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Expert/independent evidence of torture

Complaints about attacks with DEWs and other electronic assault systems like microchips, audio-harassment, ELFs, infra-sound, lasers, microwa ves  etc are nothing new, in the USA there were thousands of complaints in the past 20 years and huge military research. To present and analyze all the American military research I had  to read would be a full time job. There was a private investigator as well, with about 3.000 clients with this type of complaints and his first goal was to establish how many were mentally ill. The percentage  of genuine attacks in 3.000 cases, regardless if the clients can name correctly each type of technology was 98% and the percentage of some mental disorder generating these complaints was only 2%. This collapses totally the fantasy of the security forces in the UK which spread in the NHS the Police and the local Councils  the implicit confidence that they can propagate torture and complicity to torture and injury by sectioning the targets. This practice which remains predominant attitude made the targets keep secrecy and just attribute all their ailments to “stress” or blame it on problems at work. The targets tolerance of torture to stay out of trouble from getting sectioned means that for the last 15 years at least, each  target has been a clay-pigeon to be shot, brain injured and body disfigured or distorted and incapacitated to at least TWENTY  new trainees per year. WHO-WHICH department trains all these high technology henchmen? That’s why I insist and place FOIs about torture cases I find on the net and are genuine from my personal experience, because each one of them, including me, were exploited to rehearse and consolidate complicity to torture and better secrecy and conspiracy to procure and proliferate torture and gratuitous incapacitation.
Who is liable for prosecution under Section 134 of the Criminal Justice Act 1988?
My estimate is that 2% in the MoD, ACPO,HSE,HPA, Ministry of Health, Home Office, NHS management, Ministry of Justice, Courts, IPT, Supreme Court, Human Rights Charities, Mental Health Charities, Local Council management and administration, community safety groups, NRPB, Royal College of Psychiatrists, NPIA and  also two per cent of the International Red Cross, Amnesty International , Medical Research groups and Foundations and two per cent among journalists and media opinion leaders as well as two per cent of politicians are complicit and obstruct the rest potentially decent 98% in their sector/industry/department, along with many other organizations, too many to mention in one go, and are intentionally aiding , abetting and procuring torture, TWO PER CENT IN EACH ONE OF THESE ORGANISATIONS AND MINISTRIES and unless there is  a presentation of the existing but unknown   research from across the Western world at least and investigations, identification and prosecution of this     TWO PER CENT in each department instrumental in the propagation of high technology torture in the UK, this will contaminate the rest of the 98% as people do not want to “rock the boat” and turn a “blind eye” to chase their personal affairs and personal priorities. Worse than Nazi as Mental Health Tribunals, Secret Ser vices and others are exempt from the Freedom of Information Act, as for the Mental Welfare Commission and others, they just don’t keep records of those practices they want to keep hidden, so the complicity is far worse than the Nazi society.
 Apart from the 3.000 clients that were being attacked there are other groups in the US and Canada that gathered a lot of experience and inside knowledge on these high technology types of assault. Of course I wish I was employed as a full time job to gather all this in one clear picture tapestry, but due to lack of opportunity or support here is what I can summarize regarding evidence of torture and the fraudulent lack of it in the UK:

Section 134 of the Criminal Justice Act 1988 makes torture an offence anywhere in the world. The offence may either be committed by a public official or someone acting in an official capacity, or by someone else acting at the instigation of or with the consent or acquiescence of a public official or someone acting in an official capacity. It follows that aiding, abetting, counseling or procuring torture anywhere in the world or conspiring to do so are also offences under British law.
……but…a target of torture has to present  expert/independent evidence of torture.

Now in the FOI (Freedom of Information Act website) www.whatdotheyknow.comType my name in the site’s search-box correctly:  Joanna Iatridou and read my FOIs, 73 approx
I made inquiries about a number of torture cases because these targets published descriptions of their torture on the internet, after failing to get sufficient proof that can stand in Court and after failing to stop torture or get help from any humanitarian organization or charity.
( What I know as a Scientologist since 1975 from the book Dianetics is that physical injury and pain reduce the analytical capacity and the IQ performance of the target therefore, the target is likely to make mistakes because he will think in a stimulus-reflex mode, that once injured, a target will be immediately less intelligent than normal to escape torture and oppression. To me as a Scientologist, it is rather suspicious that the Bishop of Lourdes was seriously ill in Hospital in 2007-2008 before the Bernadette Soubirous  Jubilee of 150 years celebration in Lourdes and that, most likely, if a criminal personality in a High Rank position wants to knock out/incapacitate a target all they got to do is sprinkle some edible microchips on his food, they are so small they fit 5 in one dot (.) this size and then send him extreme pain from a laptop and land him in Hospital where his brain can be “off the record” lasered with high frequency high penetration lasers and diminish his normal capacity and independence and self-confidence. The target will not notice such interference and now we come back on the subject of independent  or expert evidence of torture.

Why did I do the FOI about Marina Llewellyn Findlay torture case?
First of all she was not once scanned for microchips, the question is that comes up: is the NHS stupid or instructed to be stupid?(or just complicit to torture by microchip?) The rape-satanism she describes is at least 80% microchip transmissions, if the microchip had been located and disposed of she would not get this obnoxious material transmitted to her brain and  fixating her mind/attention on it.
Second, her most on the spot writings in my estimate are:

and I quote: “My enemies got violent and gave me bone disease in my arms leading to deformity and fractures. They were trying to get metal screws put in my arms or have my arms amputated altogether. I avoided going to a hospital which would have done that for them. They would have permanently damaged my arms or amputated them. I went to a mental hospital as a last resort and had my arms strengthened by New Medical Technology. I have reinforced bones in my arms. My arms don’t look too pretty but they are reinforced and work perfectly. My elbows are slightly deformed to make them look like they belong to a mentally disabled person but my arms are alright presently and I’m better to have my arms than to have them amputated or to have metal screwed through them.”
So, this was written before 2003, already squads of trained Electromagnetic weapons operators could settle down upstairs from her room in the Mental Ward , it was already practice in Scottish mental Hospitals and if the HPA, Health Protection Agency and the HSE got complicity to torture because the breaking down of her elbows and arms was done with DEWs,=non-ionizing radiation interference and if her arms and body had been scanned with computational dosimetry as according to the NRPB National Radiological Protection Board the COMPUTER and NOT a GP or psychiatrist would locate deposits of non-ionizing radiation on her arms and bone and joint modification because of interference with electromagnetic frequencies. Why I got interested in this passage? Because I got hit on the head with Masers (Microwave+laser weapons) when I got out of Wishaw General and I was staying in Edinburgh and these hits, which are hitting and causing equal pain with a cricket bat or a baseball bat without breaking the skull, so my brain went into a shock, stopped producing the chemicals to maintain the joints in the knees and one day the bones of my knees popped out of their sockets and I called the Medical Centre needing a stretcher or a wheelchair and carer to get out of home and go for an X-ray to my knees.) During the next three days the DEWs operators from upstairs put me under narcotic frequencies to sleep and changed the frequency exposure and repaired the joints/tissue damage so four days later I could stand up and drag my suitcase to go to a charity for targets like me in Hampshire where I met other targets and watched how the “system” works on them.
So, I know first hand that not only elbow joints can be disintegrated like Marina described back before 2003, but a target will need a stretcher if the same disintegration gets done on his knee joints. Freakish torture, no-doubt and well rehearsed inside Scottish NHS, Mental Wards etc.

Of course the Ministry of Health imagines , as they wrote back to me, that I can write to my GP and  to the HPA in Glasgow and arrange for computational dosimetry with their non-ionizing radiation department. I tried it and found out that the staff there assist with their expertise ONLY contamination during employment, NOT damage from weapons of non-ionizing radiation range. Therefore the expert evidence of torture has already been blocked by those security forces who abuse the capacity of DEWs to shoot through walls and ceilings, many years now.
The intentional omission by the HSE to organize computational dosimetry for non-ionizing radiation attack systems or weapons is complicity to torture.
The omission of the HSE to organize free public access to scanning for all types of microchips is complicity to torture.
The omission of the HSE to organize free public access to computerized brain imaging that can locate brain centers destroyed by high frequency lasers is complicity to brain tissue damage or brain mutilation.
HSE intentionally omitted all these detection access computers and supplied the foundation and the opportunity to all security forces in the UK and may be from abroad as well, to do torture. All these types of injury and torture can be detected and measured by special computers only and the Ministry of Defence MoD wanted this, read their answer to my FOI post traumatic stress from DEWs,

and compare it with the Strathclyde definition re torture in their answer.

“ Any allegation that an adult is at risk of harm, including anonymous reports, are taken seriously. Each case is considered with an open mind without assuming that harm has, or has not, occurred. The circumstances surrounding each individual case will determine the actions to be taken.”

 For your information, the Force’s Adult at Risk Policy can be accessed via the attached link

and I quote from their link:
“The protection of adults at risk and prevention and detection of adult abuse are fundamental and statutory responsibilities of Strathclyde Police and partner agencies.”
My own translation of this passage: “we know that the partner agency HSE has left deep holes in the detection of electronic and Dews torture, not just loopholes but deep holes as big as the abyss and all the deep oceans together and that we  are sitting on NRPB, and on the HPA to ensure none of their computers in the non-ionizing expertise departments supplies the material scientific proof of these attacks.”
I quote from the same link:
“The term ‘Adult at Risk’ is defined within the Adult Support and Protection (Scotland) Act 2007 as adults (aged 16 or over) who are unable to safeguard their own well-being, property, rights or other interests, are at risk of harm, and because they are affected by disability, mental disorder, illness or physical or mental infirmity, are more vulnerable to being harmed than adults who are not so affected.”
My translation of this definition passage: the only infirmity and disability and illness targets of DEWs and electronic or laser, maser, infrasound, and other non-impact weapons is that they were systematically betrayed by a conspiracy: the HSE intentional omission to organize and make known the use of computers for the expert evidence of torture with directed energy/EMF/ELF/Masers/Laser weapons as well as microchips is the CORNERSTONE where any MoD apprentice, or secret agent apprentice or may be Police personnel got impunity for torture as they are guaranteed to go undetected, plus the targets cannot run away after a while because they get weak cardio and weak central nervous system, so they just stay clear from Police indoctrinated GPs and NHS, sleep on the sofa no matter how much attack and tortured and say “if they kill me they kill me, that’s all” The targets I met and I communicate with, like Paolo Fiora etc are too depleted to run away or fight back and might not manage to read this text either due to overwhelm.
What do I mean when I say PTSD from DEWs in my FOI query to the MoD? I mean, last year I was blasted with a portable Raytheon ADS, luckily I did not collapse with cardiac arrest and this attack was to block my next days appointment with my local MSP to complain about DEWs attacks, so I wonder when I see Police cars following me, will I manage to see my local MSP now or when I go to the bus stop I will get blasted again and land in Hospital with a heart attack? Because this weapon is still used with impunity in urban areas of Scotland despite being a warzone or anti-riot weapon and the HPA has total refusal to do watt per kilo weight measurement which is the legal and independent proof needed for this attack.
They both are totally reassured by the HSE that access to computerized detection will be blocked for good and that they can call targets of Dews crazy fragile people who should be locked up in Mental Wards for “care”. So, lets find out if Marina Llewellyn who is only 40 years old, and she was attacked already 15 years non-stop  was “in good care” under the Scottish NHS.
There is a medical foundation against torture, but deals 99% with asylum seekers.
Perhaps, since they got long time professional experience re. all the lies around the practice of torture they could in future get a department that deals with targets of electronic and DEWs torture.
Under section 134 of the Criminal Justice Act 1988, HSE, HPA,NHS, Royal College of Psychiatrists, MoD, ACPO, all the secret agencies the British ones and the international ones operating in the UK are all complicit to torture and the Local Councils too.
Perhaps I should take a lamp or a lantern in broad daylight like my Greek philosopher ancestor Diogenes the Cynic and go out with lantern in broad daylight looking  and searching: Is there an honest man or woman who is not complicit to torture and criminal electronic incapacitation across Scotland and the UK?


Direct Energy Weapons Torture and Kill People said...
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Direct Energy Weapons Torture and Kill People said...
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Direct Energy Weapons Torture and Kill People said...

Direct Energy Weapons Torture and Kill People said...

Anonymous said...

Dec 15 2006

Microwave Sickness / Deadly Electronic Weapons / Canada


When I worked in the diesel generator business,
I worked with a lot of communications companies all across Canada.
Bell Canada was a big one I did a lot of work with.
They have "standby diesel generators" at their central offices and all their repeater stations.
A lot of "national security" concerns within these systems.
I worked on a fairly large "fibre optics" project in 1996 into 1997 when I was poisoned for the first time in 1997
People within these systems have more than enough resources to make you "sick" if you ......"step on the wrong toes."
Lots of surlpus "microwave generators." and "radio equipment."
All with "no forensic evidence."
It just takes one "idiot" to put something together who does not like you.
There may be a union / non union theme to my problems.
I worked at a non union company, Harper Detroit Diesel.
I had no idea about "radio waves as weapons" until 2005,
......8 years after I initially got sick
I started my research project in January 2004 on the internet with the keywords "constructive dismissal"
in relation to my own problems at Harper Detroit Diesel.
I am not sure about ......"microwave mind control",
seems to be a lot of articles on the internet about this topic.
It does look like more and more people world wide are looking at
......"radio waves as weapons".
I think maybe thats because there is now so much "radio equipment"around the world with the advancements in "communications."
The problems with all these types of systems is the technology falls into the wrong hands.
Some real horror stories from people worldwide about this topic on the internet.
What an eye opener !

Gerry Duffett

3358-A McCowan Rd
Scarborough Ontario
Canada M1V 5P5,,

Sina Ryan said...

I have been tortured with these new weapons in the past 3 years from Electics shocks, to the Microwavev heat, from locals body pains, to burned in my skins, to mind manipulations and sleep deprivations,... and still going on with no mercy.
Sina Ryan
Chevy Chase MD