Wednesday, 5 May 2010

The data controllers of the Snakepit Council Security Register database

The data controllers who were sent notice to rectify the malicious libel against Jane Clift and refused to delete the libel and correct the data sent out behind her back secretly are something to look at closely:

They forced Jane Clift to go all the way in litigation against the Slough Council, the Court Judgement was against them and they still remained totally unrepentant and determined to destroy people for their ego gratification, not in the slightest for the prevention or detection of crime or for the prevention of violence.

Their statements after the end of the trial show that these are certified the most malicious Authority administration on the planet.

This snake pit network of sending out slander and coordinating hate and secret destruction of a targets life shows that the data controllers of the Local Councils are a case of serious criminal insanity, they should be held in check, they should get help for not being able to hold back their malice and hatred against ordinary people, the FTAC should send them to get "help" from psychiatrists and lock them up if needed.

The snake pit database with its organised network of malice abolished human rights, the Fundamental Rights Chart of the European Commission for all citizens of Europe and the DPA, the Data Protection Act.

Why the DPA? Because the Council sends out filth to the Police, the GP surgeries and the NHS and these assuming they are equally degenerate and malicious  can exact physical injuries and retribution to targets.

The network of hatred the Council database creates and holds in place steady around a person secretly for years on end or for life if they don't get found out brings all kinds of slimballs, slags and faggots snooping into the medical records of a target how to cause physical injury and how to section the person to undermine his testimony and conceal their crimes. it is also the legal and administration basis to organise 24/7 snooping with RIPA authorised targeted surveillance how to cripple the target, how to intimidate them with cutting copy keys and break in their home  and how to frame them for crimes too. Because of this snake pit database the purpose of the RIPA directed/targeted surveillance gets twisted to stalk and destroy the career relationships, the friendships, the social position, the normality of a persons life. it is criminality by the Local Authorities and so far, from what I saw the Council officials around this database are sick, determined criminally insane: example: I notified my Local Housing Council that a stalker I had reported to the Police in London with his car plates, was hiding in the empty flat below my own, had cut keys to my flat and had broken in, stealing some of my mail, stepping and leaving foot prints behind to provoke me. And what did the Local Housing Council do ?(South Lanark) They sent me next day two psychiatric nurses out of the blue on my doorstep to ask me questions and organise plausible deniability for the criminality of the Local Council.

Its a snake pit, its the nearest thing we got to hell on earth. They are unrepentant, they keep telling lies and dishing out denials with a poker face. They are brazen, decayed and seriously insane criminals and since the UK authorities are complicit and proud of their hate scam, the European Commission should examine the situation. This is way too criminal and abusive to go on. if the Fundamental Rights Chart is not a joke but it means some genuine rights for all citizens in Europe, now its the time of truth on the part of the European Commission, because the European Union institutions got a say in how Local Councils spend their budgets and their intervention is needed , as all I see so far from the Local Councils and the LGO is a web of lies and no answers.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

The snake pit Council database the “Security Register” and the damage

What are the key conclusions from the litigation of Jane Clift against the Slough Council?

First of all the litigation was totally avoidable and unnecessary. Once Jane Clift had notified the Slough Councils data controller to delete and correct the data sent out about her, because the “potentially violent” slander is inaccurate and because it had caused unwarranted levels of distress and damage in her life all that was needed was for the Council data controller to go ahead and correct the data entry to delete the malicious slander.

If the Slough Council data controller had displayed minimal fairness and sanity to correct the slander about Jane Clift, she was not going to prosecute them for compensation, their refusal to admit wrong doing and correct it made her go all the way through litigation to the end because this database IS A SNAKE PIT. There is no end to suffering as long as a target is being slandered and destroyed to his own GP, the NHS, the Police, the Fire brigade, the Public Libraries, the Career and employment agencies, the schools, all clinics and counseling, and the top fifty companies in each area.

The snake pit database turns the entire society structure against a person and is organized by sick bastards to invite a soft kill lynching of the target. If the administration machine was not made predominantly of sick bastards who cannot cease and desist of secretly slandering and destroying targets using administration secret channels, this case was not going to reach the Courts.

The fact that the Slough Council officials remained fixated to their delusional “rightness” that they had done the right thing, even after they were ordered to pay half a million in costs, they were totally unrepentant, shows that they really are sick bastards and they got to get help from a psychiatrist. No doubt. They are criminally insane and they think they were going to be winners because branding and destroying an unsuspecting woman just for a laugh made them popular.

What is the impact of the BLACKLIST on society? Example, let’s take another little word they send around, “secret hooker” or “former prostitute” about me. It is doubtful they will disclose the data entry in the first place. The standard reaction with Councils, with the GMC the General Medical Council and with many other organizations is purely a focus on PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY. Their way of thinking is that they are free to tell any number of lies, they got free hand to damage any number of people, they are free to do any crime at all, including torture and murder as long as they can plausibly deny it. So the sickness of the Local Councils is their effort to tell any lies they want and circulate any accusations as long as they don’t get caught. The NHS and the GP surgeries and the Police being recipients of the filth sent out from sick bastards data controllers, makes the Data Protection Act impossible to apply.

This is important and I established that in real life. Any Tom, Dick or Harry can get hold of the manager of my local GP surgery and tell them that I am a former prostitute and secret hooker (its in the database and therefore it is true, any filth written there counts as true as long as the Council data controller does not get caught kicking up the stink) and that I am utterly insane and should be sectioned or be monitored by a psychiatrist, purely because the system is sick. The rot and the decay between the Council and the NHS and GP is contagious. The Police could actually put an end to this rot.

But ONLY if the families of the victims get determined to reverse the decay and corruption.

Which families….? of which victims….? You will soon find out.

How did the Slough Council miscalculate their odds of success and winning this litigation, together with their insurers who paid the half a million pounds legal costs bill? Surely they did not expect to lose.

It has to do with being popular for soft killing and slow lynching of the targeted and databased victim.

I bet the Slough Council also had a RIPA directed targeted surveillance order issued against Jane Clift and with todays high technology surveillance the Council under RIPA could move in cameras that see- through walls and keep watching her from upstairs how she wipes her ass and how she changes her knickers, there are cameras like Xaver 800 and Xaver 400 that can watch the targets every move through the ceiling and record it too and keep laughing behind her back. So, the Council thought that with the filth and smut they circulate and with their super high tech directed surveillance, unsuspecting Jane was going to stay the butt of all the jokes and they were the smart guys getting all the neighbors to laugh behind her back and at her expense. I noticed in Edinburgh that some people “in the game of directed surveillance are totally addicted to watching, they just want to watch especially toilet and bathroom activities. There is criminal insanity around high tech intrusion spying , budgets for Citizen Informants and Covert Human Intelligence Sources or CHIS. I will just stop here for now.

The main terms that decent people should know are:

CHIS Covert Human Intelligence Sources

RIPA directed targeted surveillance

Extra judicial punishment

Plausible deniability