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Securing fundamental rights of : right to life, freedom from torture and freedom from harm from the authorities, summarised legislature bills require the Prime Minister to initiate them as a Chief . The voters need to know on whose side is the Prime Minister and the New Government: are they for covert torture and physical attacks just because electronic weapons were left intentionally outside legislation or do they support the 3 fundamental rights? There is no sitting on the fence, either yes or no for fundamental rights it has to be proven by legislature that involves an number of Agencies and Ministries.

HSE: Health and Safety Executive: He has to be replaced.

The new HSE to draft an investigation protocol for the targets of electronic/psychotronic/directed energy weapons attacks.

Stage ONE: Scan the target for microchips, RFID, biodegradable or edible to eliminate the most common source of attack.

Microchips can transmit pain and other brain perceptics from a laptop saved file, via the microchip directly to the brain in brain wave form; the purpose of this is to upset and distress the target and attack him physically, while he is upset, so that he will not notice the injuries.

The varieties of microchip transmissions known to me are four, but the attacks got the same intention, they act as a decoy to inflict other high tech injuries unnoticed:

a) Gang rape microchip transmission: done to Marina Llewellyn Findlay and Marianne Ruth/Aaren Mathiews: While Aaren, I lived with her for two months and saw that she is not on drugs and has no mental illness. While she was trying to explain to charities etc the sinister contents of the microchip transmission she was getting attacked with ELFs Extreme Low Frequencies which lowered her immune system so much that any scratch or cut on the skin remained open sore for two months non-stop. Second while she had been sectioned for being distressed from the microchip, her brain centre of numerical skills and cash handling had been identified and destroyed by painless high frequency lasers that can penetrate deep in the brain without aversion or other pain to the target. So, while distressed from the gang rape microchip scam, by getting declared mentally ill on incapacity, there was a ruthless group of scientists who destroy a specific brain centre in the target to establish that they can locate it with precision. Marianne Ruth brain capacity and vocational skill was to sell duty free, so she was good at getting cash in ten currencies and giving back the right change, take credit cards, add up her accounts convert them into one currency and deliver the days proceeds to the company daily and correctly. Now, after her microchip and sectioning “adventure” with the NHS, she goes to the cashpoint withdraws ten pounds, takes back her card and FORGETS (!!!!????) to take the cash. This is an example of microchip attack as decoy to destroy brain centres for experiments. It’s a serious Health and safety warning and the new HSE should also:

b) Install the right brain imaging system that would detect high power laser burns of brain centres in the targeted UK community (100 known sectioned targets approx)

c) Three other varieties of microchip attack transmissions are: the defective heart valve, where the target hears in his brain, somebody elses brainwave perceptics, internal sound of a defective heart valve doing murmur, thuds, palpitations and other strange sensations this can confuse any person and get him involved with heart surgery when he needs scanning from microchips.

Thirdly there are microchip transmissions of stored brainwaves recorded from some other victim being tortured to death in a military base or other secret service installation where his brain waves could be copied, stored, edited and downloaded on a laptop. This type of transmission sends pain way above any pain threshold and can kill a person with cardiac arrest in an hour or less.

Therefore the new HSE should also arrange via the NHS for Ambulances to be equipped with the special plastic used for RFID blocking wallets, the one that cuts the microchip in our credit cards from being accessed or skimmed, a 7 foot blanket could be in every ambulance together with an oxygen mask to be used in such attacks. This is a general draft by no means bills in full technical detail.

After stage one detecting microchip and stage two brain imaging for laser attacks to brain centres,

The third stage is computational dosimetry for non-ionising radiation . This is a computer tha segments the head and body and measures where and how badly was a target of DEWs directed energy weapons shot:

Because the HSE is Police indoctrinated to service only employers/employee contamination incidents and to obstruct victims of DEWs from getting proof of Dews attacks, therefore the HSE has been complicit to torture and criminal injury for power advantages, may be they should be investigated and new executives placed to run detection of DEWs-non-ionising radiation weapons attacks.

A target if shot with a Maser (Microwave-laser) or other similar handheld DEW that shoots through walls and ceilings could face the following:

If shot on the cheekbone 3 times one second each he will develop incapacitating neuralgia and tooth abscess. But if shot same way on one of his kidneys he will get kidney failure and be with one kidney and dialysis machine for the rest of his life.

That’s how serious was the HSE obstruction to detection of DEWs attacks.

The next thing is that the HSE and the HPA and their new executives should consult with the Home Office and the ACPO to ensure they got detectors and remedies for each and every weapon in the H.O database and in the ACPO public order weapons range. If they got the weapon the HSE and the HPA must have the detection/remedy and report on this to the Ministry of Health , the NRPB, the National Radiological Board and educate the NHS, the Royal College of Psychiatrists , the Mental Welfare Commission and the Mental Health Tribunals.

Reforms via the Home Office to ACPO:

I read Terasa May’s speech to ACPO on the 29th of June. It was rather vague.

The range of assault systems that include microchip assault systems, directed energy, high power lasers, infrasound weapons, ultrasound, microwaves, ELFS, EMFs etc, all of them non-impact weapons are being used by three types of security forces AND their entourage.

1) The MoD and perhaps the MoD apprentices (age bracket 18-33)

2) The secret services but also Interpol who operates in 188 countries being the TEACHER of national policing.

3) ACPO.

Entourage means that Private Investigators, Private Security Guards, Civilian members of various Secret Services both national and international can get hold of these highly dangerous weapons and use them for criminal attacks and personal gain.


If a secret services paid or unpaid member or anybody else attacks citizens like Marianne Ruth or Marina Llewellyn Findlay (misogyny attacks disguised as Satanism) or Tadeusz Szocik for fun and for plausible deniability practice, to challenge the targets that there is nothing they can do to stop the attack, the Police should have powers to arrest and prosecute regardless of rank as these attacks are totally outside the mandate of all three security forces.

Capacity to fundraise and defend their budget for ACPO depends a lot on protecting the basic human rights in their community and trying to cover up this type of criminality and block HPA from doing their duty on non-ionising radiation attacks from DEWs, made society sick, it spreads disease in the society and creates fear.

4) If ACPO make a u-turn on indoctrinating the NHS to section targets of DEWs and microchips and block HPA and HSE from detecting these assaults and instead be open and honest, fear and loathing will go down because the NHS staff, I noticed who were complicit in my case were fearful of revenge or retaliation from me and in future from other victims if this sick covert criminality goes on and the dispute regarding the use of TASERs by the Strathclyde Police has to do with this secret criminal assault that was going on under Labour. No doubt, if you were complicit in torturing citizens you will be afraid of somebody taking revenge on you suddenly so you will need Tasers to calm down fear from guilt.

Otherwise it is highly unlikely that people would attack Police Officers unless they are on steroids or amphetamines.

To summarise, the legislature project for the prime Minister would be to change the leadership of the HSE, HPA and install an investigation protocol accessible to the public that begins with microchip elimination, laser damage brain imaging, computational dosimetry and watt per kilo detection and location of non-ionising radiation DEWs weapons attacks as fundamental basic.

List with the Home Office and ACPO and MoD and the Secret Services the full range of these electronic and energy weapons all the non-impact weapons and ensure that the HSE and the HPA got the detection and remedies for each one of them in place.

Give more power to the Police to prosecute for criminal use of these assault methods.

Educate and update the other Health and Mental Health Authorities and remove the unofficial Police indoctrination to the GPs to section these victims.

Finally the ICO, the Information Commissioners Office could work with ACPO to introduce a personal ID/accountability system. From now on each Police Officer should have a block of size A4 or A5 pages with his photographic ID and rank/number and Police Dept and hand in writing any recommendations he does to a GP or a solicitor regarding a targeted citizen. So far, a Police Officer can whisper to a solicitor to lose a tribunal and act against the interests of his legal aid client. A solicitor would not refuse a Police Officer any favour, this friendship is a higher asset that his legal aid client and this leads to obstruction of Justice.

Same goes with GPs, psychiatrists and Council managers. It is inappropriate and illegal for a Police Officer to instruct a SAR officer to refuse disclosure, or to tell to a GP that his patient is a sex-stalker or a madman to be sectioned or to tell the Housing Council to hide energy weapons for covert physical injury on a targeted citizen. So the ICO with the ACPO could introduce the personal ID blocks for Officers. If the favour or the recommendation they do is legitimate, it should be handed down on a personal ID paper and kept by the Official receiving the order/advice for the record and be disclosed upon request.

Finally to safeguard that our right to life, freedom from torture and freedom from harm from the Authorities are secure, the local Police stations and CICA the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority should take up the 100 approx electronic assault cases known in the UK and the EHRC Equality and Human Rights Commissioner should also study and be in consultation to participate with recommendations.

Same goes with the IPT, the IPCC and the NPIA they should follow up the new legislature and adapt their policies.

That’s a summary of the Prime Ministers legislature Job done as a first general depiction. Protection of fundamental rights with legislation and executive action will raise the morale and the confidence of the population and with high morale in place the budget and deficit challenges will be handled more smoothly. This is principled vision leadership, fundamental rights are a sound principle for the new Government and Prime Minister and will help ACPO, HSE, HPA, HO, MoJ, MoD, NPIA, IPCC, MoH defend their budgets and their mandate.

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