Thursday, 1 July 2010

The miners strike, Greenham Common, Maggie Thatcher & DEWs

The miners strike and the occupation of Greenham Common by 30.000 Peace Protesters were happening and they were at their peak  at the same time under Maggie Thatcher.
My estimate is that Thatcher had a choice: to show off to the media and the world that DEWs, directed energy weapons can enforce area denial and make those thirty thousand abandon Greenham Common in half an hour or to reduce the use of DEWs only to a degree that acts as secret sabotage and does not cause extreme pain and panic and this option allowed her to use DEWs and electronic and harmful frequency weapons to break the miners strike.
Therefore, because since the years 1984-1985 the decision was taken to keep the use of DEWs as secret weapons and NOT for  open area denial and public order, the UK was the right place to attack me with DEWs, since there is a 26 years traditional consensus to keep DEWs secret and deny their use for secret sabotage.
But my family had been attacked in Greece with DEWs and electronic weapons since 1982. My experience is this: when my mother was attacked with electronic sleep disruption torture and audio harassment telling her to go buy her food in another town because I want to poison to inherit her, all we had to do as a family is get my mother measured for electricity storage in her body and the proof was there, the rate of electricity to her weight would be high and she could get a personal dosimetry badge with metals that absorb non-ionizing  radiation and get her exposure checked regularly after  4-12 weeks  each time.
The first thing to do with any electronic attacks is measure the electricity storage of the body and monitor with personal dosimetry badge for a year at least.
The rest is a barbaric brutal scam, where the NHS and the Police section and inject these unfortunate people who don’t know how to get proof for the attacks after 26 years of secrecy and betrayal of duty by the Health and Safety Commission and the HPA Health Protection Agency. There is about a 100 people in my estimate in the UK who were brutalized with this health and safety betrayal and scam and I am reporting this to Liberty who are dealing with complicity of the UK authorities to torture one year now. This has to stop and the squad with the ADS, the portable ADS and the other high impact DEWs that hit me like a thunderbolt last year got to either quit the project to control and destroy my life or face prosecution and jail. I am not likely to endure any more attacks of this kind and this barbaric torture has to stop. Especially because now 30% of all the Iraq and Middle East weaponry gets stolen and sold in the black markets, so this type of crime will proliferate .

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