Wednesday, 7 July 2010

IPCC: "with some form of mental health problem" meaning in real life

with some form of mental health problem:???
example: target gets blasted with an ADS from a car: the blast is like a car bomb exploding on you ,next thing, if you did not collapse with a heart attack, your skin is cooking and you are dying with thirst. Thanks to the Health and Safety Commission treachery who knows about the ADS and has all non-ionising radiation methods to measure, detect, monitor and thanks to the treacherous Health Protection Agency, in Glasgow and other cities, nobody knew from the entire targeted community,that first thing needed is measure your watts per kilo weight,because this will tell you and the doctors how serious was the non-ionising radiation blast.

How many watts per kilo was the blast residue? The change to my metablism remains UNPRECEDENTED TO THIS DAY: in the next 12 hours I had to drink 2 STONE of acidic astringent liquids, like Cranberry Classic,orange juice,tomato juice etc just to get my circulation back to normal from the shock?
The scam to either torture targets at home with MASERS or other handheld DEWs, Directed Energy Weapons or to blast them with an ADS, which will cause panic and daze at best has been tried and tested on a number of other targets, so many rehearsals where done how to attack with war weapons hand held or from a car, targets and then CALL THEM CRAZY TOO, section them inject them with Risperidone which is so toxic from what targets say, that 1-2 weeks injections makes them damaged goods for life in terms of brain and general balance . Or, ECT them electroshock, or mess them up with addiction to Olanzapin, or Lorazepam or bloat them confuse them and disperse their mind with Abilify.
So, I am not being cynical, may be the effort to spend 2 months NHS money to brainwash me that I had not been attacked with hand held DEWs and with an ADS from a car must be worth maybe 20 million pounds a month protection money from London businesses and shop keepers, may be all this deception effort is worth a million ounds a month in protection money from Edinburgh shop keepers, why else, so much effort to fool me that war zone weapons are "science fiction ray guns like aliens and UFOs which don't exist?" Clearly, somebody else, much closer to Law Enforcement and safe community schemes had realized the potential money and power in this direction years now.

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