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What is serious no-nonsense Satanism? Frequency technologies

No-nonsense Satanism is to identify persons whose soul came from the Kingdom of Heaven and reduce the risk of them connecting with the Trinity Father-Son-Holy Ghost and doing miracles BY DECISION ONLY, in union with the Trinity, being the fourth soul connecting through Jesus to the Trinity.
There is an ASCENSION to happen, it is expected by most to take place before the winter solstice of 2012, this ASCENSION is the reunion of these persons, who are ordinary and not aware of their destination, a reunion with the Trinity which manifested by Jesus in his miracles.
 No-nonsense Satanists got a written or subconscious hit list to attack with torture, hatred, persecution, degradation, electronic  contamination and malicious mobbing and slander those who are about to come back to Ascension with fake accusations and crime fabrications or just attack them with no excuse.
The substitute Satanists want, to block the Spirits true power and Trinity plus one or more formation, is frequency technologies, that also “perform miracles” such as : disintegrating and rebuilding the joints in the elbows or knees of a person. Blinding and repairing the retina at the back of the eyes with the use of frequencies. Energizing for healing  or contaminating water with the use of electromagnetic frequencies that stick to water.
There is a genuine satanic attack that took place in far away Nepal which showed me that some Satanists do take their mission seriously and they mean business:

Documentary About Buddha Boy (1 of 5) Ram Bahadur Bamjan
Part 1 of 5 of a documentary about Ram Bahadur Bamjan ("Buddha Boy") who has been meditating for 3 years without food or water. Ram Bahadur Bamjan is known by many as a reincarnation of Buddha.

Most definitely you should watch all 5 parts of this documentary about a young and genuine spiritual guy. After this documentary was shown, the Buddha boy disappeared and reappeared many times. New clips and filming of him doing spiritual speeches are on youtube, where he is seen as an articulate, well shaped young man attracting a great deal of business for a local monastery. But the Buddha boy of the first documentary and the handsome guy who reappears to make speeches with the long hair, sometimes in red or dressed in white got similar face and hair but the grown up guy is a LOOK-ALIKE.
This guy may be handsome and he seems to like his spiritual job, but he is not the real Buddha boy filmed in the first documentary because quite simply his GENETICS are hugely different, despite the face being similar. So, what happened to the genuine Buddha boy in my estimate?  The Satanists were afraid that the real Buddha boy will manage to reach emancipation from the body and its reflexes and start doing miracles, or as Scientologists would put it become an Operating thetan exterior, or as Christians would put it a Christian who fasted and prayed successfully and united with Jesus and the Trinity, despite not being Christian but using Buddhist  discipline. So the Satanists reached the small and faraway Nepal, to kidnap the real Buddha boy and replace it with a trained look-alike. The look-alike can do long articulate well written speeches and also some “frequency” emotional influence, through crystals or other hidden frequency systems and there is no doubt he will attract crowds and change them for the better socially, but the real deal Buddha boy is being tortured with electromagnetic weapons, getting burned or sliced with high power lasers, getting messed up or near insanity by microchip transmissions to bind him back to his body and make him again the effect of his body, not to do exteriorization from the body and ascension.
You can read his whole story in the links below, but to me the genuine story of a genuine spiritual guy is ONLY the first documentary in 5 parts. All else after that, is after the boy was kidnapped and replaced.  Satanists are so fearful of potential miracles and ascension that they jump in to re-organize a Nepal monastery and you can watch many clips on you tube with the look-alike and a new crowd for family in his later clips, not the older brother and crowd we see in the first documentary.

Unfortunately for me, and the Buddha boy, Satanists take the threat from genuine spiritual people doing Ascension, emancipation from the body in the proto Christian or Buddhist way seriously and my attitude did not help at all: my attitude when I realized I had been Bernadette of Lourdes was somewhat half-hearted: how would the Christians of Lourdes handle their emotions and their reality, it is so disappointing to all and to my self to show up age 50 with bleached hair, smoking roll ups, drinking alcohol and swearing like a  trooper when getting harassed non-stop, that’s not suitable decorum for a canonized Saint is it? So what I had proposed is a scientific check of my genetics and medical records from my present body to a number of old relics and same for some other people, who were canonized saints, that I know their genetics. You realize that if Satanists reached Nepal to manipulate monasteries, they surely had reached Lourdes and put in place a track load of conspiracies, to ensure nothing genuine happens there either.
Perhaps what we could do is consider the genuine Buddha boy as a real person under enforced disappearance and get Amnesty International to look carefully at the footage of the documentary and the look-alike clips and declare the Buddha boy an enforced disappearance case, hoping to rescue him from torture and help him return to health and get on with his meditation disciplines in peace and safety.
Watching carefully many times the original documentary about the Buddha boy and what happened next in Nepal and the interference, staging with look-alike and manipulation of that monastery, it seems that it is extremely important to Satanists to discredit my past life in Lourdes. Right now, at least 1000 pounds cash in hand go to payments each week to local petty criminals to keep fabricating slander and hate against me in little Paisley Scotland and I was subjected to attacks from all sorts of electromagnetic weapons, thermal injuries to the brain, 2 months sectioning organized with Police and gang stalkers black  operations, being under constant directed spying, and being worried each time the locals pretend to be nice to me what weapon or torture method will hit me next? Or will it be getting framed for crimes and jailed to be replaced with a look-alike? Or getting hit with a weapon to need an ambulance and be taken into a Hospital to be replaced with a look-alike?
Doctors and those experienced in the growth of the human body and genetic body-types, if they watch carefully the original documentary for the Buddha boy and the young man in red or white  robes doing speeches in the later clips will spot the biological and genetic differences I spotted , the proof why this is a look-alike and this could rescue the genuine Buddha boy from a great  deal of harm enforced on him while kidnapped.
Whether Lourdes can accept me or not, there is no way I will tolerate the same scams, or other fraudulent conspiracies and I will use my legal background and Amnesty International and Human Rights experience to the best of my ability.
Without wanting to make snide comments, the fact is that there is one Satanist based in London running black operations, harassment, recording and editing of my personal discussions/phone calls and image who really kicks up a stink and he should be identified and dismissed from the ranks of any Authority he belongs to, tolerating a Satanist in the Police or Secret Services or any other Authority really discredits the organization seriously and he has to be striped from his rank, for credibility, respect and public trust reasons no matter what.

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Joanna said...

Concerning the past Jesus had said:
let the dead bury their dead. Past life chapter closed, it was just one Scientology part of the road.
Considering that All Ministries of Defense are one big family and that all national police forces got the same teacher Interpol in 188 countries and they are also one big family, it is extremely dangerous that these electronic assault and incapacitation systems can "knock out" anybody with total impunity and the ways to proof blocked by the authorities.