Tuesday, 20 April 2010

The million dollar UK question to the Home Office

FOI title: MAPPA reversal extrajudicial revenge special units


Dear Home Office,

Please consider this request for information under the Freedom of

Information Act

Please name the special units which implement Article by Article

and Provision by Provision the reversal of the Management of Sexual

and Violent Offenders that fall within the MAPPA-Multi Agency

Public Protection Arrangements.


What is the name of the special unit that enforces in detail the

opposite of regulations re. MAPPA offenders in two respects: MAPPA

offenders are a real danger to harm the public and must be

monitored and they are also under danger of being attacked so their

identity has to be protected to ensure their safety. So MPS & MAPPA

ensures mutual safety to stop dangerous criminals harming the

public and stop them from being attacked/harmed by the public but there is

a Special Unit applying the opposite of the contents of the

link/pdf attached here to numerous UK persons: this special unit

misrepresents specific non-offenders as dangerous to the public and

invites, encourages citizen informants, community safety groups to

attack and injure by any means these targets. What is the special

unit managing the reversal of MAPPA (encourages mutual hate & harm

between an innocent deliberately misrepresented person up against

an deliberately and secretly misinformed public and misinformed

local authorities around him? How many years ago this project/unit

started? What is the purpose of this operation as a number of UK

persons are being subjected to its operations across the UK I know

at least 5 people not connected to each other in any way who are

right now under the MAPPA reversal operational unit.

The name, number of members, and purpose of this special unit

operation. What is the expected benefit from MAPPA reversal revenge

work/operations across the UK?Any records documentation in

connection with this unit and operation in progress.

Yours faithfully,

Joanna Iatridou


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