Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Desorientation device- why I am borderline mentally retarded

This is one of many devices that is being used from flats next door or upstairs to bombard targeted individuals.
To track it down and make the tenant who is subletting his flat to a torture squad, ONLY a Police Officer or a former Police Officer can run checks and obtain proof. When a resident surrenders his flat for black operations use, he will deny it and will refuse to be searched. Only with professional police surveillance can he get caught and prosecuted. No other way. But the Police has been buying from this catalogue and do not want these devices to be classified as weapons because 20 years now they could buy anything they want without prior approval from their seniors in the Home Office. The MI5 is obsessed to keep these sabotage/incapacitation methods secret and followed other targets abroad to USA, Canada, Belgium, Spain, wherever they went to get help and evidence from scientists. The MI5 or the black operations group who is organising torture squads can do a great deal of harm to a targeted individual seeking proof or even get the target killed and declared non-suspicious death. That's why legal representation by a specialised lawyer for action against the Police situations is a survival necessity, otherwise the target will end up dead in a ditch .
The crusade to criminalize the use of DEWs covert assault inside the home of a target and during sleeping hours has to go to the House of Commons together with other powerful bodies. Victims personal effort cannot change this abuse of power on such a massive scale that is established for at least 20 years now.
So I will publish as many covert assault systems I can, to get legal representation and try to prevent becoming homeless again, or totally retarded and weak or dead in a ditch.

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