Saturday, 3 July 2010

Gangs with DEWs can make millions in protection money from shops & businesses

We are a community of about 100 TIs in the UK. We are betrayed by the Health Protection Agency and the Health and Safety Commission who had a duty, 26 years now to inform and educate the NHS and the GPs and Hospitals that people who complain about DEWs attacks should be referred to the HPA, Health Protection  Agency as they can measure the targets electricity storage in body which will be abnormal if they were attacked with DEWs. A normal person would measure 10 watts electricity for 50 kilos weight while a tortured with DEWs target would measure 50 Watts body electricity storage for 50 kilos (this is an example, to get the picture) This extra electricity stays and damages immune, cardio, brain etc.DEWs are non-ionizing radiation which gets stored in the body in joules,kilojoules and watts per kilo weight and stays stuck for a long time causing serious health damage.

The brutal attitude of the NHS to section any target of DEWs and the betrayal of the HPA and the HSC=Health and Safety Commission 26 years now, since Greenham Common 30.000 protesters who complained about DEWs attacks but the HSC did not measure them and detect if their allegations were true or not, means that MILLIONS OF POUNDS CAN BE MADE IN PROTECTION MONEY PAID BY LOCAL SHOPS AND BUSINESSES FROM LOCAL GANGS WITH DEWS.

How can a shopkeeper, from Pakistan, running an off-licence and tobacco stay behind the till and work his business if attacked with DEWs? He would be forced to run out of the shop fearing heart attack or major organ failure, and becausse the NHS and psychiatrists were been treating the TIs with detention and brutality, the shopkeeper would be afraid to complain to the Police or the NHS so he would be forced to pay up 500 pounds a month or 1000 pounds a month protection money, to ensure he does not get attacked, as his shop, and all his life can be destroyed by DEWs attacks and find himself sectioned, bankrupt and his family blaming him too. IS IT CLEAR NOW WHY THE ABUSE AND BETRAYAL OF THE TI COMMUNITY LEADS TO MILLIONS IN PROTECTION MONEY FROM LOCAL BUSINESSES AND SHOPS?

This has to stop and I recommend all TI community to engage Amnesty International, Liberty, Doctors4Justce, the EHRC the Equalith and Human Rights Commission and do a class action lawsuit against the brutal scam the NHS played on us with complicity from the Health and Safety Commission and the HPA.

Also I recommend that TIs and Doctors and business people and solicitors  go to and read my FOIs, name Joanna Iatridou and support my struggle to get compensation for torture for myself and for Marina Llewellyn Findlay and for others who should publish and make their torture known and also doctors and solicitors and MPs should place their own questions about extra-judicial torture by DEWs gangs across the UK.

The torture of these 100 targets is done to check PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY = check if the denial "on the basis of probability , you were not attacked with DEWs but we got to section you to check if you suffer from mental illness" and then go and threaten shop keepers who can be destroyed/closed down and on the brink of bankruptcy in less than 3 months if their shop gets bombarded with  harmful non-ionizing electromagnetic frequencies.I welcome response from the business community and the TI community and all  those who can help.

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