Sunday, 3 July 2011

Campaign against Ripa 2000, anonymous email I just received (LOL ! )


Dou you have a competitor you would like to eliminate?
Has anyone touched your nose?
Do you want the fortune of your wife but not her?


We offer:
-          The latest gadgets on non-touch weapons.
-          The latest technics on torture with Microwave and Mind Control weapons.
-          Full legal coverage adapted to human rights! (Ripa 2000)
-          We create evidences against your enemy.
-          Once we have labelled the victim, their human rights disappear,  they have
no help from the police, or legal, or medical. (Covert operations)
        -     The military has devices to detect the torture. Not available for our victims!
-          You choose the label: terrorist, Al Qaeda follower, radical Muslim, spy, etc.
-          Legally not punishable warranted.
-          Not even public enquiries can uncover our covert operations.
-          Tailored torture and murder packages. Just phone us!

We also have FUN SESSIONS organised by our perpetrators to which you will be very welcome:
Using the latest technology on Mind Control, together with our Microwaves attacks, you will see our Targeted Individuals being tortured, and we make them do anything: jumping, dancing, and solitary sexual satisfaction, dirty wording, anything. You only need to mention it, and we will fulfil any or your deep psychotic needs of observing humiliation, abuse, pain, and desperation of our chosen victims. The price of the fun sessions is included in the Package.


The Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 has forgotten the Human Rights of the Victim: Their say, their defence before a Tribunal.
The victims of MI5 are not terrorists. There is not terrorism in this Country. Their victims are like you, law abided people. YOU CAN BE THE NEXT. DO SOMETHING TO CHANGE THIS!!!

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

UK Targeted Individuals the bigger picture

While I keep putting guest ions to the authorities, to penetrate the smokescreen that covers the practices of intrusive unfair surveillance, electronic torture, DEWs=Directed Energy Weapons torture, a bigger picture emerges that gradually the UK TI community is being dispersed due to physical incapacitation, that's why I started a new blog, a WATCH for UK TI safety and activism progress, as their safety and health seems to diminish .Here is the link, with photos and material concenring other UK TIs