Monday, 27 September 2010

Liberty's no torture no compromise campaign

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The importance of this campaign to the Targeted Individuals who get attacked in their own homes with pain shock fields and the Police and their local next door neighbours are smug and complicit to this and brag "there is no proof" is this:
While we mobilize human rights organisations like Amnesty and Liberty and the EHRC and relevant ministries like the Home Office, the Ministry of Justice etc we are going to run into unsalaried recruits of secret services who are fixated with their personal advantage and the covert line of Interpol, MI5, CIA etc is to attack the targets with electronic weapons in order to sell them for medical experiments, call them mentally ill so as to hav ethe freedom to slice specific selected brain centers and replace them with microchip subconscious influence so as to make them other determined slaves with no freedom of will and choice and no knowledge of being externally monitored.
This is an worldwide medical project in place and the unsalaried recruits of Interpol (who never lets a target of experiment escape in 188 countries), the unsalaried recruits who are working in key communications posts like EHRC, or Police Professional Standards callcentres etc will do treachery, sabotage, covert dletion and twisting of communications to make the no torture no compromise campaign and attitude fail.

Although this campaign is about complicity of the UK authorities to torture abroad, it applies to UK internal torture situations. The sportsmanship in secret deception, lying, misleading and covert destruction of humans nad decent groups by secret services in order to sell more experiment subjects to the medical project of selective painless destruction of their brain centered abilities and getting them replaced by microchips, the sportsmanship in plausible deniablitiy and "no proof" sarcasm and complicity does not fit with ACPOs duty to show integrity and honesty and fair enforcement of the Criminal Justice Act, especially section 134.
So ACPO has to turn around and enforce section 134, inform the public on protection, and safety from directed energy/painshock fields attacks at their homes and make arrests and confiscate the equipment.
Above all, these covert torturers and their accomplices within the Administration communication posts are fearing exposure of their identity and thats our main objective to expose them, don't let them hide.
No torture no compromise.

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