Monday, 26 May 2014
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Joanna Iatridou said...

MOPAC, Boris Johnson and Stephen Greenhalgh- I emailed them request to take the chromosome damage test offered for chromosome damage that can be caused by DEWs
so I emailed
Can we trust London Metro? A new way to find out
Can the two of you go (Johnson and Greenhalgh) to the Health Protection Agency and take the DNA chromosome damage test.
This test normally costs 460GBP and the reason I make this unusual request is to find out the following
as I want to have this test for my own health improvement ( I am on ESA now)
1. Can this test be done on the NHS after GP referral?
2. Does this test have accuracy and integrity?
The reason you Mr Mayor and Stephen Greenhalgh are ideal to take this test is because, you are just like me
physically, you display extra large size and I believe this size is from chromosome damage and not from gluttony.
If there is chromosome damage this means that the extra weight is being caused by chromosome damage
done with non-ionizing radiation, either from your electrical wiring at home or from frequency weapons. Because I do
have the same physique as you, and this is a new test, it would be extra valuable to have your experience and personal feedback.
On my blog I had researched the use of non-ionizing radiation in frequency weapons or DEWs as well as by weaponising electrical wiring at home, which can be technically a stealth attack on anybodys health and political performance.
I have exactly the same physique as Greenhalgh and you, and this would be a Huge favour, because, maybe I am too frightened,(every time I see London Metro i ask my self "will they shoot me and section me,like Strathclyde did in Scotland?) but I would like to hear your views, on the HPA chromosome damage test as well as whether DEWs are being used for political power abuse have submitted many FOIs with my relevant concerns which you can find on: if you write my name JOANNA IATRIDOU, in their search box.
This way, MOPAC will help me become less terrified and more trusting and confident about the London Metro.
What happened in Scotland 2009 (done by the Strathclyde Police with written request to section me because questions about DEWs-non-ionizing radiation are taboo NPSA-London-Putney National Police Standards Improvement Service Authority) was that I had a sudden extra high blood pressure one day,
over 220 systolic and chest pains. When I blamed feeling unwell and was precise to make the allegation that
I had been shot from a van, carrying a portable,small Active Denial System, Sherriff Model, from the ones the USA Police had back in 1984 but had decided not to deploy them for anti-riot option, I was sectioned and locked up for 2 months as delusional.
If I had blamed stress and poverty for my illness I would have escaped sectioning.
Please do have this test together with Stephen Grenhalgh and possibly other volunteers, this would be a great support and feedback as well as using a new resource that the HPA has on offer only recently in the last 2 years.
I feel that the National Police Standards Improvement service in Putney victimized me and intimidated me excessively when they wrote recommending to be sectioned because of my questions and this was actioned by the Strathclyde Police because i was living in Scotland (was sectioned in Wishaw General )
The purpose of this request is to gather your input, to see whether I should fear less and trust more London Metro.Or, whether, we do not really have freedom of speech and whether I should delete my blog before getting a stroke, or other health disaster to block my freedom of speech.
Do not hesitate to ask any questions and I do hope the subject (a basic health and safety failing so far) will no longer be taboo and likely to cause victimizations, such as poking a hole in my gut, or giving me a heart attack or stroke.
Ioanna Iatridou, Wood Green N22