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My questions concerning what data are held about me. I filled in their 2 page form asking for all data plus cctv footage, photos, videos and any other material depicting me as a criminal escaping detection (being a suspect under prevention-detection of crime) and in particular allegations or fabrications depicting me as a former prostitute, mentally ill and dangerous or potentially violent

From: Ioanna Iatridou
Sent: 26 July 2010 19:42
To: Contactus
Subject: Concerning Renfrew Police station and our SARs

To Strathclyde Police:

While our SARs are on the way to SPSA to obtain what data are held about us, me and my ex-husband,
here is an enquiry you might be able to clarify with the local Renfrew Police station and email me or include it in our SARs.

What exactly was the goal of Renfrew Police on two occasions:
A. did the Renfrew Police wanted to use on me "street theater" a Police intimidation technique used in 188 countries,

or B: was the goal to file fabricated crime allegations in our data under our names and NiNO so as to frame us and send these as alarms for detection prevention of crime, after we leave Scotland and send electronic alarms that we left Scotland to escape crimes?

The two incidents where I need to know what were the intended objectives of Renfrew Police A: theater intimidation or B. framing and electronic alarms across the UK are

June 2010  first week. At the Morrissons supermarket, the check out girl, after I paid, she pointed me to her manager who nodded to two Police Officers waiting in a an outside to come in, walk past me to "size me up". Was this together with some cctv footage staged with a lookalike for future framing or just to intimidate me?

July 24, Causeyside Str. outside our home at 73-77, 4 am: a theatrical car theft/ car crash where our recorded and saved/edited (from directed surveillance) voices were added to the car incident. Theater or framing?


Joanna Iatridou

Strathclyde Police email answer
Contactus <>
to    Ioanna Iatridou <iatridou@
date    Mon, Jul 26, 2010 at 8:41 PM
subject    RE: Concerning Renfrew Police station and our SARs

hide details Jul 26

Dear Sir/Madam,

In order to process this matter, please supply the following information as soon as possible:

Your home address and contact number

Thank you in advance,
Strathclyde Police Contact Centre

Ioanna Iatridou <>
to    "Campbell, Pat" <>
date    Wed, Aug 18, 2010 at 10:07 AM
subject    My SAR with full documentation+fee was received by recorded delivery July 27th 2010

hide details Aug 18 (4 days ago)
From Ioanna Iatridou, DoB 29-06-1958, Paisley, tel. 07551236548

To Pat Campbell:

Royal Mail confirmation shows the SAR was received by SPSA on July 27th, but so far no confirmation letter that this will be processed within 40 days was received at my home address in Paisley.

On the cover letter enclosed with your SAR two page form, I applied for disclosure of the intrusive surveillance order taken against me with full information: which authority, on what allegations, date/place and all relevant data.

Also any and all cctv footage, photographic or video material depicting me as antisocial/or heinous criminal escaping detection.

Please provide me with a confirmation re the processing of my SAR and the tel. and email of the information/dpa officer collating my data

This email is for the records I keep to copy the ICO and my local MSP, as I will escalate my demand  to disclose the details of the intrusive surveillance decision taken against me.

Within the SAR disclosure I need the following data:

1. Names of Police Officers who positioned= arranged housing for  the intrusive surveillance squad when I was housed as homeless a. in B&B QueensPark Drive Glasgow August -September 2008.
2. Names of Police Officers who passed data to the Homeless services wrong data that I am a former prostitute who is mentally ill and should be monitored and sectioned.
3. Names of Police Officers who told the South Lanark Council the same story about me= whore+crazy  when the Housing moved me at 48 Riverside Road, KFB, ML11 9JS from Sept 2008.
4. Which Police Department( Strathclyde) and specific Police Officers weaponised the intrussive surveillance squad hiding downstairs and to the right and left of 48 Riverside with pain-shock field devices, directed energy weapons and other frequency weapons to cause me severe physical pain and so cause me pain, suffering and panic to make me look insane.
5. There were Police Officers from the Renfrew, Paisley division which I spotted and identified in uniform now that I live in Paisley.
6. They are complicit in weaponsing the directed/sintrusive surveillance squad and always supervise the squads safety and deny-cover up the following crimes being done against me under the lawful abuse of RIPA-RIPSA legislation:

a. stealing, diverting my mail,
b. reading my computer screen and monitoring all my internet activity at home and in the public library
c. using devices from upstairs and the next door building to the right, left, behind and across my Paisley address to hit me with harmful non-ionizing radiation frequencies as well as other harmful frequencies like microwaves, infrasound, ELFs, disorientation frequencies etc.
d. changing a credit card address to another flat in my building to block use/access to the credit card and also to steal the credit card statement which can be used for further Identity Fraud
e. non-stop slander and libel in the area disguised under "prevention-detection of crime" to watch out the whore, and that I am a shoplifter and criminal/antisocial.
f. false rumors to the Housing Benefit that I had left Scotland and that I am doing benefit fraud
g. False rumors to Job centre that I am doing fraud and that I am dangerous and insane
h. False rumors to the Charleston GP Surgery manager that I am a former prostitute who is potentially violent and dangerous and should be sectioned.

With my SAR I demand the disclosure of the entire RIPA-RIPSA directed/intrusive surveillance operation against me and all the names of Police Officers and their protected agents to prosecute them for criminal damage, slander, blacklisting,  Identity Fraud, obstruction of justice, torture, intimidation, stalking,

Also disclose whether the heinous data sent to the local CAB, Citizens Advice Bureau Paisley St George Str.  that I am a WHORE  and heinous criminal escaping detection, are these data sent out by the SPSA database alarm systems for the "prevention-detection of crime" or are they being sent across the UK via the NPC National Police Computer database.
Please provide full disclosure of the alarms being sent out electronically and arriving there ahead of me in any UK town I travel to.

Finally please take notice of Section 134 of the Criminal Justice Act 1988.
There is no proof of torture by directed energy weapons (=non-ionizing radiation weapons and devices) because the HSE,HPA,NRPB and IGNUR intentionally aid abet torture by helping with their radiation dosimetry computers and other proof methods and expertise ONLY those who get contaminated at work and become ill with cardiovascular and central nervous system complications within an industrial or working environment and not those who get attacked with weapons or weaponised non-ionizing radiation.

Plus, the Police attitude, " there are no directed-energy weapons, these are science fiction ray guns that don't exist just like ufo and aliens) and therefore we worry about your mental health and you should consult your GP, makes them complicit to torture and grievous bodily harm.
Plus the Ministry of Health told me that indeed I could obtain referral to the HPA Glasgow, they are the best agency with the expertise and the equipment to measure and supply three types of proof for non-ionizing radiation weapons attacks.

HPA Glasgow and GPs are indoctrinated to refuse the existence/use of these weapons and therefore are also prosecutable under Section 134 of the Criminal Justice Act, together with the HSE, HPA,I GNUR, NRPB, local council and any information/dpa officer refusing to disclose the directed/intrusive surveillance decision and all Officers and their agents involved.

The Renfrew Police Constables are smug that the squads they protect can do unlimited torture,injuries and mutilation or incapacitate people without any proof or prosecution but the refusal or NCND re. the surveillance operation which includes committing serious crimes against the target of the surveillance will be escalated to all authorities that can slash this budget, confiscate the weapons and convict the perpetrators.

This is integral part of the SAR SPSA received on the 27th of July, copy to ICO amd nmy MSP.
Please respond by email and pass it on to the information/dpa officer processing my SAR to respond
You can also send a print out of the email responses by letter but there is no guarantee it will not be stolen as Royal Mail participates in the intrusive surveillance operation and mail gets diverted to the agents hiding and monitoring me in this building and the next door ones.

Yours faithfully

Ioanna Iatridou
oanna Iatridou <iatridou@
to    "Campbell, Pat" <>
date    Wed, Aug 18, 2010 at 10:25 AM
subject    Re: My SAR with full documentation+fee was received by recorded delivery July 27th 2010

Aug 18 (4 days ago)
To Mrs Campbell and the SPSA information/dpa officer, from Ioanna Iatridou

Within my SAR, I list tems-queries I forgot to include in the previous list I just emailed you:
In addition:
a. Names of Police officers in South Lanark who on the 29th of January 2009 surrounded me and insisted that I should not go to stay with my ex-husband at his place in Edinburgh, I asked them to talk inside the Victoria Off-Licence shop of South Lanark so that all our conversation can be filemd on their cctv cameras for future evidence reference. There was a Police van driver and a female Police Officer. While being filmed with the Victoria cctvs they insisted to drive me to Wishaw General for the night to check my heart. CCTV footage around 9.30 pm -29 January 2009.

b. Names of the Police officers who ordered the MHO Moira McCragen to section me for 28 days.
c.Names of the Police Officers who ordered Dr Sonia Keith to state that my carer is mentally ill, insane, violent, dangerous, just because he told her that detention is illegal and I got right to leave abroad immediately and chose my medical care with freedom of movement

d. names of the police officers who installed a torture squad at the A&E upstairs from my roo13 in mental ward and continued torture to damage my cardiovascular and brain.

I will continue the list in third part,
Ioanna Iatridou

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