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Strathclyde Force denials re unauthorised weapons, details to Strathclyde Force

This FOI query to Strathclyde Force re two separate attacks with a portable ADS were answered with denials that are flimsy because of many and serious factors:

My question and their denial are in these two links:

http://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/ad s_active_denial_system_records_2

http://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/40 377/response/104134/attach/3/Response%2 0information%20not%20held.pdf

I quote the Strathclyde Force answer:

“ Your request for information has now been

considered and I can advise you that

Strathclyde Police does not hold any of the

information requested by you. In terms of

Section 17 of the Act, this letter represents a

formal notice that information is not held.
By way of explanation, Strathclyde Police do

not use or have access to an ADS (Active

Denial System) and therefore have no

policies in place for the use of such a system

or for the care of victims.”

Please publish  asap what proof , policies, decisions or other documentation/records corroborates your answer quoted here,  because it does not hold ground as ACPO your seniors do hold consultations, pdfs, policies, info and all about the ADS /DEWs and also for the following reasons:

1.    Police departments got access to a directed energy weapons database held jointly by the Home Office and the MoD. Therefore it is their duty is to take down the weapon injury symptoms and the rest of the  attack details and look it up in the HO database and match the attack with the weapon and then proceed to catch the criminal weapon owner (assuming he is not MoD or Police protected etc). Assuming they don’t own or use an ADS they should be doing their best to seize it.
2.    There is a “firm” of former Police Officers who track back to source directed energy weapons attacks as a business. Their findings are that 100% of the time, the use of these weapons is done with prior knowledge, complicity and protection by Police Officers and that as soon as the weapons are tracked down with professional quality proof, the attacks stop immediately, for good and the Police Officers do not wish to be prosecuted or jailed and that this type of ex-cops tracking down offending Police Officers is a fact years now.
3.    Re the 2009 ML11 ADS attack Police refused to write down a description of the attack incident and issue a crime number. They also knew that the allegation concerns a non-ionizing radiation hard hitting weapon and Police know their weapons, consult with your seniors and ACPO on this.  If indeed they did not own or protect the unauthorized use of an ADS they had the full capacity and duty to measure the target at the HPA Glasgow non-ionizing department for abnormal Watt per kilo weight  body electricity storage to detect if indeed they are dealing with an ADS attack and do their best to seize fast the illegally used weapon. Not only they made no mention of the HPA but Police Officers made a persistent and illegal indoctrination to NHS personnel to mark this down as mental illness episode and medicate the injured target with anti-psychotics using blackmail, strict detention, threats, bribes and other inappropriate pressure methods to this sinister deception.
4.    No doubt no Police force in the UK has attacked a rioting crowd with an ADS, as they were going to make front page news for landing a large number of targets in intensive care.

This question requires proof that indeed Forces do not own or outsource the criminal use of ADS because of the other attack done in 1999-2000, that  Victim was an amateur boxer, 35 approx, one of the fittest and strongest in Scotland and unlikely to collapse with a heart attack for two months in Hospital.
To this day he does not know he was attacked with an ADS. This is dangerous for the public’s health and safety, because it means that sabotage and obstruction of weapons recognition by the authorities can injure or kill members of the public with complete impunity. The  Victim was just a boxer and your community are no weapons experts to protect their right to life, you are expected to inform and protect your community’s safety.
Weapons recognition is essential to the right to life and to be free from torture and free from harm/abuse done by the Authorities.
The HPA Glasgow declared a strong opposition to offer weapons recognition measurements.
The misinformation done by the HSE, HPA, NPIA, Health Dept, NHS, Police Forces, MoD,  that only knife crime and shotgun crime are real and that non-ionizing radiation weapons attacks are mental illness are serious offenses under the Criminal Justice Act and are prosecutable as conspiracy to murder, incapacitate or torture with impunity.

Therefore the reply that you don’t own an ADS therefore you don’t care about this type of attacks or the  Victims shows intentional complicity to serious criminal offenses. If ADS and Masers were not in use in the UK, the Home Office would not keep a detailed database and the non-ionizing departments of NRPB, HSE and HPA obstruction of weapons recognition constitutes a number of serious offenses of sections of the Criminal Justice Act.
Also, we cannot exclude the possibility that the specific ADS weapon, which is the same piece used in 1999-2000 and in 2009 in Strathclyde may be owned by a secret  intelligence company who does business with security forces outsourcing those services that are prosecutable if done by MoD or Police Personnel, such as murder, torture, physical injury , social /financial ruin of a target and incapacitation (black operations). The silence and obstruction of weapons detection and recognition given that the weapons database and the detection is perfectly feasible with Home Office, HSE, HPA, NRPB constitutes liability for the Police Force.
We the community expect Police to detect and stop life threatening crimes, not deception and NHS malpractice to keep secrecy about new high tech physical assaults. ADS and Maser weapons can kill fifty Arnold Schwarzennegers with a heart attack at the push of a button and in less than a minute. The use of such a powerful assault weapon creates a type of extreme coward hired-gun that make the local Police not just protect them but constantly baby-sit them, the Police is forced to check for their safety non-stop when the “guns” go to a pub, or shopping because they are identifiable and risk getting beaten up and this worries the Police that are constantly on foot or in cars getting texted to stick to no further than 20 ft distance to chase away anybody who might grab them and take the Law into their own hands. This constant baby-sitting protection by the Police is draining their resources and blows their cover too.This fear is connected with the Strathclyde Force insecurity to work without Tasers and their need to calm down their fears of getting attacked,with Tasers.
Please ask your seniors , look up the ACPO expertise/consultations/work on this subject and collate/publish info where is the proof that the specific ADS was not protected by Renfrew Police Officers. The answer you did not purchase an ADS and therefore you don’t care does not free you from the fact that you were obstructing its detection and tracking back to source its ownership.
Your actions concerning ADS, Masers and other Directed Energy Weapons are so far a strong source of mistrust and harm to the public.
Called a " California Drive-by" this type of attack has caused lingering death from a week to three weeks in death delirium where the victim throws up all food and water, cannot stand-up or sleep, heart attacks, incapacitation and untold trauma. I feel grateful I had a narrow escape from heart attack or death but the other targets were not that lucky. Where is Police accountability to the community?

If I get another Strathclyde refusal I will place a new succinct query to all 47 Forces connected with this major issue.

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