Friday, 16 April 2010

Main Core The top secret American database

Secret databases, not with fantastical suspicion alerts like in the "Council Security Register" but with personal and financial spying material and super intrusion of personal life in the USA: Main Core the American authorities database obsession. So targets TIs should not ask "why are we gangstalked and spied upon?" but WHERE are we databased? and WHAT is written about me? HOW do I obtain a full copy? How do I stop this and what can be done if this is an untoppable obsession on the part of Authorities? has published new details about a top secret government database that might be at the heart of the Bush administration's domestic spying operations. The database is known as "Main Core."

That database is about Intrusion and third party control of the subjects life, the UK Local Council one is demolition of the subjects life by turning the entire society structure against the unsuspecting target.

Let's compare notes, it does affect our life and introduces third parties with power to enforce, inhibit , manipulate or sabotage lawful and rightfully self determined aspects of our life, such as our job, finances, friendships, partnerships, potential success, social reputation and image.

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