Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Electric Guns

The electromagnetic rifle and electromagnetic pistol can shoot a target in the lungs and make him collapse in the street or at home with excruciating pains. They can shoot him in the liver and make him throw up a pint of blood or shoot him in the kidney and leave him with one kidney damaged for good. The Health Protection Agency and HSE and NRPB got measuring and computerized proof methods but refuse service totally.
The Police keeps a firm line "talk to your GP- who is instructed to refer you to a psychiatrist and NOT an neurologist, so that you get discredited. The criminal torture squads use this Police denial method to enforce a code of silence. They shoot women for demonstration how much pain these weapons cause and challenge them to go complain to the Police that they will for sure get sectioned 1-6 months.The complete refusal of the Police to inform the public and suggest safety measures and how to handle this type of assault shows that I am not making slanderous allegations against the Police, the sectioning intimidation they organised with the GPs and the fact they never confiscated weapons or made arrests in the case of Mary Dutton Hughes, she has a youtube channel with her name and other cases like Paolo Fiora on Facebook and like mine corroborates that there is established Police protection to this type of covert torture, incapacitation, persecution or even manslaughter and murder.

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