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Torture as PCT= Political Control Technology

The link is a video introducing torture as part of the Political Control Technology. General introduction to PCT in the first four minutes and camera alteration by microwave attacks as evidence of DEWs Directed Energy Attacks Weapons after the fourth minute.

The main new torture and incapacitation technologies are:
a) Not just RFID, but EDIBLE MICROCHIPS, the size of ONE GRAIN OF SALT OR SUGAR. Microchips are receivers trasmitters and can send to the targets brain extreme pain to land him in Hospital incapacitated and misdiagnosed.
b) DEWs are Directed Energy Weapons that are electromagnetic in frequency and change the electrocity storage of the body.
EXAMPLE OF COMBINED ATTACK of Microchip technology plus DEWs would be to destroy the ovaries of a woman using DEWs, in painless but damaging to the ovaries frequencies , then transmit to her excruciating pain via a microchip or shoot her with stronger DEWs on the ovaries. All this would destroy her reproductive system and fertility and it is being done, but I did not attract any interest or support. This t ype of attack was done on me to cause me a benign tumour the size of a golf ball, but I am not interested to have children. I am astonished that Amnesty International, Solicitors, MPs etc are giving me the cold shoulder.

On youtube there is another series of mobile video clips recording Directed Energy attacks

Because computers and trained personnel are needed to scan targets for edible microchips and a computetional dosimetry operator and computer to locate and measure non-ionizing radiation deposits on arms , legs, head after DEWs attacks at home from upstairs and next door buildings, there is instigation, and complicity to electronic torture spreading like disease throught the world and including a 2% of malicious officials in each and every organisation. One bad apple spoils the barrel and from the complicit sniggering I watched the complicity to torture and conspiring to torture epidemic is spreading.

The solution was and remains simple: 1. scan  targets for microchips 2. Scan them with computational dosimetry for DEWs attacks including microwave, EMF,ELF  3. Do a watt per kilo weight measurement of electricity storage in the body, if normal levels or not.

Below is american information about legal loopholes and I quote from this link

The Initial Report of the United States of America to the UN Committee Against Torture, submitted four years late, reflects the "understandings" imposed by the US Senate in its ratification of the Convention. These provide a very convenient loophole for certain forms of torture and state terrorism. The Clinton Administration's justification for these "understandings" is posted in Part II of the Report, from which I quote here.

"U.S. Understandings. In order to clarify the meaning of `torture' and to delineate the scope of application of the Convention with the greater precision required under U.S. domestic law, the United States conditioned its ratification upon several understandings related to Article 1. ..."

[JH Graf's comment: Greater precision, or deliberate evasion and obfuscation?]

"a. ... assessment of mental pain and suffering can be a very subjective undertaking. There was some concern within the U.S. criminal justice community that in this respect the Convention's definition regrettably fell short of the constitutionally required precision for defining criminal offenses. To provide the requisite clarity for purposes of domestic law, the United States therefore conditioned its ratification upon an understanding that, in order to constitute torture, an act must be specifically intended to inflict severe physical or mental pain or suffering and that mental pain or suffering refers to prolonged mental harm caused by or resulting from:

(1) the intentional infliction or threatened infliction of severe physical pain or suffering;

(2) the administration or application, or threatened administration or application, of mind-altering substances or other procedures calculated to disrupt profoundly the senses or the personality;

(3) the threat of imminent death; or

(4) the threat that another person will imminently be subjected to death, severe physical pain or suffering, or the administration or application of mind-altering substances or other procedures calculated to disrupt profoundly the senses or the personality."

[JH Graf's comment: This excludes from the definition of mental torture the deliberate exploitation of the victim's anxieties or phobias. It also excludes such mental terrorism as the torture of animals and intense, frequent, malicious, organized interference with computers.]

"b. For similar reasons of clarity and specificity, United States adherence was conditioned on the understanding that the definition of `torture' in Article 1 is intended to apply `only to acts directed against persons in the offender's custody or physical control' in order to clarify the relationship of the Convention to normal military and law enforcement operations."

[JH Graf's comment: This excludes all torture inflicted on persons not in custody, such as that involving terrorism and the use of electromagnetic or bio-chemical weapons. See "John Akwei vs. NSA" and "Marks of Torture."]

" ... d. The United States further stated its view that the term `acquiescence,' as used in Article 1, requires that a `public official, prior to the activity constituting torture, have awareness of such activity and thereafter breach his legal responsibility to intervene to prevent such activity.' The purpose of this condition was to make it clear that both actual knowledge and `willful blindness' fall within the definition of `acquiescence' in Article 1."

[JH Graf's comment: This conveniently limits the definition of "acquiescence" to circumstances involving prior knowledge, thus excusing Presidents George W. Bush, William J. Clinton, and George H.W. Bush, for instance, of responsibility for programs and actions begun under President Reagan, even if they had knowledge of them and did nothing to stop them.]

Torture by means of electromagnetic weapons, bio-chemical weapons, and organized terrorism frequently occurs outside the bounds of physical custody. Its victims usually cannot identify the perpetrators, may not even understand the nature of their experiences, may consider themselves mentally ill or be regarded as such by others. Amnesty International is not interested in such victims because we are not in prison cells.

Other non-governmental organizations likewise turn their backs. Advocates can "handle" such abuses as electric shock, mutilation, rape, and other physical attacks. These are graphic, documentable, attributable to particular individuals in particular places. State terrorism and mental torture, however, are inflicted from a distance, through surreptitious intrusion by nameless, faceless perpetrators using classified technologies and bio-chemical weapons. These abuses are hard to document, hard to prove, easy to rationalize as symptoms of mental disorder. We victims are routinely ignored, disbelieved, dismissed. Thus, society at large makes itself an accomplice to the torture.

America's torture agenda threatens everyone.

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Joanna said...

America's torture agenda threatens everyone.

@James Graf: if only you knew how true your warning was and remains! All the Ministries of Defense and all the Offices of Interpol,the teacher of national policing forces in a 188 countries copycat America's torture agenda.Cripple, incapacitate, torture or knock out/murder and call them crazy too, as the injuries are only computer detected non-ionizing radiation harm.Fact is this is a criminal offense under Section 134 of the Criminal Justice Act, conspiracy and aiding abetting torture.