Thursday, 19 August 2010


copy to ACPO, to get the maladministration picture in Strathclyde.

Mrs Fiona Queen,PCC Scotland

two more complaints against Strathclyde Police and SPSA, to update you that there is administrative deception, sadly:

1. SPSA received recorded delivery on July 27th my SAR asking to disclose the directed/intrusive surveillance against me. Not only they did not write a confirmation letter telling me that they will respond in 40 days deadline, but also I called the dpa officers number, its an answering machine

, left message nobody returned call. I wrote online to the SPSA where is my SAR confirmation for 40 days and got no reply, I emailed an SPSA officer and she read my email and after two hours she switched on a holiday response that she is out of the office until August 23, to get rid of me. Genuine "out of the office" automated arrive in less than 60 seconds, not after changing the email settings after two hours. That's ludicrous cheating? How can we trust respect the Police?

2. Strathclyde professional standards, I filed 2 complaints on August 4th by email, one for being illegally sectioned by Police Officers in South Lanark last year 2009 who also Police Officers told me that directed energy weapons are like ufos ,they don't exist, when ACPO buys them and informs the parliament since 2000.

At the professional standards I spoke with Isabelle Mrugala. She promised to send me an email confirmation with a reference number, and I called back, the Police callcentre cannot find her name and I got no reference number or confirmation.

Meanwhile, I emailed my Renfrew Council why do I have intrusive surveillance agents (which means they are Police officers or police protected agents ) hiding in various flats upstairs and dowstairs from me and I emailed the ICO how do we escalate the refusal of disclosure. Is Strathclyde police playing fantasy games with the intrusive surveillance shenanigans, and the surveillance agents stealing my mail, changing the address on the credit card to block its use and send the credit card statement to another flat? why are they doing all these criminal offenses and nuisance with public funding? Don't they have any real criminals to catch?

Please talk with the SPSA and confirm the processing and the dpa officer who is dealing with my SAR, and an extra attachment from the 26th of July and I can also send you the complaint of August 4th to the professional standards who had a duty to issue a reference number. for complaint follow up and did not do it to falsify their statistics that they do not receive complaints.

Sorry but the maladministration is really sad and a huge nuisance and source of concern. This goes copy to other relevant authorites too.

Yours faithfully

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