements and proof and dosimetry badges) and their indifference, this torture that happens to about a HUNDRED TIs across the UK at least was not possible.

Therefore I already contacted as many UK TIs as I can to confront the HPA and the HSC with their betrayal of duty to inform the NHS and guide the National Health Strategy on non-ionizing radiation from DEWs weapon torture at home and in cities. I welcome feedback from SACL Scotland against Crooked Lawyers.

Gangs with DEWs can make millions in protection money from shops & businesses

We are a community of about 100 TIs in the UK. We are betrayed by the Health Protection Agency and the Health and Safety Commission who had a duty, 26 years now to inform and educate the NHS and the GPs and Hospitals that people who complain about DEWs attacks should be referred to the HPA, Health Protection  Agency as they can measure the targets electricity storage in body which will be abnormal if they were attacked with DEWs. A normal person would measure 10 watts electricity for 50 kilos weight while a tortured with DEWs target would measure 50 Watts body electricity storage for 50 kilos (this is an example, to get the picture) This extra electricity stays and damages immune, cardio, brain etc.DEWs are non-ionizing radiation which gets stored in the body in joules,kilojoules and watts per kilo weight and stays stuck for a long time causing serious health damage.

The brutal attitude of the NHS to section any target of DEWs and the betrayal of the HPA and the HSC=Health and Safety Commission 26 years now, since Greenham Common 30.000 protesters who complained about DEWs attacks but the HSC did not measure them and detect if their allegations were true or not, means that MILLIONS OF POUNDS CAN BE MADE IN PROTECTION MONEY PAID BY LOCAL SHOPS AND BUSINESSES FROM LOCAL GANGS WITH DEWS.

How can a shopkeeper, from Pakistan, running an off-licence and tobacco stay behind the till and work his business if attacked with DEWs? He would be forced to run out of the shop fearing heart attack or major organ failure, and becausse the NHS and psychiatrists were been treating the TIs with detention and brutality, the shopkeeper would be afraid to complain to the Police or the NHS so he would be forced to pay up 500 pounds a month or 1000 pounds a month protection money, to ensure he does not get attacked, as his shop, and all his life can be destroyed by DEWs attacks and find himself sectioned, bankrupt and his family blaming him too. IS IT CLEAR NOW WHY THE ABUSE AND BETRAYAL OF THE TI COMMUNITY LEADS TO MILLIONS IN PROTECTION MONEY FROM LOCAL BUSINESSES AND SHOPS?

This has to stop and I recommend all TI community to engage Amnesty International, Liberty, Doctors4Justce, the EHRC the Equalith and Human Rights Commission and do a class action lawsuit against the brutal scam the NHS played on us with complicity from the Health and Safety Commission and the HPA.

Also I recommend that TIs and Doctors and business people and solicitors  go to and read my FOIs, name Joanna Iatridou and support my struggle to get compensation for torture for myself and for Marina Llewellyn Findlay and for others who should publish and make their torture known and also doctors and solicitors and MPs should place their own questions about extra-judicial torture by DEWs gangs across the UK.

The torture of these 100 targets is done to check PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY = check if the denial "on the basis of probability , you were not attacked with DEWs but we got to section you to check if you suffer from mental illness" and then go and threaten shop keepers who can be destroyed/closed down and on the brink of bankruptcy in less than 3 months if their shop gets bombarded with  harmful non-ionizing electromagnetic frequencies.I welcome response from the business community and the TI community and all  those who can help.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

The miners strike, Greenham Common, Maggie Thatcher & DEWs

The miners strike and the occupation of Greenham Common by 30.000 Peace Protesters were happening and they were at their peak  at the same time under Maggie Thatcher.
My estimate is that Thatcher had a choice: to show off to the media and the world that DEWs, directed energy weapons can enforce area denial and make those thirty thousand abandon Greenham Common in half an hour or to reduce the use of DEWs only to a degree that acts as secret sabotage and does not cause extreme pain and panic and this option allowed her to use DEWs and electronic and harmful frequency weapons to break the miners strike.
Therefore, because since the years 1984-1985 the decision was taken to keep the use of DEWs as secret weapons and NOT for  open area denial and public order, the UK was the right place to attack me with DEWs, since there is a 26 years traditional consensus to keep DEWs secret and deny their use for secret sabotage.
But my family had been attacked in Greece with DEWs and electronic weapons since 1982. My experience is this: when my mother was attacked with electronic sleep disruption torture and audio harassment telling her to go buy her food in another town because I want to poison to inherit her, all we had to do as a family is get my mother measured for electricity storage in her body and the proof was there, the rate of electricity to her weight would be high and she could get a personal dosimetry badge with metals that absorb non-ionizing  radiation and get her exposure checked regularly after  4-12 weeks  each time.
The first thing to do with any electronic attacks is measure the electricity storage of the body and monitor with personal dosimetry badge for a year at least.
The rest is a barbaric brutal scam, where the NHS and the Police section and inject these unfortunate people who don’t know how to get proof for the attacks after 26 years of secrecy and betrayal of duty by the Health and Safety Commission and the HPA Health Protection Agency. There is about a 100 people in my estimate in the UK who were brutalized with this health and safety betrayal and scam and I am reporting this to Liberty who are dealing with complicity of the UK authorities to torture one year now. This has to stop and the squad with the ADS, the portable ADS and the other high impact DEWs that hit me like a thunderbolt last year got to either quit the project to control and destroy my life or face prosecution and jail. I am not likely to endure any more attacks of this kind and this barbaric torture has to stop. Especially because now 30% of all the Iraq and Middle East weaponry gets stolen and sold in the black markets, so this type of crime will proliferate .