Saturday, 17 July 2010

Crown Immunity (from criminal prosecution)

Recently there is a dispute about Strathclyde Police who started a pilot project using tasers without written permission from the Scottish Ministers and MSPs, and Strathclyde Police said that they are under Crown Immunity and did not need to ask for written authorization to start with the Tasers project.
 Here is the article from the Scottish Herald:

 But when it comes to Health and Safety matters, the Crown is a Constitutional Monarchy and not an Absolute Monarchy, therefore Strathclyde Police may be they got carried away in their desire to be accountable only to the Monarch:

There is a small possibility  that  Strathclyde Police picked the idea to consider their position under Crown Immunity from an email to Prince Charles that I had written and sent from the Public Library in March 2010.
I am not an obsessed stalker of royals and celebrities and also I am fully aware that I am under directed sur
veillance and I got zero privacy in public or at home or on the internet. May be the email I wrote to Prince Charles was intercepted, I doubt that half of my emails actually reach their destination.

The dispute and the protests of Human Rights Campaigners re. Strathclyde choice of Taser and starting use without any authorisation, do concern the TI community as it makes it known that ideally Police Forces would tend to chose and use weapons without any duty to ask for permission from anybody and the entire TI community and complaints about DEWs, Directed Energy Weapons being used illegally is connected, so all TIs should watch how the Human Rights and Parliament will handle this disagreement about the Tasers with the Strathclyde Police.

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